The Price Of Error

A big source of issues with the economic state of the world, is also where social growth and overall quality of life are maintained and where it can further decline, with the largest impact to the amplification of problems, but also where solutions are.

Energy is an important aspect of human civilization; in large, tech development has somewhat advanced because of it.

In its deviation from true advancement and maximization use of all resources, favoring wasteful approaches to accumulate fast cash/ “profits”, and power, it has been at the cost of future wellbeing, rather than multiplication of wealth and or advancement of species as a whole.

Money becomes worthless, any intangible asset whose value is tied to it too, if there aren’t actual useful things to trade on; for even service requires at one point to be physical tangible things.

Psychological assistance, for example of a useful service in a conflict full, expanding society, matters in a society where hope is logically and able to be possible in a not so distant future, otherwise becomes more of someone wish talking for what isn’t present and is desperately needed in a broken, and hopeless experience, not to mention inaccessible too.

Social matters in this sense, and human health are tied to present and future, true financial wellbeing; financial prosperity is tied to planetary health, along actual, present advancement and available resources, as well as peace/ social congruence.

That future that has accumulated the costs of that benefit of not very ancient ancestors wasteful endeavors, is here from decades of, and has shown its consequences at the very start of this world war, even more.

It is only the start of war, and everyone can feel the pressure from poor choices already made; still, there are a lot of people and somehow, the needs will have to be met; taking more from the future, means breaking further, and if only to waste in false notions of tech advancement, and war, accumulate worse outcomes.

If the seriousness of few angry, frustrated in the closet people making calls for billions is also not highlighted, then the way the world develops further, won’t be pleasant.

At the shock of shells and bombs, it is difficult to see the wider image of what affects, the more important aspect too, how to get through to the end of the events partaking; peace and prosperity seem distant.

Those who have means to and greed in mind, know this is also a time of necessity and open room to take advantage of society, and most definitely do, some put these things in place, exactly for this purpose.

While it is still the case that there is an opportunity to make the world a better place rather than contribute to its destruction or watch it decay further, during a big deal moment of social development and growth, instead of allowing the attention and priority be hijacked by violence, focus at root of issues and the broad solutions possible, leads to more favorable outcomes.

What choices are made there in forth, have to meet the needs that have arose from what is already done wrong, but not only this, they have to stop being wasteful, and more, they have to somehow make due for present and future need; for any bit of waste due to false promise and or war, the costs too not only add to an already depleted source, but are quantified values in depreciation.

Energy is a resource that shapes our lives and social structures. Taking the situation lightly, and or relying on overstated/ false value, or feigned existence of solutions to the crisis presently growing in society, is a road that guarantees self destruction.

When the priority of something is identified in society, it isn’t enough to throw attention and money towards the advancing or addressing of, it is also important to know the surrounding issues and potential too, such as not forgetting about those who seek to benefit from such situations; otherwise, even in the best of intentions the wrong things are invested on, and ignorance leads to the less pleasant of outcomes.

It is not only the presence of an alternative to an existing means of something, that is part of searching and advancing something better to replace something of great use, but actual application and identification of said claims been truly met as well.

Alternatives to energy sources favored in previous decades, has been overly stated at present, due to the financial opportunities available for those who see simply the potential of financial gain, at the brink of social disruption.

To be able to take the lead back to focusing society towards balancing its needs, and diminish the less favorable means of providing for them, like pollution caused by energy use, a true and honest investment no only of cash, but true knowledge and application as priority, has to be the focus, over the self serving manners approached by certain individuals with positions of financial and social influence; enabling, allowing, even financing the pretence that something is when isn’t, has severe, destructive outcomes that quantify in time as well, and will always be more costly and significant than even addressing such things already in existence.

 It is only in this manner that such problems can be turned around, and the advancing and betterment of society and its structures, materialized.

Two key elements of our social, financial structures lay on energy, and transportation.

The abuse of resources around these, and false statements of its betterment has led us to somehow have worse potential and unarguable outcomes in the quality of life that we are supposedly developing as a collective.

Is this the legacy of the future? And, who and when will take the stances needed to stop the drain and false hope from spreading, to be able to turn the tide before such opportunities cease to be?

It is all of us as individuals, but also those in places of leadership that make such contributions. Those with cash and priority on their greedy egotistical centered ideals do not care to lie, to trick, to deceive for their own personal gain, they are also too ignorant to foresee their own hand at ruining their quality of life as well; it is up to those who aren’t, to point at the error and to prioritize on solutions.

The answers are both, some in existence though not openly embraced, and still in need to be invested on; however, passive stances, or ignoring aren’t going to make the changes that lead to a place of true prosperity, but continue to drain present and future advancement, while branding itself as solutions and saviours, deceiving the world, as it ignorantly and quietly self destructs.

~Angel Pendragon ~

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