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The celebrations of LGTBQ are coming up. As much as the hatred. Given that I’ve talked about the ugly, vile corruption of the talks around, and even misinterpretation, as well as reminded perpetrators of, what they are in their own hatredful language, I thought to bring a good conversation to my page on these topics, and identity. I know there are followers of different backgrounds that have been respectful, unlike the haters of whom areRead more

Selfish Selfless

Lots of people confuse different actions and emotions with others, and in this way of thinking and forming ideas about self, others, the world around, damage their personal wellbeing from many levels; while not all are the same, the issues that arrive to these are more or less somewhat correlated, and in understanding, a potential to identify the errors, becomes more optional. Selfless is often idealized as a form to be if you really are:Read more

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

The saying: “Love what you do, do what you love.” some interpret it as what they in their small perception of meaning, and desire understand. An often found answer has been: “I love money.” done by those whose life is limited to a competition of value, where there’s none, simply from misunderstanding what money is, the purpose of life, its circumstances, and meaning of. Necesity and the usage of monetary trade for the covering ofRead more

The Price Of Error

A big source of issues with the economic state of the world, is also where social growth and overall quality of life are maintained and where it can further decline, with the largest impact to the amplification of problems, but also where solutions are. Energy is an important aspect of human civilization; in large, tech development has somewhat advanced because of it. In its deviation from true advancement and maximization use of all resources, favoringRead more

Biden, Political Matters VS. Distractions

Hunter Biden is not Joe Biden. Trust is built through open honesty, not denial. Organizations are kept optimized to their known reasons to exist – fundamentals of life, not to few or personalized standards. When any of these or other foundations of society are out of balance, there’s self destruction; there’s this war which has already shown how unpleasant many things are and will be increasingly if not accepted as it is in reality byRead more

Measuring Private Or Public, Financial Achievement

Today there are many industries and businesses claiming top positions of success, with little scrutinity or fair judgement of how actual value is measured, how each, measures theirs, and what is missing or false in such broad statement. What is used, how, and the actual return and loss on the taken for all aspects, rather than focus on trade of funds as a new form of lottery, siphoning, fraud, and or even money laundering, areRead more