No Regrets

I outgrew pain; and though I once were in love with the same who left knife wounds as their last word, I have nothing to regret. For I was not wrong to love, only to not draw a line of where the scale is balanced, rather than let it tilt to my peace been bled out on the floor. To be left empty, when you pour everything and more, and think you’ll too be honored forContinue reading

Wandering Into Lies

Not all birds flap their wings in the same manner to fly, and it’s the same for our purpose; each find themselves by been most honest to themselves, not forgetting that this includes untampered truth. Constantly working on lying to others might live for a brief moment, but as it is its ability to transform to better not found, so it is its length through the scale of time, minimal. All love stems from theContinue reading

Financial Security – The Now

A philosophy and/or agenda that actually builds asset value is separate of the label people decide to use. Think capitalism as one example. It is a label that throws the minds of most who understand only the basic meaning of the word to wealth, but not the in depth understanding of true asset and value traits behind the many ways it is not a promise of riches to those who participate in it; think ofContinue reading


Depravity is an indication of dissatisfaction. The amount of sex and/or partners is not an indication of fulfillment. The amount of victims is a sign of weakness, not strength. The quality of our persona in actual actions is the most accurate measure externally, and the accounting of all taken actions (what’s hidden, the motives, etc); and the results, a better picture of what a person actually is, outside the charades show for public favouritism. DepravityContinue reading


Oh darling am not afraid of loosing what isn’t mine. Am not here chasing, repeating mistakes over time; I’ve learned from the past, and I know well of the certain uncertainty of tomorrows with no present plans. Left the long words explaining myself, in the tic of the clock’s hands that since have left. Only today is more certain than everything else, we are now able to see. Yesterday departed, and I’ve never heard ofContinue reading


At present state of mind, am a person angry with evil, diabolic, corrupt individuals currently destroying the world, while still purely a kind person to everyone, yet no longer letting people destroy my peace. Through the years I’ve been loving and helpful even to those whom have directly harmed myself and those around, as been raised in this environment, we tend to adapt as “default” our first experiences of life. At present been in aContinue reading


Endings are permanent in the cemetery of deceptive promises of love, that never came forth. Once our higher understanding is opened, taking less in place of the things we are worthy of, is holding ourselves back, not matter how well games or excuses come into play, facts remain the aftermath in every deed. The wish to be free is the sight on those things no machine, money, or human hand will touch or corrupt. TheContinue reading

Heart Within

When perfect words fail, allow the wave of the spirit of peace, pour warmth in all the parts of your body. When you are done looking elsewhere, will you rise your sight to meet more than dreams, but build a masterpiece of magic? Will you be done soon with the lower distractions? Because the best is not always there waiting on undeciders. We pave way along fate, and faith is more than a wish pool,Continue reading


I turned 34 this year, and had already began with undeserved disturbing problems; online in person, mentally, emotionally spiritually. Felt as if the whole world was against me bc of the scrutiny of my world, that’s how serious things got. Doctors and car insurance company giving me horror treatment and medications that made me worse, and still haven’t addressed expenses of car accident after two years. My poor kid harassed, bullied, and treated horribly by a Catholic school nonetheless,Continue reading

Wild Aftermath

Have been sharing on planet phenomena the last while on my social networks, because while scientific evidence already showed the disastrous results of everything poorly calculated, the things we call natural phenomena are also impacted heavily by poor human behaviour. The mental is networked with action, and actions will ripple back. The planet is autonomous, but we thinking species are as well, and the damage caused has repercussions for everyone involved. Blaming others is extremely easy, takingContinue reading