Power In Unity

During a message exchange today, I was reminded of a particular topic given the things been talked about.

I’d like to show with one example how certain things in texts like the bible, even as translated and edited as it is, has useful knowledge that when for lack of a better word, “decoded”, it yields useful lessons for those who understand what is been talked about, detached of trying to deny their own responsibility in their actions towards whatever life they build.

The message in the bible that says when two or more unite in God Adonai, for the same cause, etc.

It is about creation, and people working together towards the same purpose. The power of focus, as in people groups of, attention, energy, and then bringing something to life.

For humanity that isn’t like other beings, animals that think and rationalize their actions prior to taking them, even beyond record of experiences (what ifs, mundane wants, and other like worries), it is a process to feel empowered, but also meant to be for the common good for it to be a positive lasting, versus a fleeting surge of what seems good at the time, with further costs and loses ahead, that deem momentary experiences like these worthless, and costly on the sense of future loss.

Religion uses the bible as a means to control and coerce, there are sects that use it too for magical, philosophical and other like occult practices.

It is because as a “sacred” text, it is filled with philosophical knowledge based on the science of ancient times, and then life was focused on an understanding of all aspects, versus a survival and rat race like approach as seems often the meaning of been human in society is portrayed as.

In physics this is simply seen in cause and effect of movement from the forces around.

Think, when gravity (a force) affects how water ripples for example.

If you touch a liquid surface, it moves, making a form, often a circle, depending on how you touch it, say just tapping your finger above it, a circle flows outwards from your point of touching, and others too follow until that energy spreads elsewhere, affecting other things in the same manner, onwards in ways not only you cannot imagine, but also, cannot control even if you had all the best humanity has to offer and working beyond, uninterrupted.
 Even the thought of trying is quite funny.

Back to physics, the same happens if you forge something material in any other consistency, and immaterial too, that is alive/energy.

Push your hand into the mud, even if you or something else puts it back how it was, it has been altered and because of this, continue a path that has been affected by such a seemingly insignificant action.

Again, laughable for any human being to attempt to control such things, and this isn’t in the sense of challenge to a genius, but, logic of genius says, the very act of, is contradiction in itself to the sought out result.

So, the part of physics as a science showing how things are altered onwards, is associated to what the bible means on the part talking about two with shared intent united asking God.

In the sense of here on the things shared, not only my actions are mine for my life, but add to others shared with (or removes, depending on the actual long-term value of the offered/done; are a few thousand worth your health? freedom? or the ability to farm food? or have clean air?, even peace of mind, etc.), and in this sense, those people are transformed too; the benefit or the “curse”/punishment people receive in their lives and call bad luck or whatever, is on how these exchanges happen too, and the true assessment of facts.

Actions ripple onwards regardless, separate of both intention/ desires.

You plant potatoes, you get potatoes.

Law of attraction, nor deception, or enforcing laws of beliefs will make potatoes show up, nor change potatoes to anything else.

Simply making few believe fallacies, those fooled, counting on those things deceitfully promised, and eventually in time the lie collapsing, depending on how dedicated to the deception things are, and how many are united in the same wrong cause, it dictates how long scams run, not turn scams into blessings promised, just because things run long, or many people are faithful on the same ignorant thing.

United in the same, is advice for working towards benefit now and later for all, not some, nor temporarily, nor at the cost of others, human and outside human. It is also a reminder that such level of unification is sacred, and to be honored, not used to hoard power over people, and how by your own harmful and selfish actions, you self destruct, ergo anything shared has the same fate; frowning upon and not taking actions to stop wrongs isn’t anything more than attempts at washing away guilt from public perception. If we sow potatoes, and tend to them, we harvest these things, otherwise not going to happen, also not going to get something different; you reap what you sow, as the saying goes.

Science shows that we can alter things, not control how everything unfolds though.

Science also shows we can have a level of control, that’s the thinking animal and rationalizing, only if honest and logical though, greed demands deception from and to self, but does not hold the power to alter reality, just disturb understanding of it for a period of time.

You can say you have a flying car, doesn’t make it so, even if you convince people you do, the amount of time the lie lasts, nor the resources sent towards it, nor the amount of faithful believing lies, changes anything from what it is to what it isn’t; even for those who practice things like law of attraction, it is a huge misinterpretation of such teachings.

My personal way to summarize all of this which I’ve taught my son about is: “you can flatten a mountain, it doesn’t make another taller, even if the other was propped somehow to be lengthier, the fact you had to flatten another, proves the other was more, not to mention your focus shows, your height is superficial, for one’s growth isn’t tied to the diminishing of another.”This doesn’t mean to enable, ignore or allow the wrong things to flourish, but how envy, greed and corruption are self destructive, even as it seems it succeeded on destroying the source of that which they covet.

At the same time of these things, justice and fair systems of same, aren’t nor should be turned into organizations/ actions of hatred, envy, or sources feeding into greed though.

Fair activism, and legal systems/ pursues are about addressing injustices across, not endorsing biases or seeking self serving benefits, while not denying the toll and toil costs too, even when justice is sought towards criminal implications as part of it; “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” isn’t a saying spoken by people seeking unbiased justice towards anything, as much as second chances without accountability and recognition to those harmed first, are also not second chances, but enabling and dismissing wrongs.

Those that love to polarize, and attempt to manipulate justice to swindle rather than stay unbiased, claiming that systems of justice are not good for the world, when they are exposed for their wrongs, yet, sheltering under the same and using their financial and other type of powers to leverage on their behalf, when they want to benefit, deflect attention or target fair critics, show all that needs to be understood in such scenarios, by their very means of conveniently advocating for themselves two things, where refusal is applied towards accountability on both.

The bible while used as a means to control and coerce, as it is written, still holds knowledge in some of its teachings that go beyond the religious, spiritual, and or emotional.

These things used to be unified with science and politics once, not as a source of corruption but for the balancing of life aspects; not how society is ran, nor that it’d work in the same ideal if attempted with the people making decisions in key areas of social progress either. The teachings are still accessible and understood outside religion though, for those who read unbiased.

Knowledge to help people individually and as a society, is the key to transforming the broken and lesser aspects of the same; thought processes refined before simply taking actions without doing so, yield far greater outcomes.

This is what the smart time management, life balance coaching teachings are about.

The biblical paragraph “two or more united for the same cause” is about unity, and how certain wrong actions are punishable on their very own doing too, while also the opposite, how pursues of benefit that are truly fair present and future for all, are prosperous in their own nature.

Physics and science overall corroborate to these teachings also, when talking about the effects of interacting energy and matter, adding logic to what is often looked as blind and useless belief as it happens with faith based teachings more and more in modern era.

Also adding, how this doesn’t mean you get what you want, as even the attempt to control processes, is an oxymoron in itself.

There’s power in unity, it’s neutral; if ignorance rules the mind of the group one way or another, not matter how large, how dedicated, how consumed, or cross handed about issues, if wrong, like parasites, self destruction is unavoidable, otherwise, there’s a blessing on learning to understand truthfully while fairly and equally working with others, not using, taking advantage of, or grouping with few to do so.

The most powerful, admirable and knowledgeable by definition in true mastery, over pop trends of ignorant and unaware masses, do not take advantage of others, even though obviously they most certainly easily can.

It takes far greater effort to actually do better by another, than it is to pretend the same in far lesser takes, while claiming otherwise though.

~Angel Pendragon~

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