Tim Bergling ~ Avicii

04.20.2021 I wrote this post on April 14, 2021, six days ago; thoughts I already had been meaning to share for a while, but between dealing with life, feelings, and the weight of it all, I kept postponing. Today marks three years since Tim’s untimely passing. To me it is more than one day where the weight of not having him around affects me; without overexplaining myself, after finding out about his death, since, IContinue reading

Some Background As My Story With Elon Musk, His Wife Grimes And Technocracy (Draft)

Posting my notes for those who follow these stories on my social media, as well as to share a part of my life that although is unpleasant, it is eye opening to the world, and a world matter that has to be honestly and openly talked about, regardless of how uncomfortable as it makes those who do not know what is life like outside bubbles, be. Always, thank you for reading. ~Angel Pendragon~01.19.2021~ I doContinue reading


As you wish you receive. May be this is the demise all long seek. What is wanted is much more complex, detailed and fragile than the slumbered eyes can grasp or appreciate all at once. To think this is the first time with Pandora, oh think twice! She lets all of it sleep peacefully tucked in, as she saw what has been lived. The dog man was met in the midst of dark; back then,Continue reading

Lower Case Idiotic (Poem)

You compare yourself to me, as if your league and mine were ever to interact; save your verified fake applause, made in slaved countries statues, and verified marks, that’s not where life matters most. An indebted and headed to destruction world doesn’t get to call what should be best kept in high stats; it’s obvious to anyone with a little smarts. I understand the difference when lessons come with comparisons to help the basic mind understand theContinue reading

Technology & The Beyond

    How long can you hold your breath? That’s how long you can survive outside this beautiful planet you are privilege to still be on. That’s how long you can be without the beauty of plants, the ancient trees too been a network of health to the whole of the planet; hence the decay of the planet and human health (think viruses like COVID showing up, plagues, etc. on other living species including foodContinue reading

Synchronicity – 12.04.2020

Adding to a sequence of writings I haven’t posted yet, I am blogging this synchronicity of today. This particular one I pulled from a word puzzle. After thinking of a few things around topics that have been turning in my thoughts, there was a song playing that has a particular artistic theme resemblant of ancient warriors. As I was observing myself in the moment and my thoughts, I was brought back to alignment, message, andContinue reading

Balanced Leadership

Today been elections in the US, I thought I would write some points on what it means to lead and to choose a leader. As a living being on the planet, I like to highlight to others why certain things aren’t healthy as they might try to pass at surface value when it comes to our social advancement. Left vs. Right wing politics are not only an American model of leadership, but across the planetContinue reading

Psychology Of Language

The last few months I’ve watched films and animations I observed when younger, along with my son. I didn’t watch as much T.V. as I have as an adult when I was a kid, but given pandemic and other factors, TV can help the mind too. Beyond the effects and themes not only of film, but all types of art and media, there are also the undertones and psychology of those involved in its creation.Continue reading

The Love Message Of Twin Flames In The Bible

As you are aware, I like to open a little Bible I have, that once, I found many years back working. I don’t go seeking chapters, I let the moment speak to me; the voice of the universe, God, the All to talk through the words I open. This morning I opened the Bible and happened to land on this chapter. After reading it, not only did I see how it aligned with a topicContinue reading