Selfish Selfless

Lots of people confuse different actions and emotions with others, and in this way of thinking and forming ideas about self, others, the world around, damage their personal wellbeing from many levels; while not all are the same, the issues that arrive to these are more or less somewhat correlated, and in understanding, a potential to identify the errors, becomes more optional. Selfless is often idealized as a form to be if you really are:Continue reading

Injustice ~ Thoughts On My Plagiarism & Harassment Situation With Elon Reeve Musk, Robert Allen Iger, Grimes/ Claire Elisse Boucher, Amber Laura Heard, & Affiliates

There are those who want to pretend I am too controversial. The same are ok with couping, protesting, etc. on behalf of pedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves; having them as CEOs, celebrity & political paid, talked about public figures, etc. I’m an actual survivor of child abuses, with evidence. Mentioning this part is due to the horrendous vile, corrupt actions in my life. I’ve been known popularly since the 90s published, etc. due to my talents,Continue reading


May 15 2022 07.10.2023 Article on Slave Trade, used without acknowledgement or permission to pass law, Elon Musk acknowledged as things he is not, who is plagiarizing my life, added to points below, display the necessity of having to talk about such vile ignorance openly in detail. 01. Add, trying to ignore the assaults of my life, because I openly stated not to assault people in my behalf, only as people behind it beingContinue reading

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

The saying: “Love what you do, do what you love.” some interpret it as what they in their small perception of meaning, and desire understand. An often found answer has been: “I love money.” done by those whose life is limited to a competition of value, where there’s none, simply from misunderstanding what money is, the purpose of life, its circumstances, and meaning of. Necesity and the usage of monetary trade for the covering ofContinue reading

Alignment ~ The Unknown In The Physical World

Since it’s been a long time since I posted about “spooky”, or for myself as I see these, alignment of my life, thoughts, etc., I am sharing for mother’s day Sunday, my most recent which has been exactly for mother’s day, dream included, and previous alignment with another mother’s day also. Yesterday morning, as I laid awake, there was a loud noise in my room around my fan. It cannot be done with tech, itContinue reading

Power In Unity

During a message exchange today, I was reminded of a particular topic given the things been talked about. I’d like to show with one example how certain things in texts like the bible, even as translated and edited as it is, has useful knowledge that when for lack of a better word, “decoded”, it yields useful lessons for those who understand what is been talked about, detached of trying to deny their own responsibility inContinue reading

Politics, Rights & Responsibilities

Democracy is a system explained as designed to return power of structure to people on civilization – more decentralized, to allow people at all levels to have a say on how resources of their smaller groupings, known as nations/ countries are spent, as well as how citizens/ people in each nation are treated. Gender, race, orientation, faith, economic status all also differentiate from place to place, however, the inequality gap growing across the globe, dueContinue reading

The Nature Of Sex & Sexy In Social Prowess

It is okay to be “sexy”, and celebrate this human facet in society; there is nothing wrong with sex, but there is a fine line between admiration and degradation. Sex issues become taboo, or short live attention socially, at the push that certain collective actions are harmful to the perception of, when it is necessary to know beyond pleasure the unpleasant, and address for the health of society short and long term. To remove theContinue reading

The Price Of Error

A big source of issues with the economic state of the world, is also where social growth and overall quality of life are maintained and where it can further decline, with the largest impact to the amplification of problems, but also where solutions are. Energy is an important aspect of human civilization; in large, tech development has somewhat advanced because of it. In its deviation from true advancement and maximization use of all resources, favoringContinue reading


What is a person of “insert nationality, gender, belief system, or whatever other label of boxed definitions”? I was born in Cali, Valle, Colombia in the mid eighties, difficult start up, upbringing, the smallest sources of income, uncertainty, child sexual, mental, physical abuse that went past borders to when I went abroad to Canada too, and other less than pleasant experiences, still, considered myself privilege of more than others that had a bit less (someContinue reading