Balancing Sides

It can be quite difficult to understand the difference between one side and another, particularly in a society that has made focus on favoring extremes and also setting pretence games of difference for control purposes, versus teaching the means of tempering the mind’s understanding as the supposed evolved thinkers and actors over other earth species, humans proclaim they are.

Balance is the ultimate of keys to finding each soul’s best versions though, and to unlocking the potential of the mature, heightened thinker, ergo then impossible to ignore the need to bring this forth as part of the persona, regardless of what it means at the moment of finding the self, depending on who each have been at each of the levels of life’s spectrums.

Owning to the errors made, making the necessary adjustments, for those causing harm, to be willing to pay the fair karmic price back for the done, and go through the necessary humbling process to prove their mental upgrade, but also to accept they don’t belong in places where the harm is and has been amplified, considering these individual(s) are dealing with strong mental deterioration for which the health of others in society, and the future are threatened and or harmed.

Until we address the issues we hold to ourselves first, not matter the façade to the public maintained, be because of fear of shame or the extreme opposite, not caring and still being focused on self benefit not matter the consequences to others, we cannot set ourselves free from the chains and binds of egocentric world views.

There is a difference between standing up for own or other form of injustices, and using/creating present issues as a means to position the self for alternative motives, even if the “benefits” claimed to be shared with others as supposed outcome, are allowed by those with sinister mindsets on some instances, to maintain the illusion of positive to others at large.

Think of oligarchy over the centuries for example. Emperors, kings, and all other types of titles, other cultures and their hierarchies, even at “lower” tiers of social status today, there are those that see themselves as above others, and want to elevate themselves taking advantage in nefarious ways of everything outside of themselves, to elevate and maintain themselves in higher positions; deceiving people on the value of trade, slavery, etc. are some more of many examples that have already transcurred through this human’s civilization known history, and while not under the same exact methods of trade and titles today, the system of hierarchy abuse and greed are still alive and present in modern day methods of trade and social organization.

There is also the harm toxic minded people cause for their pursue of pleasure, as it can be observe through even society at present, and the worse issues at large that threaten the stability and even sustainability of civilization.

Some of the recent matters that are affecting society across the planet at all levels, and regardless of gender, racial, geopolitical and faith based issues, been talked about recently are of technological abuses also known as technocracy and technofascism. Adding to this the factors of known pedophilia, sexual harassment present in powerful social circles, where often the protection and sustainability of society are discussed, and even intervened/ arranged.

Data mining, espionage, private investors and companies been able to know more about people and their lives, etc., this including their customers, employees, even other “potential” identified targets, or foreseeable “enemies” as per the decisions of the minds behind the technologies, than even people themselves are allowed or have access to see/know/understand, are also factors that while it might seem scary and too abusive for some to fathom it happens so openly, it is the unfortunate reality of society and technological development in this modern age.

For example, did you know all your blood test results, all the way to who who you talked to years back once randomly online, your phone records, text messages, chats, your shopping, your patterns you aren’t even aware of, all the way to even things doctors have written about you in life, etc. are things accessible and in possession of data mining companies? Add to it the fact that they have and constantly work on tech to organize and maximize this data, and even see how this helps them know you, predict you, and even alter you.

Don’t worry, it’s just so you buy their products! Not like some person there would have mental health issues, become obsessed with you and manipulate your life for their pleasure, etc., not like the fact that profiling you is already a huge issue and abuse on itself either, I mean it could be worse, but no worries, that doesn’t happen in tech development, only the finest people; just as good guys with guns always save the day from the bad guys with guns kind of thing going on there.

While there are not as many oligarchs left with official titles of “princess”, “prince”, “queens”, “kings”, “emperors”, etc. at present, there are those who hold privilege in society for which their position enables them to have access to things and tools, they also ensure to limit competition, access to, and so on, although not by right, or democratic selection they have been positioned in such situations; of course by abusing systems, and particularly where innovation happens is how they have gained advantages, as these are unexploited/unexplored aspects of social advancement, & the claim of ignorance of potential harm is easiest and the preferred, often used ticket out of responsibility, if not the concealing and deceiving of what is been developed/done to avoid having to have accountability for the horror done.

The differences between technological advancement and technological manipulation are large, though might not seem obvious at first glance.

As anything that is new, in this case in society, technology is neutral at first.

The leaning sides are aspects that reveal themselves over time including its usage, and level of accessibility to all parts of society.

As issues are identified, it is then important to make them known to all people, and simultaneously for leadership to set boundaries in laws, but also ensure of the application of systems that protect all from the potential, identified harm. This is in a an ideal scenario of harmony, where parties involved are mainly focused on the health and balance of social structures, not where greedy minds and pretentious individuals love to maintain the façade of change for the better, of course.

If technology was properly regulated, not only on creating laws and fines along juridical systems, but on active education of society, accessibility to knowledge to prevent and to address the rising problems that in time come from neutrality and the abusive individuals of society that lurk at every opportunity to cause harm, the advancement of humanity is more than an utopic sight, or false hope used by technocrats that seek to milk the systems and opportunities of social development, by an active quest of all people through time.

Some might look at present day technological situations and think that there aren’t any potential solutions, because the mindset of those who see it this way is of seeking for what already has been identified and used, when the present day corrupt systems in place can only be bettered and advanced to fair use, through a fresh vision and actual applicable concepts that have identifiable solutions short and long term.

Regardless of the issue when zooming into the blanket of technology, all of them more or less come down to the places of leadership in the private and non private sector.

Think government, and corporate. Whether there is tech been developed of the governing area of a nation, NGO, or anywhere in the private sector, there is power, there is potential of benefiting society, or of causing harm, and giving access to do legally to those whose mindsets lean this way and are at close proximity of these systems to use and or develop them, and stablish its usage laws/regulations.

This is why not matter how utopic a view of the world and idealization, laws and systems are meant to be designed to address all potential hinders, even of itself, and the identification of those that rise overtime.

Once people understand that leadership, order are part of the systems that enable their ability to have more peace and freedoms, IF they take the responsibility too, to overlook the health of these through stablished, and stablishing new or better systems of democracy, the potential of a better society at all levels is unleashed.

Healthy leadership systems are necessary for prosperity and for advancement as well; there is no developing a future where hostility exists; these are even nature fundamentals for the prosperity and viability of an ecosystem when looking at nature through the scientific lens.

Democracy is more than the ability to vote for president/prime minister or some governmental title from the offered bunch. Democracy is the health of that system in itself, starting with its participants, regulators and the methods of implementation and regulation.

Next to the health of system and participants, is also the accountability of those elected over time, overseen not only by organizations that are stablished for these purposes but all people, and ensuring these systems are accessible, and benefiting all not just few, is also again the responsibility of people, and their ability to organize, regardless of differences.

Those with a lot of power, greedy personalities, and corrupt mindsets understand this very well, and hence the hostility and division between places, people, development, etc. continues to advance, rather than people themselves as a unit overcoming their own mistakes of centuries, and truly evolving to peace and manifesting a better future as should any evolved species by default, if they are as proclaimed, smart; other animals on earth at least got the balance and peace part better than humans if we are to dive back to scientific perspective.

Knowledge is the ability to see all that is for what it is, not of what you agree or like only. Application of it is, understanding why some solutions are better than others, regardless of how you feel personally, or your fragility on social display.

If knowledge was the priority of people in society, and if through this the desire to be self righteous not the main focus, but rather to manifest solutions where identifiable problems exist, then people could see and apply themselves better at whatever level and access of the social spectrum they are. With this, the fallacies of conmen be as potential/stablished leaders, or corporate/ influencer faces not be as successful, given an educated society is smarter and less leaning to be gullible to scams.

A smarter society would also organize better, and prioritize peace through healthy means, considering all destructive factors and their aftermath are of irreversible chaos that would hinder any potential benefit from blossoming in time.

A society that is smarter in its elections, also is smarter in order, peace and as a result health, and systems of healing, this including not just the body, but mind, social interconnections, and the planet itself.

Corruption, destruction, etc. exist only on an enabling civilization. As is with anything, if the priority is health, the manifestation of these in the minds of people overtime are lessen, and the issues wouldn’t be the way they are today, regardless of the situations manifesting. After all, the claim that aggressors are the result of prior received aggression is also proven to be completely void of fact, so, perhaps the belief that there is no hope because there will always be corruption, etc. seems rather lazy or the mindset of those who are toxic to others themselves.

The extremes of everything exist at all times; be of harm or of solutions. Something bad can happen but so can something worse than the occurred, as much as passive solutions are often used, where the fuller spectrum answers have much more potential, versus the empty bandage type of approaches been favored.

A better future is not something that happens tomorrow, but it is built today; and it starts with the individual soul.

A person in peace and a mindset that is balanced is able to learn, and understand things better, this including hostile situations outside themselves, without been poisoned by feelings of despair, and instead see the potential actions that lead them to solutions.

Positive actions are keys to doors keeping one side from seeing the other where the answers are, once answers are accessible, their application is possible matched by a mindset that is focused on healing, versus caught and demotivated in despair and hopelessness.

There is no longer fear either, so order and contribution among others is possible, as much as identifying damaged minds still active in society under guise of caring, without feeling under pressure or fear, but seeing how to bring forth a better situation in place of problems.

The system is not only started with the individual, it is maintained and developed over time with the self and as an extension, to society. Yes, in an ever divided society it seems impossible though it isn’t, but for as long as society has and as long as society still favors deceivers guised as supposed thinkers and leaders that ensure to keep them under failure, things will never stop been the same way they have been, that they are.

When the people that are actually bringing betterment are acknowledged, the solutions might become more obvious, but also the opportunity to apply them too; there wouldn’t be other way anyways, once we consider that silencing the value of those who actually are for the betterment of humanity is in itself a negative act.

A better self includes the acknowledgement of all people that have value, not only those who have verification marks, belong to exclusivity groups, or collect cash; as we know there are many who hoard resources even abusing systems, to have an undeserved position of recognition, anyway.

If the priority of society shifts to addressing the error maintained thus far, ending corruption is not as difficult a task as it might seem at quick glance.

The transformation for a peaceful and prosperous future as much as the continuation to the end of humanity are both a possibility that depends on the priorities upheld; only through unity of all nations, keeping in mind humanity is who has placed priority in civilization as chaotic, and the same humanity are the ones responsible for their salvation (or doom), depending on how fast and how capable of shifting their actions to positive long term, they are capable of.

The concept that it is another person to blame in leadership or elsewhere too, is an irresponsible approach to what is essentially society as a unit. Selection, system evolution, people postulated, etc. are all part of the same, humans; humans helping humans, selected by humans, to run human systems designed to better life for humans, short and long term simultaneously, picked by humans.

Extremes exist and division is always present in one form or another, regardless of approaches, as part of the nature of balance; however, the building and advancing of society is linked unavoidably to the ability to bridge the gap between differences, harmoniously.

This means not favoring forceful approaches or deceptive methods, but by upgrading the educational systems, as well as access to quality of life and work/ life balance for all members of society, while also protecting shared value, over enabling monopolization of tangible and intangible patrimony by the toxic, destructive and greedy who seek to divide, conquer, and diminish.

After all, it is the shared effort of well intended people that have managed to build a productive society, while it is the greedy, toxic and desperate to maintain huge disproportionate gaps of economic and social power between themselves and others in civilization, that cause the issues that threaten life and the future not only for the most vulnerable, but even for humanity overall, including technological advancement in true value.

Illusive advancement of society can already be observed in a lot of tech at present once you consider espionage is often the focus; not because you are a potential criminal, but because the control of your mind equates to the control and shaping of society, be by influencing you, or if not possible to mold you, to limit your abilities; even the illusive threat of AI that is passed by technofascists seeking to distract the masses from their harmful agendas, becomes more a possibility when overlooking the behaviours of companies, people in positions of power be private or public, and the overall focus on society as technology and civilization are shaped for the present and future.

To be able to find that balance through the ups and downs both of personal life and shared social responsibility, a healthy and honest personal inner world is the priority, followed by like-minded action.

In this manner, each person is able to see themselves as the unique personalities with complexities each are meant to be, while be able to participate and coexist with others in spite of differences, but because of the kept and prioritized inner peace, be able to find the bridge that unifies the differences as part of the greater sight that is, all things in balance are meant to flow in synchronicity for a heightened purpose, and sense of existence.

~Angel Pendragon~

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