Biden, Political Matters VS. Distractions

Hunter Biden is not Joe Biden. Trust is built through open honesty, not denial. Organizations are kept optimized to their known reasons to exist – fundamentals of life, not to few or personalized standards. When any of these or other foundations of society are out of balance, there’s self destruction; there’s this war which has already shown how unpleasant many things are and will be increasingly if not accepted as it is in reality byContinue reading

Measuring Private Or Public, Financial Achievement

Today there are many industries and businesses claiming top positions of success, with little scrutinity or fair judgement of how actual value is measured, how each, measures theirs, and what is missing or false in such broad statement. What is used, how, and the actual return and loss on the taken for all aspects, rather than focus on trade of funds as a new form of lottery, siphoning, fraud, and or even money laundering, areContinue reading

Magical Perfection

Many years ago I used to meet up with people from my online fans and others who used to be around the topics I posted, particularly on the awareness topics of planet, social and even the spiritual. There was one woman that I was not aware was there to instigate things in my life; however her approaches were very peculiar, it became obvious, and why I distanced myself from her overall. I never invited herContinue reading

Abuses, Technology, Leadership Issues & Potential Answers

Human and planet rights abuses range from what is often mentioned in speeches (by companies, celebrities, people online aiming to be looked at for their wording and so on), like child abuse in impoverished countries, to everyday individuals in needy situations and, poor work and or living law standards; be due to the lack of written laws, or disturbing laws, to what is ever seemingly growing, lack of true applied accountability, even in places whereContinue reading

The True Meaning Of: LOA, Synchronicity & Purity

On these pictures you can see I wrote:“HOW INVESTED I AM”. I posted these to my photography Instagram stories back in 2019. This wasn’t a cryptic message by any means. Anyone who watches my posts, etc. overtime, reads my art and my philosophies is able to understand that no problem. On this particular post I had been outside, and there was an owl deep in the forest; it had been staring at me, and whenContinue reading

Technocracy – Space, Satellites & The Spy Haven to Voyeuristic Pursues

Most satellites are on the highest part of space reachable to humans at present; few are sent across to explore the beyond, due to their costs and shelf life. The term satellite is a blanket-term describing a vehicle used to float above certain heights, for the purpose of other various technological applications. Some of these techs deployed in “space” are invasive, with a purpose of surveillance. These same “space” places are where these “space shuttles”Continue reading


I prepared this image a few days ago, it’s from earlier in the month, taken with a partially broken phone, night time, low light, by my son who is still learning to use cameras, overcoming the extra added challenge too of his partial paralyzed arm; sharpness and definition aren’t the best on the image, but I still consider this photograph perfect, because while not snapped on the best printing quality, it shapes a moment andContinue reading

Balancing Sides

It can be quite difficult to understand the difference between one side and another, particularly in a society that has made focus on favoring extremes and also setting pretence games of difference for control purposes, versus teaching the means of tempering the mind’s understanding as the supposed evolved thinkers and actors over other earth species, humans proclaim they are. Balance is the ultimate of keys to finding each soul’s best versions though, and to unlockingContinue reading

A Truth

Today is mother’s day in most of the planet, and I thought to share something meaningful of myself, and add some thoughts of my perspective on world issues at present. Music is a big part of my life. Though I play instruments, have made mixes, lyrics, some short samples, etc. I am not per say a professional musician, but I am a music lover, and it is my highest consumed media. As anyone else who is aContinue reading

Tim Bergling ~ Avicii

04.20.2021 I wrote this post on April 14, 2021, six days ago; thoughts I already had been meaning to share for a while, but between dealing with life, feelings, and the weight of it all, I kept postponing. Today marks three years since Tim’s untimely passing. To me it is more than one day where the weight of not having him around affects me; without overexplaining myself, after finding out about his death, since, IContinue reading