Abuses, Technology, Leadership Issues & Potential Answers

Human and planet rights abuses range from what is often mentioned in speeches (by companies, celebrities, people online aiming to be looked at for their wording and so on), like child abuse in impoverished countries, to everyday individuals in needy situations and, poor work and or living law standards; be due to the lack of written laws, or disturbing laws, to what is ever seemingly growing, lack of true applied accountability, even in places where the beauty of a living fair society is ever fading at the hands of greed and apathy.

There are of course on the list and that one too growing, new issues such as those technology possess, from the user perspective, to the more intricate, yet not so new but continuing in new forms, international abuses of people and resources; simply turning from retiring industries to the now more lucrative and demanding.

Things being run and used in ways thinking people in a world as resourceful at is it still somewhat is shouldn’t be, and loosing the potential in a not so distant future to help turn the page if better looked after, in fairness too, versus tyranny, enforcement, and greed as it is done at present.

Addressing human rights isn’t difficult, nor is war a means to truly address it; there are many means to which society has  shown that it can successfully address the issues that arise when mentally harmful people rise to very undeserved power, and in their position along those like them with equally broken tendencies do.

I will take simple examples from what unity of treaties, etc. of nations often do to get the attention of country or others who have power that do not willingly participate in their decisions.  One commonly heard of in the news are limitations of trade, of ability to purchase and or sell, which ultimately limits grow of that country’s prosperity, with the concept of preventing harm from expanding, or these are at least the reasoning often been acclaimed.

Even to that approach, there are better means to ensure a fair treatment of who truly is causing harm, versus the people of a nation which often are too, the victims of those causing harm propped as governmental and or private leaders.

The same can be taken into perspective of how to address the issues of abuses and harm been caused by companies and people of influence, not matter how much it has grown, but it cannot be done the way it is at present, where it is few people making such decisions, often the ones causing harm themselves, or pocketed by those who do; there should be a force of transparency among humanity, not a sovereign man or woman, group, organization, etc. making choices that affect the rest, as if leadership meant ownership of people, present and or future.

Few over others can be easily corrupted.  For true accountability, all people should be aware of the affairs of matter to them and society for which they are a part of, as well as the application of means to address the harm of people in positions of power (or even when people have made an establishment / company or organization that carries in harmful actions). The worst situations of human civilization arise in silence, and or limited knowledge.

Understanding is too part of true transparency over the idealization of one. For example, in present day, there are the growing tensions of global economy, not from a lack of expenditure, or even resources, but the few people who like to position themselves over others, and in their mental illness of wanting to hoard more and more, not to mention pretend to lead society to better places, throw humanity into chaos, and continue the ever self destructive “divide, confuse, conquer” systems, while taking advantage of the promoted ignorance at all levels of human interactions.

There is the inevitable human tensions, division, and ultimately clashes, but there is also now with more advanced and equally harmful approaches to technological development, the collapse of the planet, and its ability to sustain living beings.

The human mind in selfishness often thinks of the sacrifice of other species to protect itself as it sees itself somehow superior due to the advantages as living beings been taken, where often the long term harm is ignored, and blurred with the line of “doing more” or more superior.

The question of why such a higher thinking species often fails even as it supposedly advances, and cannot even coexist in abundance with its own kind, should not elude the supposedly advanced thought, yet it is often ignored from the equation of why humans are broken in their own story, while also feel alone where there are so many other variety of living beings, whose stories can even be seen in admiration of the world around by the human mind, whose evolution and longevity as civilizations too, outdo the human, while they live in far more harmony with their habitats.

Even the approach of destructive and enforcing tendencies is self destructive not matter the abundance; easy to compare to the damage caused by parasites, in their nature of consumption and the destructive path left behind. Taking and or pretending to repair creates loss, and in time such loses become irreparable; it’s basic math.

Companies, groups, organizations, are made of people; these are often attractive labels as they remove the self accountability from harmful minds, or selfish intended people, and transfer it to a group which often leaves it as a label which cannot be held accountable, taking the blame for the wrongs, while wrongs continue unapprehended, and expanding to destroy prosperity in time; those causing this often are ignorant and don’t see themselves been caught by their actions.

It’s also easy to establish promises as laws and statutes that are never truly or thoroughly followed through. This is why in matters of humanity and personal things everyone should have the right to know, understand and participate as it is often easy to take a claim but not actually follow with proper action.

In a civilization that aims to prosper, the focus of openness helps ensure that there is a system evolving, versus quiet error expanding its very end in time.

Continuing in the relativity aspects to present day situations, when we look at human rights abuses happening by nations, companies and or groups of people without impunity, there are easy ways to at least begin addressing or removing the motivation of expansion of these, to the points of no fix and ultimately, well, self destroy.

For example, when we look at places like China and it’s dictatorship rule growing by those few in power with corrupt personal and views for others, it’s easy to begin addressing but it can only be done where money cannot buy the silence of. There are other powerful nations doing similar things, and this is why the understanding part is the only means that humanity can turn the page from where it is headed inevitably while delaying and slow the path by simply choosing to sacrifice other life forms on the planet, the planet itself, as it also ignores some of their very own too.

The citizens of China and other countries around been hurt by dictatorships matter a lot, and should be the reason why these things are addressed too, not just the interests defined for few or and by few in other places of the world, otherwise it simply becomes yet other ignorant mean / tool of war and self destruction.

At present day China becomes a prominent topic on the matter of human rights, and should be kept with a unique sight on the issues it presents for its people, surrounding nations and over time the rest of the world, but it is not the only place in the world where harmful minds have propped themselves to aim to accomplish the concepts of few over others, and this is also important to keep in mind while addressing the issues of human rights, from the outright physical and life matters, to the developing threats as those that technology and things such as espionage present in modern age.

Creating tensions between country versus country or few countries vs one or others, only serves to further prop the agenda of few over others, creating the division and fears scenario that also serves to distract from the larger problems and where they emanate from, as well as where they ultimately lead.

Helping destructive companies, people, organizations, etc. to rise, because they belong to the club of, is ironically, unavoidably, and thankfully self destructive. I like to highlight this often, because destructive minds love to construct their beliefs as unending, and diminish reason and a more peaceful approach to all matters of humanity and even personal life, often unaware by their ignorance or promoting the unawareness through belittling and calling higher thinking idealistic.

In the situation of China’s human right abuses, along other countries’, and the worsening situation of present and future planetary wellbeing with slave and other unethical production for example, many countries could help address it while maintaining the benefits of trade internationally, that help local people’s but also the benefits it has expanded to lower income tiers of people across society.

The only way for this to happen, it is addressing greed and simultaneously establishing laws and agreements on what is accepted from the top to the bottom, versus pretending to address some small situations while ignoring the larger scale.

With the issues of purchases and sale of slave produced products as example, it is a thoroughly means of companies small, medium, large having to provide proof of their means of production and this been applied at technological, social, governmental and company policies; a start approach that would help remove the practices from the top trade systems humanity uses on daily to benefit themselves and to advance civilizations.

For example, companies that purchase in bulk having to make sure their products are sourced ethically and they themselves having to abide by sustainability of both people and planet, would be far greater effect across the planet than to try and pass small regulations, or other means that often open or lend loopholes and paths companies use to avoid doing better for those that work for them, but also planet and others that are affected by their practices and substandard product and or services  in time.

Not only passing laws, but making the application of these factual are part of the full change; things like ending ability to operate for companies, organizations and or individuals, versus simple monetary sanctions should be taken at hand, so the washing of responsibilities system ceases to exist as well.

If with the situation of slavery and other abuses outside the sale of tainted products, other regulations, and sanctions can assist, these are implemented accordingly. If the collection of lump sum of money for governments, organizations, and companies is also expanded not to individuals as it is still done even under the label of organization or establishment and or government, but the needed resources directly organized and then these distributed directly to affected people, it would help end corrupt trades of financial aids, while also assist avoiding evil minded opportunistic individuals from trying to take advantage of the less educated, and or more disadvantaged with the promotion of investing their money into scams.

Digital companies having to make sure to abide by laws that protect people from the companies that use their platforms for means of profitability, it helps consumers at all tiers of income make more sensible choices, and the choice of buying slave produced and other means of corrupted trades, less common in unaware commerce, while truly limiting the participation of these to those aware of the harm, and easier to address with other means of law and regulation.

Production of unethical merchandise and or services being limited locally by nations, and in trade laws internationally open a door to laws and solutions taking form, versus the idealization been written and often ignored in true application over time. It is not one solution only that would address the system of unsustainability and unfair human rights practices by everyone at present but approaching it from a means that it is not left to governmental tensions or the excuse of, makes it an existing problem with a viable answer already available.

For the private sector and even those organizations in government and or leadership, similar approaches offer an opportunity to people at present.

At the end of the day it is people that sit in offices as public servants or private sector sales men with a higher title, behind the government, military and also companies, and other groups and or organizations. Everyone of them depend on social acceptance as individuals and or establishments, and the continuation of their practices too in time. If a company, and or organization be of the non profit or governmental space is not respecting laws and or human basic civilities about planet, people present and  or future, it is not up to the same to fix the error or end the corruption from continuing, but the agreement of other people in society, understanding how this not only affects some, but too in an unavoidable chain of events, affects them too in due time.

The saying of staying silent until the issues affect that person and their interests does not go without merit.

Technological abuses go beyond some hired person reading your emails and knowing what you gossip about; a mentally broken individual can do and or expand all kinds of harm with what some people often dismiss as simply trivial. Even if you don’t care about what happens to other people, and also don’t see why you would have something to be private about, nothing prevents a mentally unwell person from reaching your realm in the present day systems of tech companies having more than espionage abilities, means to give access to whoever is willing to work in these departments for them, in a means to avoid accountability themselves.

If this is not enough, there is also the spread of such mentality as a means and way of life, which too creates disparities of economic and quality of life over time. The easy money that is been made as making a career out of abusing privacy and other psychologically destructive practices by certain private sector companies with too much access and no regulation, creates severe mental harm that spreads and builds less willing to do the basics of life even for themselves, people, that will resource to new damaging means of maintaining their lifestyles when denied access to what is been easily provided by those seeking their servitude at present.

Avoiding to address a growing issue because leadership places would too have to abide by new regulations, and the maintenance of obsessions and or voyeuristic practices would begin to be regulated versus financed under the guise of for the protection of society, does not take away from the fact that ignoring too comes with a heavy cost that is far less welcoming, yet unavoidable with the passing of time.

If none of these thoughts reaches the sensible mind, it does certainly reach the same it is written about, which should never forget that such mindset and approaches luckily only lead to extinction of itself over time, as there is never balance or fulfillment in such pursues; like parasites, it can only live as long as there are potential hosts, unaware and or incapable of stopping the spread, even if it manages to spread to all potential, it’s shelf life is reached at the end of the life spam of those with potential, never able to sustain itself without abusive methods.

~Angel Pendragon~

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