The Nature Of Sex & Sexy In Social Prowess

It is okay to be “sexy”, and celebrate this human facet in society; there is nothing wrong with sex, but there is a fine line between admiration and degradation.

Sex issues become taboo, or short live attention socially, at the push that certain collective actions are harmful to the perception of, when it is necessary to know beyond pleasure the unpleasant, and address for the health of society short and long term.

To remove the fear, the demonizing of sex as something dirty, is a social collective necessity that yields benefits long term, while also understanding and acknowledging that obsessive behaviors exist, and excusing these as primal, or/ and difficult to address, while still pretending to be evolved past primate thoughts, is not healthy for individual people overall, but socially as a collective, not to mention, far from smart.

There are also personal development and fulfillment, these cannot exist without a balanced take on all aspects that affect human nature, and how the psyche links to the actions each person takes; sex affects mood, perception, focus, etc. this affecting people’s behavior.

Sex isn’t a necessity to maintain healthy bodies, as lack of with other people (not having sex) doesn’t mean unhealthy thoughts or bodies, nor promiscuity or perturbations of it an equation to health; a balanced approach to sex is where the happiness of most humans is though, add love, and values shared, and this is the reason people are engaged socially beyond their own immediate personal needs, what makes society thrive beyond scavenging for basics.

~ Science ~

Sex is embedded on the nature of survival, however it isn’t as forced acts, while also tied to commitment for improved outcomes; such processes as selecting mates, even for animals seen as lesser than humans, are often evaluated on many aspects, including courtship, and other valuable trades each partner deems suitable for the carrying of genetics, the making of another life, beyond waving assets and presentations of courtship, or grandioseness had or not, on the actual actions that guarantee survival in whichever environment the animal thrives in, and ready and possible to face the threats to its fulfillment too, including true emotional investment that shows longevity of companionship and survival needs shared, specially when in old age, skills tend to decline.

Sexual fulfillment isn’t measured in quantity of action or variation of partners, nor is the strength of virility measured in excess thoughts and or actions around it.

Sex is linked to satisfaction of life for individuals often, and survival of the collective species undeniably; because of this, it should be equally valued and celebrated beyond deviance of it.

Degradation is a thing too though, and ignoring isn’t addressing it; a fine line of acknowledging, empowering, and raising a healthy perception of sex in society, is only possible been open, honest, objective, over self serving when it comes to the celebration, and the education, and acknowledgement of it.

If a more health focused, and open view of the human body and sex is what is promoted, over promoting a sense of desperation and perturbed takes, the more true self respect grows, and in return can only mean this respect extends towards others, in time the more aware, the more fulfilled society is, and the less likely people are to lean to perturbed views of reality, while liberating future generations of at least some of the harsh, negative impacts of mental deterior, particularly around sex matters.

A healthier mind, and a sense of self respect, equates to more positive in true action personality, as well as experiences with others.

Sex been such a large aspect of human dynamics, having a healthier relationship and understanding around the topic, allows for less pressures that often skew perceptions, and in turn, a mentally sane society tends to make better choices as individuals beyond personal, also on whatever social roles they are in, in their sexual thoughts, beliefs and practices, and beyond these.

~Angel Pendragon~

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