Welcome to Orion, one of my most treasured works which I have been building on for years.

It began as a personal adventure, and my transformation from disease and toxic relationships, to a walk into the unknown and who I am beyond the human curtain.

About myself

My name is Angel Marcia Pendragon; I am thirty four human years old, former wealth manager, analyst, and administrator. I also have disabilities, am a mother of a boy with special needs, and a pursuer of unknown knowledge. I am not attached to anyone romantically speaking in the present, nor do I engage in casual encounters, but have a mature and well founded outlook on interpersonal relationships.

I identify as an individual in their path of awakening, and in this fashion I also aim to build my work and personal world. Openness and honesty are the things I aim to use the most of; deception, pretense, and games are not.

I’ve written poetry, opinion, stories, news, worked on art and photography, as well as advice for the wellness of the individual, and the world we are a part of. I’ve shared music, dance, athletics and all other forms of manual activity online as well, which are meant to inspire humanity to push beyond the limitations of challenge and fear.

I’ve met people whom I wouldn’t have thought before this walk and the worldwide web to be possible.

I’ve made a difference in a few before the internet, online too, and that is a treasure I have to take into my afterlife.

I’ve also made mistakes and have openly talked about some of my flaws because I am a person of honesty, not deception. I also believe that through understanding of what makes up flaws on us, we are able to improve/ascend, and this is how we are better off as a unit and individuals.

Some have chased after what I do as well as myself, the person behind all of this work, and I have also been falsely associated with individuals whose ego, and con/deceptive means wish to only confuse the audience I work with to help awaken their mastery.

The truth is, I have done all of this all on my own. No master, no book, no teaching, no faith, no genie, no money; without individuals showing me the way or guiding me anywhere positive and inspiring, but rather a lot of mind games meant to deter the person from their authentic purpose.

It has not been easy, but I am pleased with myself; it all has been helpful to my wellness and my happiness as a person.

About the human experience

Occult and faith teachings as well as philosophies, psychology and also reflection talk about the discipline of improvement. If we are feeling positive, we are not destructive; we are also more inspired towards helping others without seeking gratification or pleasure gain.

Regardless of your belief of afterlife or not, it’s all about now in the present as well.

You don’t have to be a religious person, nor of a particular faith or practice to understand what been alive means.

About the Articles and information I share here

It’s about manifesting the best out of our time here on the world.

If you are trying to better yourself as an individual, your health, your body, mind, world, assets, finances – master the person you are by default, then the material I post here will be very helpful in your walk.

The main idea is to awaken the wisdom within. This is through healing of the human in all aspects.

From within outwards all flows in perfect balance.

What we open our minds to with wisdom as our navigation, it’s meant to heal and help us master the person we formally are.

The attractive things we want are not at the reach of tricks, or façade, but hands on work on making it a part of who we are, daily.

If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to message through the website or other networking mediums.

Thank you for being here, and for allowing these words to inspire you.