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Love What You Do, Do What You Love

The saying: “Love what you do, do what you love.” some interpret it as what they in their small perception of meaning, and desire understand. An often found answer has been: “I love money.” done by those whose life is limited to a competition of value, where there’s none, simply from misunderstanding what money is, the purpose of life, its circumstances, and meaning of. Necesity and the usage of monetary trade for the covering ofRead more

The Price Of Error

A big source of issues with the economic state of the world, is also where social growth and overall quality of life are maintained and where it can further decline, with the largest impact to the amplification of problems, but also where solutions are. Energy is an important aspect of human civilization; in large, tech development has somewhat advanced because of it. In its deviation from true advancement and maximization use of all resources, favoringRead more

Abuses, Technology, Leadership Issues & Potential Answers

Human and planet rights abuses range from what is often mentioned in speeches (by companies, celebrities, people online aiming to be looked at for their wording and so on), like child abuse in impoverished countries, to everyday individuals in needy situations and, poor work and or living law standards; be due to the lack of written laws, or disturbing laws, to what is ever seemingly growing, lack of true applied accountability, even in places whereRead more

Technocracy – Space, Satellites & The Spy Haven to Voyeuristic Pursues

Most satellites are on the highest part of space reachable to humans at present; few are sent across to explore the beyond, due to their costs and shelf life. The term satellite is a blanket-term describing a vehicle used to float above certain heights, for the purpose of other various technological applications. Some of these techs deployed in “space” are invasive, with a purpose of surveillance. These same “space” places are where these “space shuttles”Read more