Psychology Of Language

The last few months I’ve watched films and animations I observed when younger, along with my son. I didn’t watch as much T.V. as I have as an adult when I was a kid, but given pandemic and other factors, TV can help the mind too. Beyond the effects and themes not only of film, but all types of art and media, there are also the undertones and psychology of those involved in its creation.Continue reading

The Love Message Of Twin Flames In The Bible

As you are aware, I like to open a little Bible I have, that once, I found many years back working. I don’t go seeking chapters, I let the moment speak to me; the voice of the universe, God, the All to talk through the words I open. This morning I opened the Bible and happened to land on this chapter. After reading it, not only did I see how it aligned with a topicContinue reading

Targeted Harassment – When The cyber World Follows You In The Physical•

​Since the start of my “Orion” page, I became a target of particularly misogynist people who happen to practice occultism, leaning into predatory Satanism. As I have been forced to look back into all exchanges of my life due to the nature of the events that forced themselves into it, I noticed certain patterns, and some of it I’ve referenced often as “alphanumeric games”, because of its twisted destructive psychological style of mental warfare useContinue reading

Talk To Transform by Elon Musk, Grimes & Neuralink – An Unauthorized Imitation of My Poetry Concepts & More

Here you can see a pattern again. Musk’s “Talk To  Transform” project created with Grimes for  Neuralink referencing Transformers poetry. My talk with the joke under the Neurology post shows the joke I made with been a Transformer a year and a half BEFORE Grimes’ & Musk’s Neuralink project that also is neurology related. Not  only that, but with Adam King from Toronto, the  city where I live, also where my son is from. Transformers poetry not  only been aContinue reading


How can justice be served, when chaos runs rampant, saying it holds the key to it? Forgetting about balance as the true path to better days. How do men forget that Almighty is the hand of all that is? The saying is “insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” their methods surely begets the question if they understand beyond their egotistic pursues. Imagine trying too hard where meaning is lost,Continue reading

Spending Time In Nature

Posting to social media as a photographer, mainly focused on nature topics, but also a philosopher too, it can send the falsehood that all I am doing are photo ops and pretty words to impress, or benefit myself somehow, because others in limited mindsets see the world in twisted views. In the philosophy that is to believe imitation leads to multiplication of a person, it’s quite a flawed way of perceiving the world, life, and the selfContinue reading

When Betterment Becomes Enforcement

Talking to my son about libraries from across the world, I explained to him about the fine line between knowledge, addressing flaws in society and erasing important factors from history all together. I gave him as examples burning and eradication of toxic texts, teachings, etc of particular times such as world war, nazism, racism, etc. While it is important to address the spread of toxic teachings and detrimental falsehoods, it isn’t through forced narratives butContinue reading

The Act Of Balance

There is a line to cross in the balancing process. A point onto which the scale of measurement, be for thought, action, or something, it moves onto a side where it tilts closer to absolutes. If not wise, then there are issues that arise out of been too extreme. How much is too much? How least is not the necessary? These are supposed to be our present questions as we thread our path. While notContinue reading


The whole concept of seeking heaven after death, comes from the underlying fact that the present is filled with plenty of hell like experiences for many in the destructive/ painful aspects of life, and those inflicted by certain people onto others; not because a heaven like life is lived in the attainable world as a person. This is why often those in comfortable bubbles seek a hell instead, if not, they become disconnected with the concepts ofContinue reading

No Regrets

I outgrew pain; and though I once were in love with the same who left knife wounds as their last word, I have nothing to regret. For I was not wrong to love, only to not draw a line of where the scale is balanced, rather than let it tilt to my peace been bled out on the floor. To be left empty, when you pour everything and more, and think you’ll too be honored forContinue reading