I prepared this image a few days ago, it’s from earlier in the month, taken with a partially broken phone, night time, low light, by my son who is still learning to use cameras, overcoming the extra added challenge too of his partial paralyzed arm; sharpness and definition aren’t the best on the image, but I still consider this photograph perfect, because while not snapped on the best printing quality, it shapes a moment and a thought, to be remembered for myself in time.

I was also inspired to write about the topic of perspective and aesthetics, what is perfection, but also on another topic yesterday, the thoughts, feelings, perceptions of known, unknown, and how even in the known there is a lot unknown and often more assumption than knowing as well; misplaced fear and trust.

On the concept of what is attractive, there are two things that play a large role on these definitions; what we are thought by what we are exposed to indirectly and directly, and what we have formed as ideology ourselves, of ourselves and the expectations we think are not only ours but of society for ourselves and or others.

You see people who are attractive to you who don’t see themselves as such, and those who aren’t in personality in particular, yet more self absorbed than the concepts themselves.

Not only personal preference but ignorance, arrogance, and preconceptions, as well as lack of accountability, self work, and overall a balanced take on health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), mindfulness, personal satisfaction, as well as valuing beyond superficiality while knowing when something is damaging and deteriorating play a role in overall sight of what is outside, ergo what is prioritized, what isn’t, and in these things that affect the psyche, the reasons and motivators of choosing. This is where commercial brainwash often seeks to target people, and why social media and overall tech have become so empowered over people’s lives through means as is data mining and what used to be considered for only high profile criminals, espionage tools now used widely by anyone with the tech ability.

If I make you feel inadequate, there is a bigger chance you go looking for something to cover/fix this “exposure” of inadequacy you are now perceiving in yourself. This can be from the color of, to the shape of, to even what you have or don’t, where you go, what you do, who you know, and the opposite of, etc.; the mental and also economic control of people’s lives has become a comical game, to those with the mind and heart to stomach such actions.

One simple example is how beauty has become this very doll like standard of what is “perfect” or ideal, where the trend to look exactly one particular way to be considered attractive has become a priority over simply becoming an overall healthy and fulfilled person for self over a false sense of applause and approval, and in this way be attractive to what is also the source of true inner satisfaction and life fulfillment, regardless of the external, without denying one’s happiness and rights simultaneously.

Beauty is not detached of the internal and even the external, and it isn’t attached to sexual depravity with the fallacy of satisfaction, that instead turns on the lower and least fulfilling aspects of the mind that confuses strong energy, with depravity and lack of balance and self control, either.

Beauty is something that we can all define as motivating; something inspiring beyond the touch and material.

Sexual attraction can be connected to beauty, but beauty isn’t sexual. Sex isn’t something ugly or shameful either, but the misconceptions around attraction, love, sex that are often how the world looks at the relation between attraction and relationships of this nature, tend to confuse people when consciously and ergo subconsciously they are thinking and taking actions that affect their lives long term on these matters.

Beauty should be about what brings forth the better aspects of ourselves as we observe something, someone, a moment.

In this same perception of beauty, it’s best to see ourselves as beautiful not when we look and dress a certain way externally, but when we simply are our most pure, true selves from the inside out, again, not for one moment seeking to seem attractive or self validate for external applause, but as a long term action we are to commit to for the rest of our lives, understanding where we are to be held accountable in the already done, and where we are to work on as the path threads ahead, to uphold this standard of beauty we are pursuing in ourselves; let this too be the manner on to which we are also inspired to outfit ourselves in the tangible aspects and how we should define our own attractiveness, but also what we are attracted to on every aspect outside ourselves.

When our human pursues for example, like with food when done in the balance of not only pursuing the ultimate of flavors, quick temporally lived pleasure, but to nourish the body, there is a point of satisfaction and stopping, moving forth from simply seeking to sustain hunger and nourishing need, to actually living outside this basic instinct of searching for food; a true sight of the animal man going past basic desperate search to evolutionary sight of not only maximizing sustenance, but opening time for other pursues.

If instead of seeking validation externally for what isn’t, the time and effort was invested more into self becoming, there would be more true beauty around, less pretense, less hatred, less division, less lack, more of that social evolution humanity desperately craves as it’s at the brink of ignorantly hailed extinction.

Perfection then is a state of mind where we are in honesty working on what is wrong, versus simply seeing pleasure and even seeking the fulfilment of ignorant ego as “blessing”, when the obvious cost long term outweighs a moment of empty pleasure, formed based on lacking ideologies, be of hatred, envy, and obsessions, or the pursue of misconceptions been endowed by those around, or civilization’s own hidden failures shaping up the obvious in time.

The understanding of what is known and unknown has to be balanced on the fact that there are always unknown aspects that shape and reshape knowledge; however, these should be of true unknown nature vs purpose misconstrue and or withheld, otherwise this isn’t the evolution of knowledge but the destruction of.

There are things that have been held as something that isn’t, on the positive and on the negative for which the very understanding of these things as neutral, then becomes a freeing key to the person that truly gets to this point of understanding. This isn’t for applause once again, but a moment of realization that keeps arising in the natural process of becoming more aware of the personal self, and the world around at any and all given moments of such realizations.

Fear is a natural response; what conceptualizes these fears is where the difference of what is detrimental and what is misconception are truly defined.

There is danger and damage in true application, as much as fear of what is different and how it might seem scary to some. One example where misplaced fear can be observed is in nature.

Animals are in situations where humans are monsters in the overall sense of advantage / disadvantage, yet you have humans been terrified of animals whose lives have become destabilized by human development, still asking for the address of these other living beings that “terrorize” them because these other non human living beings still dare to defy human parasitic like actions and continue to exist, though the majority of the planet is the environment that provide human comforts to some, and simultaneously are the terror of those marginalized, not just outside the human animal, but even other human animals as well.

~Angel Pendragon~

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