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Selfish Selfless

Lots of people confuse different actions and emotions with others, and in this way of thinking and forming ideas about self, others, the world around, damage their personal wellbeing from many levels; while not all are the same, the issues that arrive to these are more or less somewhat correlated, and in understanding, a potential to identify the errors, becomes more optional. Selfless is often idealized as a form to be if you really are:Read more

Magical Perfection

Many years ago I used to meet up with people from my online fans and others who used to be around the topics I posted, particularly on the awareness topics of planet, social and even the spiritual. There was one woman that I was not aware was there to instigate things in my life; however her approaches were very peculiar, it became obvious, and why I distanced myself from her overall. I never invited herRead more

The True Meaning Of: LOA, Synchronicity & Purity

On these pictures you can see I wrote:“HOW INVESTED I AM”. I posted these to my photography Instagram stories back in 2019. This wasn’t a cryptic message by any means. Anyone who watches my posts, etc. overtime, reads my art and my philosophies is able to understand that no problem. On this particular post I had been outside, and there was an owl deep in the forest; it had been staring at me, and whenRead more


I prepared this image a few days ago, it’s from earlier in the month, taken with a partially broken phone, night time, low light, by my son who is still learning to use cameras, overcoming the extra added challenge too of his partial paralyzed arm; sharpness and definition aren’t the best on the image, but I still consider this photograph perfect, because while not snapped on the best printing quality, it shapes a moment andRead more