The True Meaning Of: LOA, Synchronicity & Purity

On these pictures you can see I wrote:
“HOW INVESTED I AM”. I posted these to my photography Instagram stories back in 2019.

This wasn’t a cryptic message by any means. Anyone who watches my posts, etc. overtime, reads my art and my philosophies is able to understand that no problem.

On this particular post I had been outside, and there was an owl deep in the forest; it had been staring at me, and when I locked eyes with it, it turned its head and flew towards a place I had been looking at for a while, but thought I wasn’t going there because there were a lot of plants around and not the usually trailed path of the forest; I ignored that thought and headed towards the owl. I ended up seeing something beautiful, and more things, not without a price for my pursue, and given I had to walk for hours back to my home from where I was, under the sun, well, it wasn’t without a memory on my scratched legs.

This wasn’t because I was trying to attract something or someone, this wasn’t because I coveted something or someone, this wasn’t because I wanted to hurt something or someone, this wasn’t because my legs start with the letter L, so therefore I am going to hurt someone with the letter L in their name, etc. Honestly for the people who believe that, you have serious mental illness and should seriously seek psychiatric help on some form, it’s very wrong to form these type of thoughts, not matter the scenario, and not matter the situation.

I know this and several other of my posts my wording, poetry, art, etc. keeps been taken not only out of context but worse, made into definitions that aren’t even things I’d ever do in my life.

Law of attraction, synchronicity, etc. aren’t wishy washy spots for stupid or for selfish wishing. They are points of  understanding. If you take it out of context because you are mentally damaged that’s your choice, based on your greed.

Law of attraction originally, not this scam you see online now of “gurus” promising riches, fame, & everything you want”,

meant to show people who look into it, the things in their lives that are damaging.

You make your life, doesn’t mean if you copy mine you will become Angel Pendragon. For perspective, the things most people covet in my life are the fruits of severe abuse, suffering, rape, hurt, torture I have never put into words; my art is my art. My choice to make myself and my voice into something that isn’t the same as those people who hurt me.

I chose to be a person with a message of overcome over a pushover, enabler, or worse, mirror evil, corruption, etc.

Anyone who would want to be Angel Pendragon and or any of the things they see and covet, they’d have to be born again, life in hell, and always maintain the purest versions of themselves through it. Not only that, they’d have to find themselves at their purest, and overcome the extremes of what is to suffer, despair and also the fury towards those causing pain.

The person I am at present based on the things happening at present, wasn’t the same person I was before in all my prior hell situations. It has happened since I was born, and never have I  had the pleasures of prosperity, peace, true love, etc. be in my life at all. I have had moments I’ve made away from, only to not be aware of the vileness of people, and the targeting I have always had in my life, ergo, from one situation to another because of people hiding their true persona (disgusting personalities), and their true intentions. Jobs, friends, love interests, even people asking for help only to insert their distortions into my life.

My life is mine. Anything anyone admires or wants for themselves cannot be taken from myself and given or asserted by everyone else. The life I have I made for myself; not stealing, or buying, or coercing. I decided at every turn, that am a person beyond coins, envy, am my own masterpiece.

Law of attraction wasn’t something I read on a book, or was taught. Something I understood one day. Fine tuned it, & on my path, as a gifted writer, chose to share with the world.

Grimes aka Claire Boucher, Elon Musk, and everyone else stealing my life story, my art, my message, do so because they understand they cannot be like me, so, their best attempt is to plagiarize & try to erase me.

Distort too the things I have built over my life. My message is about overcoming building a better person for yourself against the odds of life. Law of attraction teaches that besides your “wishy washy” mind, besides the doing one thing “here”, etc. all the things you do add up on your life; you can change the future doesn’t mean you control the future of others; it means you are the person enabling or ignoring, you are the person doing or not doing, the things that affect your life.

I’ll use this targeted harassment thing with Elon Musk, Grimes, associates, cult, etc. as an example.

I am not enabling it. I did not attract it. I do not decide if it goes away or not, I did not choose it or made the wrong twirl walking one day, or drank the wrong amount of water one day to suddenly end up there. Those choices were made by each of those people. Their envy, greed, whatever else made them make those choices, knowing they’d hurt another person, in this case myself.

The choices I’ve had, I have made at each point. When I first realized it as it grew bigger and bigger, I made the choice to ignore.

As it kept growing, I chose to walk away from my own art, life, etc. Not sold, or N.D.A. nothing, am too expensive for all these people even if they lumped their coins and gave them all to me. I literally mean delete my art, posts, website, etc. block this people and their news across my internet experience, etc., not think about it, etc.

It didn’t stop, it angered them. Why? Because they not only want to plagiarize me, they want to torture me, and walking away isn’t what they thought I would do. Why? Because they have always and will always see the world through their perspective; their mentality, their abilities. They are envious, greedy, evil people. They will always think from that point of view and make assumptions of how things happen, not just on others, but even their business plans, their visions overall for themselves, for the world, etc.

This is the part where my line of you can have all the knowledge of the universe on plain sight in front of you, and you are still not going to understand, see or appreciate that can be better understood.

If you read my poems, you are looking at them from your perspective, if you let my looks, my talent, or other things blind you, if you let your imagination run wild and read between the lines whatever you fabricate in your mind based upon your limited perspective of who I am, etc. well, guess what you are going to see? Yourself, and still not understand it, potentially assume those disturbing images of what I am or how I got to be whatever are myself, not ever seeing beyond one piece, but bothering to read my story, which I have never kept secret, not to mention many other things.

There is a reason why I have made my life open; not for attention, if anything I am not getting any, I am simply getting people who have assumed I do something in particular that out of emptiness made me full, and as you can read here, and on everything else I have shared, it is not so.

My message is my heart and soul on one. I am my own twin soul. It is not some man or woman outside of myself. I am the person that has had to hug me on my worse days, that has had to wipe away my tears, that has had to support my life financially, that has had to find the words and tell themselves what they need to hear, harsh or uplifting, etc. I have.

I am able to share the message I have because I am one of a kind and have lived one of a kind horror lives. Alone has been the path all of my life, literally. I have never had a friend, parent or love interest even rescue me not even one moment ever. I have had to be the person that talks myself through pain, through torture, through survival, etc. No exaggeration, and hence I am able to speak, stand, understand and be the person you’ve seen, some admire and some covet to be seen as.

While I cannot decide what these people have done or continue to, as they enforce their mental damage over my personal life, I have too choices, even while kept against my will, tortured, abused, etc. Life is every second you live, and enabling is more than depending on a situation, it is regardless of how grim or easy the moment is.

At the moments I was able to escape hell, those were choices I had to make, alone, no help, and tons of risks of even losing my life, but, life like that is it worth living for? Or is the opportunity of freedom living on itself, even if it is the end? Those are some of the question people through hell and actual suffering have to ask themselves.

Personally it appalls me to see people like Amber Heard and Grimes aka Claire Boucher play pretend sufferers only for fame. These women have not only lived and continue to live in privilege, they have no value or respect for the pain of others while they hijack the messages of surviving and overcoming for their personal gain, and in their cases in particular too, been abusers and vile themselves on top of lying about their life experiences.

I use them as examples because they have interfered in my life with their partner Elon Musk to try and build themselves up as people they are not, and deserve to be made examples of in society.

My choices on these experiences with these elite people not only plagiarizing my life, but also creating targeted harassment since I didn’t turn to whine, or hate on them like they thought from their perspective of life I would, have had to be accordingly. I didn’t rush to one point before taking the prior. As they escalated their harassment, I have had talked on different manners about these situations, publicly, with law enforcement, etc.

This point of myself opening all my life in such detail, publicly was a choice I made once I saw this wasn’t going to go away; the investment of these people being on literal torture of my life. Through my research and building of evidence, I have learned more of what has been happening even before I took notice, some actions unknown, and while no one dares to tell me to my face why so many rich, famous and powerful people are obsessed with my life, art, and person, I am able to see the uniqueness of my message and life, and how that has power to make a better future. My abilities and my personality are not something found on every corner, I understand that very well, and so do they.

Opening my story on this, my life overall and the details of trials, tribulations, etc. have not made me richer, have not stopped the harassment, not even given me one bit more step closer to justice, but one thing is certain, it has opened the eyes of those who aren’t aware of the disturbing actions people in influential places and those at the bottom aspiring to join greed at the top do, and the ideologies they keep in themselves.

That’s law of attraction on action. Myself not cowering into fears of opinions, of social constructs of what is right, wrong, acceptable while I tell the truth; I have not abused or hurt anyone, anything, those are not the things I mean as “cowering to social constructs” “or the way justify the means”.

I have not let the fear of opinions of people calling me antisocial psychopath for distancing myself from vile personalities trying to force conversation and or relationships of any manner, or disrespect me simply because they feel entitle to, since they are part of a club/ group of like minded that feel empowered to disturb others because they are grouped (Nazism, white supremacists, etc. are the exact same; perspective).

I have not limited my truth, while I also have been thoughtful as I share my truths over time. As I said, I have taken every step accordingly; and the more I have opened has had to do with the more I see injustice and silencing of truth.

I got to the point I have because there have been no law enforcement, no legal counsel, etc. to address things as I chose to take those steps first, and only the harm, targeting, stalking, abuses, theft of even my money, destruction of my property, etc. increase severely; not to forget everything gone as far as physically and medically injure myself, my son, my son been physically, verbally and psychologically bullied by students and staff at schools because Elon Musk and Grimes decided to target him too, even our housing be disturbed, and attempts to create fallacies so my son and I would be separated, and lose our home, etc. Every possible way of harm and torture has been put on our lives and I reached to authorities and legal before I made these things open, public knowledge.

I cannot choose what people do, nor did I attract these things; telling a person with a message of better to go silent so these things don’t happen is the same as these things happening, don’t ever forget I made those choices many times and the harm, harassment, torture not only continued but increased; vile minds are encouraged by silence. While I cannot choose what others do, or the past, I can choose my present, I can choose who I am going to be forward.

If I cannot escape such things, one thing is mine for certain, my life story, and the details of it, that are of value to open truths that are taboo and or unknown otherwise.

That’s the choice I made for myself, even knowing it’d only grow fire around myself in an already scorching environment; PS. They have set several fires where I live, so if it does happen after I post this, or anything of the likes, I will be posting about it.

They did attract something to their lives, and I am sure it wasn’t what they wanted. You know why? Because that’s law of attraction. You make your life with the choices you make as you live it; you do not change or make someone’s fate, though you might interfere in it, you are not doing so without touching yours as well. My actions aren’t all they have attracted either, nor are the truths out alone either. All of those are pieces that add more and more in time. The path of no return reached, and the unavoidable aftermath.

As per synchronicity, parallelism, alignment, those are languages. If I interrupt your conversation with me, or worse, if I misconstruct the things you are telling me, I am not controlling you, time, the stories been told, the truth, what happened, what happens, what was or what is. I am being ignorant, and dismissing knowledge and understanding that might have answers I need because of selfishness, envy, greed, etc.

Envy is powerful over the minds that harbour it. It blinds, it misguides, It misinforms.

The language of the universe is easiest compared to people praying in their faiths, and their gods accordingly answering, not what they want to hear, but the truths they need to hear. If you find any of my synchronicities pleasant, or feel good objects, two things to keep in mind, first and foremost, it is your limited perception already blinding you from the get go potentially, second, these are there as they are answered based upon the person I keep against every odd.

Purity isn’t smiling to my enemies and telling them “Namaste”, or saying “love and light”, or telling people they have to “let go” without even attempting to understand what is there with them or why they are focused on something, etc. Purity isn’t using pretty, fancy, feel good words, or trying to silence the truth because it unsettles the false sense of peace where silence is king.

For perspective, language and words are things made; someone feeling offence to the word “f*ck”, while in their faith say of Christianity, ignoring the word “cursed”, the same equivalent in that timeline of those words been written, or the word “b*tch” while ignoring the definition of “whore” in those times, is what limited perspective is.

Words are man made, and I can build you or break you using very pretty and fancy words too, no need to use now considered swear words, that once were used like nothing, but one day a very entitled person with power deemed them less, perhaps because they themselves had qualities that weren’t of value, and this was their means to enforce their perspective on society then, as their attempt to cover the sun with their thumb.

Purity is the person you build outside the opportunity of been exposed; the person inside. You can put on the best show of pretense at any and all times, positive and or negative for whichever your reasoning, that the person you are where no one can applaud or be disgusted is the true of who you are and defines the “purity” of your being.

Righteousness isn’t turning the other cheek, in fact, if we keep in mind the full understanding of where this message is derived from, we understand that as with other examples of language and the change of words and their meaning/ impact on time is also part of what is known as “sacred texts”. The bible for example, is full of knowledge, for those with the sight to understand it, without forgetting it lacks truths and has been misconstrued in time by those with power, greed, envy, and corruption in time.

The message of turning the other cheek been embraced while ignoring other parts where the same person in this case Jesus flipped tables, was angered, and cursed those who deserved it, while also promising to return and punish the wickedness of men is ignoring the fullness of Jesus’ life, and the message.

Ignoring God’s anger and destruction on the bible and any and all texts of deities is too, is been partial on what is a full message. You aren’t necessarily God, but pretending to be something for applause to try and seem as out of this world is your attempt to usurpate God and even redefine purpose, life, the messages of your deities and what your deity is, ironically. The message of not enabling harm comes with the message of not multiplying harm, and both are part of a full.

Law of attraction is not changing your name to letters, or playing with numbers, symbolism, people’s lives, etc. for your advantage. It is the understanding how actually these actions are the ruin of life, not necessarily permanent on those you enforce it, but yours, while you have to fake fullness, thinking one day you will be full.

Parallelism also known as synchronicity is not that you are attracting what you aren’t properly making to magically manifest, nor that you control time, reality or life for others and or yourself, but if you dare to not be selfish centered and egocentric, the truth of who you are, where you are headed and the whys, so you may perhaps rethink those choices and make better ones in time.

If you choose to stay on wrongs, that’s your choice and as such you will bear consequences, weather you like it or not. Corrupt women and men exist, and no they do not serve any purpose, they do often though love to instill such deception on the minds of people, to validate their weakness and wickedness, but also to maintain victimized minds around so they can feed off of; the concept of if you stand up against wrongs, you are no longer a “good” person, whatever that means.

Purity isn’t the same as putting up with, or enabling. It’s the ability to understand and see all sides, all aspects and bring it to a point accounting all things, all aspects, all people, and never forgetting ourselves, simultaneously never forgetting others; the pursue of true balance of self.

~Angel Pendragon~

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