Synchronicity – 12.04.2020

Adding to a sequence of writings I haven’t posted yet, I am blogging this synchronicity of today. This particular one I pulled from a word puzzle.

After thinking of a few things around topics that have been turning in my thoughts, there was a song playing that has a particular artistic theme resemblant of ancient warriors.

As I was observing myself in the moment and my thoughts, I was brought back to alignment, message, and at that moment I decided to look through a nearby text.

Instead of my usual approach, I wanted to add a challenge for myself by seeking the unusual and more difficult to have a relatable message text around. So, I picked a word search puzzle booklet I have on the shelves, and opened a page at random.

I then noticed it was on words related to a particular poem, and then noticed the poem title, and decided to look it up and read it.

I looked through the poem and what called most to my attention is that from over a thousand lines, the reference of supreme being is mentioned scattered only on four parts of the whole poem.

The number four has been showing around something in particular, and I even said to myself out loud the day before, “why do you keep pointing that particular number in this thing I have been turning in my head, universe?” Seeing it as the part I noticed, only points me more towards the meaningfulness of this lovely alignment.

From all deity labels, “Almighty” is the particular title the authors selected, as they wrote and translated in their timelines. Original writer over one thousand years ago, vs. translation hundreds of years later, which also happens to be a few hundred years before present time.

I say it a lot, and this is what my art, my poetry, my message and philosophy are about; the unity of life be willing or not, against ego, against coercion, against all odds, there is a part of fate no human will ever be able to transcend nor manipulate.

It’s quite a beautiful frailty of reality though, once you keep in mind those who seek to control others, and by this I don’t mean address harmful human patterns in society, but coerce and force people who are living peacefully, do so from a place of self-serving harm versus selfless heart.

The better aspects of person, of abundance, of advancement, of ascension as people, as souls, as builders, as people united, protectors, leaders, “heroes”, etc. are only possible through the vision of seeing the self as self and as part of all, simultaneously – not as above, but as a part of life to live a better purpose.

To be strong in the heart, as an extension the mind, more so than thoughtless or ruthless hands and acts.

To understand the strength of the mind is of maintaining peace and balance, of finishing the wrong choices when they become obvious in self first and endlessly; in kindness, mindfulness, peace and thoughtfulness externally.

Not afraid to admit to the self faults, nor face earned karmic debt big or small, and in honor serve it, for justice sake of all facts, for self and others. Not to be confused with the limits of the ideals, choices and laws of men who’s own decisions and actions aren’t any better, potentially themselves the very worse been exposed, ensuring itself not be exposed further in its trajection paving hell, while falsifying a heavenly tomorrow, though.

“Selfish” and “Selfless” are both written with the letter “S”, but they are not the same by any stretch.

Been balanced and standing up against injustice, building up ourselves and others, etc. are never rooted in harm if it’s done from a positive, peaceful, advancing stance.

We can excuse the worse forever, but that doesn’t change anything; it simply accumulates worse karmic debt in time that is felt beyond emotions, but materialized in the very things believed as the “treasure”, for the holder past, present, and future.
~Angel Pendragon~



He sang who knew
tales of the early time of man,
how the Almighty made the earth,
fairest fields enfolded by water,
set, triumphant, sun and moon
for a light to lighten the land-dwellers,
and braided bright the breast of earth
with limbs and leaves, made life for all
of mortal beings that breathe and move.
Almighty they knew not,
Doomsman of Deeds and dreadful Lord,
nor Heaven’s-Helmet heeded they ever,
Wielder-of-Wonder. — Woe for that man
who in harm and hatred hales his soul
to fiery embraces; — nor favor nor change
awaits he ever. But well for him
that after death-day may draw to his Lord,
and friendship find in the Father’s arms!
The sturdy shieldsman showed that bright
burg-of-the-boldest; bade them go
straightway thither; his steed then turned,
hardy hero, and hailed them thus:—
“Tis time that I fare from you. Father Almighty
in grace and mercy guard you well,
safe in your seekings. Seaward I go,
‘gainst hostile warriors hold my watch.”
Stone-bright the street: it showed the way
to the crowd of clansmen.

Here find thy lesson!
Of virtue advise thee! This verse I have said for thee,
wise from lapsed winters. Wondrous seems
how to sons of men Almighty God
in the strength of His spirit sendeth wisdom,
estate, high station: He swayeth all things.
Whiles He letteth right lustily fare
the heart of the hero of high-born race, —
in seat ancestral assigns him bliss,
his folk’s sure fortress in fee to hold,
puts in his power great parts of the earth,
empire so ample, that end of it
this wanter-of-wisdom weeneth none.
So he waxes in wealth, nowise can harm him
illness or age; no evil cares
shadow his spirit; no sword-hate threatens
from ever an enemy: all the world
wends at his will, no worse he knoweth,
till all within him obstinate pride
waxes and wakes while the warden slumbers,
the spirit’s sentry; sleep is too fast
which masters his might, and the murderer nears,
stealthily shooting the shafts from his bow!
“UNDER harness his heart then is hit indeed
by sharpest shafts; and no shelter avails
from foul behest of the hellish fiend.

~By Anonymous~
Source: The Harvard Classics, volume 49 (1910)
Original produced between 975 and 1025


These are four parts where the poem mentions Almighty. The full translation can be read on the poetry foundation website:

Part 2: Moon & The Beehive Alignment

Noticed two stars making a triangular alignment with the moon. When I looked it up the following came up:

Keeping in mind the poem’s title, the triangle art and colors were picked earlier as I first posted, and the timing been something of no human interference nor my knowledge, it shows yet more of that unavoidable and uncontrollable universal alignment I often talk about.
~Angel Pendragon~

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