Measuring Private Or Public, Financial Achievement

Today there are many industries and businesses claiming top positions of success, with little scrutinity or fair judgement of how actual value is measured, how each, measures theirs, and what is missing or false in such broad statement.

What is used, how, and the actual return and loss on the taken for all aspects, rather than focus on trade of funds as a new form of lottery, siphoning, fraud, and or even money laundering, are far greater measures and means of production that lead to actual progress, over the illusion of.

What is useful in social and overall advancement as species is ultimately where value is measured for all, vs systems for some, running even at the expense of others present and or future.

Basic human necessities are separate from wants, and are profitable and sustainable too if done fairly, while also helping fill the many gaps of social development in actuality, over the out of balance systems favored these days private & otherwise, that pretend to.

For it to be fair, for balance on take and give, what true leadership of all aspects is meant to be, a symbiotic system of give and take has to exist.

Profit is to be measured according to benefit truly provided, and that benefit not be taking from another place/ life, present or future.

The destruction of planet, waste of limited resources, etc., environmental or animal harm, even if providing at present, is to be accounted, and in certain instances, avoided.

Where it is not avoided because of situation, understanding it is not a long term decision, but one to allow for adjusting to better options; this not to be left unattended, but prioritized given these forms of development are a source of self destruction short and or long term.

Not everything that seems beneficial at glance is good long term, nor should be favored necessarily even in brief, as avoidance, easy, fast, pleasure are not the same as benefit.

If an endeavor doesn’t seem possible without causing harm, it’s simply from narrow sight, or not a healthy pursue, there’s no good outcome from wrong; at its best, only justice served if accountability is present, which often isn’t.

A small example of a balanced take on misconstrued endeavors, is ending wrongs that are surrounded by certain brief pursues, such as shutting down a polluting factory, even if it means some unemployment  and shift economically arises; these are only momentary if priority is made on advancing & bettering what is loss, instead of ignoring or repeating mistakes.

A shut down is a far greater option, than ignoring.

Oversight leads to a sick population in time, that not only cannot work in said company, but also others affected as extension, with a serious decrease in quality of life on its way down, and if not possible to fiance socially speaking (unemployment funds, dissability pensions, etc., & the financing been a burden in itself too), it will increase poverty even more than any short term benefit said enterprise had promised; having also taken from present and future resources, it will also exponentially add everything else that comes with these issues, including social civility and trust loss, violence, extended poverty, chronic illness, decreased quality of life, tech and civilization decline, etc.

Far better than having to face reality in a false promise of prosperity, it’s to have a better system in regards to measuring true maturity and success of corporate and governmental financial enterprise from the start, along too the measures of the support and access granted to these, and ensure that the systems aren’t corrupted or rigged, by allowing open, public, forward accountability to be present, versus few choose for all, present methods in place.

While private isn’t elected in the same manner than public in some countries with some form of democracy, it is still affecting public advancement; people’s knowledge of facts of those managing and the practices of the private sector, is part of what allows them to make informed (or ignorant) decisions, over their financial, personal, and other choices.

Silence or misleading media statements (by people, corporation, paid PR, etc) are huge contributors to social decline, even if those pushing it are profiting on false advertisement, they too will pay in inflation & decreased quality of life ironically; however, better would be if they were systems to teach, and laws to prevent and when overlooked, held accountable for their distortion of facts versus dismissed as error.

Ideally companies are supposed to advance humanity, hence they often get extra benefits and also more take as they grow, however, if growth isn’t measured against true advancement/ progress, it’s essentially theft with loopholes, that also allows it to access systems of benefit and legal protections even, not free of consequences for the collective of society though, even those at the top, or further from causation; inflation been but one small concept of how economic systems, law, true actions are tied in time, and even in “loopholes” one way or another, costs are incurred.

In most cases, it seems what is perceived as “easy” is simply “comfort and denial” when looked from many other angles.

Rewarding and or ignoring wrongs is an open invitation for their multiplication.

Protection of citizens with laws that not only look out for corporate, financial progress, but the wrongs not measured, and ensure that those not adhering are held accountable, not simply slapped, but saw through to the end of wrongful doing, are essential to social progress.

Working on laws protecting not only public and or private organizations from theft, fraud, employee or competitor harm, but also laws and legal practice that look out for average people in the private, public sector and otherwise (whistleblower laws and adding a system of accountability that allows them to participate without retaliation and persecution. Protection of intellectual property, digital rights, and freedoms against modern age threats like theft of concepts, for non-famous or non-registered/ not-yet-profiting artists done by other people, but also more urgent, by companies, particularly those with tech and private data access, and or their employees, for example), are points where social systems measured by government (government being a collective agreement), can significantly better the lives of those they serve individually and or collectively, while been fair and still balanced on capitalistic and social responsibility, simultaneously.

Ignoring the concepts of a proper structure in this case, of social, economic, and technological advancement, it’s not a shortcut to greatness, even if the path favored makes it seem that way at the start.

Loss and return are accounted in time, and it is the very fact of ignorance favored by those whose sight is overly focused on greed driven concepts, that ultimately has gotten human civilization from a point of advancing, to delusionally believing this (Hitler convinced millions of superiority by skin shade, & more recent, prolific con business men turned politicians have had very close results too), while not only social fabrics are further deteriorating, quality of life reduced for many for the benefit and excess of some, but also the planet itself has already passed the tab to technological and human evolution.

Results of poor choices already visible in cities where pollution is a way of life, and the only thing to show for all of this, is deception in the company of false hope in make believe escapes, while the truth remains unchangeable, grounded on the same hell began, and continued to be contributed towards.


There’s much knowledge I have on this and many other topics of people, social, personal, corporate, political topics, but I will not be posting them online, nor writing them out until I am able to get justice on the plagiarism and harassment I’ve been experiencing.

There’s also public, direct, open recognition and fair financial retribution of my abilities for what I’ve done, endured, and the potential any person or organization sees, seeks and or has taken from what I have done artistically, philosophically and otherwise.

My life has been truly harmed while many have benefited from what I do and have done, and some gone as far as take credit, profit and even target my digital and personal life on top of everything.

Even in non profits people are recognized and rewarded directly and fairly; heck, even in public validation as it’s seen in cases like those of opinion and idealization with no actual provision of service and or product, merely vocalization through social media, and when presented with opportunity, physical/ public speeches, etc. such as is the cases of social influencers, and activists.

I have been an outstanding citizen all my life with not even minor issues, bad personality towards others, or even partaker of gossip; yet I see people with questionable actions and less valuable inputs been hailed as original help they take from people like myself by intellectual theft, getting recognition, protection, validation and financial retribution.

I am not asking for what isn’t mine with my statements, and I make them because the same people that take & their supporters claim I can’t do or be more when I take a stance, or if I am not enslaving myself digitally, while I am silently and alone enduring others being credited and profiting from what I do, while I also receive endless harassment, and can’t even properly make a living though I have all the talents and abilities to on my own, and even dissability options are threatened because of ill minded individuals that not satisfied with been seen as something they aren’t, want to cause further pain and hurt to those they take from, while many support them, or and watch and do nothing.

If myself pointing the wrongs I have gone and continue to go through diminishes from my message, and or knowledge, you should ask yourself why, why it is okay to take it and use it, pass it as concepts of others even, and how you got to my article, or why if it was any other person you felt no bias towards, it’d be looked as straight forward unfairness, technological/ systemic abuse met with injustice, as I’d see anyone outside myself, in the same position.

PS: In the evidence of continuous targeting, harassment, silencing, and my own attempts to start my businesses, legal pursues and more, I am not doing anything in secrecy. If there is a business deal, or legal right I have with any company, person and or organization they present themselves, I will talk about it, there’s nothing fair or legal that has to be hidden in some rotten code of talk.

Outside of that, it has always been and will always be myself working for myself, as open, respectful and thoughtful as I’ve been, weather there is progress or not; last year stalkers were indirectly claiming I secretly got paid and had agreed to because of the wording on my posts, simply because I took a few trips that I managed by being in a budget and also travelling affordably. Some perspective as to how vile not only what I go through, but even the attempts to claim false justice and hope, are but everyone involved.

~Angel Pendragon~


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