Magical Perfection

Many years ago I used to meet up with people from my online fans and others who used to be around the topics I posted, particularly on the awareness topics of planet, social and even the spiritual.

There was one woman that I was not aware was there to instigate things in my life; however her approaches were very peculiar, it became obvious, and why I distanced myself from her overall.

I never invited her into my personal world, but did meet with her a few times.

On one of the few occasions I did meet with her, the topic of planet and human issues came up.

After I talked on some philosophical and spiritual takes, she asked something along the lines of why aren’t those who would have more advanced non machine, non money, non fame, power, say the spiritual, simply manifest a better planet for everybody else.

My answer was plain as it’s an obvious repeating pattern of humanity, particularly those with damaging, and destructive mindsets.

Imagine for one second tomorrow everything that’s wrong with the environment is suddenly gone; no human effort, no leader, no everyday person, nor machine actions but a form of power beyond that.

Nothing that causes the problems, nor that maintains such impact positively would be different.

The same wrongs would still exist, and those same things that caused what issues are present would still be at the heart of the people, minds and actions top to bottom who caused and continue to cause them.

The same applies on all aspects of the physical, mental, spiritual.

Any day, any form of spiritual energy is able to say, make a horrible mind feel better at that moment, is not going to make them better; it takes understanding of every action, every thought, etc., of why it is vile, and why it ripples wrong, of why pleasure is not the same as pleasant, or a feel good because of getting one’s way isn’t the same as a feel good of doing the right thing, etc., to understand the difference, more so for this to become a way of life in more than just momentary idealization.

Better isn’t manifested instantly; getting away with wrong and feeling good for that, does not take away the misery that makes those same minds do what they do. Having more, getting away with worse, does not fulfill them, otherwise, there would be a point where they’d stop, where they’d feel full.

You supply your body with food but no matter how hungry you are, there is a point of fill. You also understand that for your health, and viability there has to be a balance.

To sustain yourself further in your lifetime, you know balance has to be present, or you and obviously everything else ceases to, be.

The only beings that take and don’t add to balance are destructive organisms, and their ends are met at the end of their supply too.

If there was a wishing pond, sure, you could get endless wishes, but not even that goes without repercussions of said ephemeral, imaginary quests.

That’s besides the fact that if we are truly advanced thinkers, if such thing was available, to simply aim to take such an approach is beyond ignorant; worthless.

What purpose does it serve to exist while said hypothetically, some magical act provides anyways? It isn’t any different than the harmful system of parasitic views that does exist at present among human civilization. Take from abundant sources, and move to a next host of such until there isn’t anything left; demand that something else provides for the mere purpose of existing to consume.

Again hypothetically, even if magically, provisions and fixing of wrongs were available, what is the point of existence of such life forms as those been sustained by such means? and, how is such a view considered remotely, advanced thinking?

The purpose of life regardless of world and personal views, is to make a positive difference while alive.

Even social systems of fame and economic retribution were once founded on the concept and fact of making a positive difference for present and future in outstanding ways, in spite of not being representative of this today; a look into some famous people and even those accumulating wealth at present, shows the decline of mental and civil practices among humanity.

Pursuing or idealizing takes in living emptily, it’s not any different than what already does in fact exist, parasitic beings, and in the more advanced thinkers, eroding and harmful human minds that continuously create and or advance systems of abuse, so there is such “endless” supply.

In their egotistical mind trips of domination though, often too forgetting the facts of theirs and those things they take from; limitations, aftermaths, and unavoidably, finite realities.

~Angel Pendragon~

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