The Love Message Of Twin Flames In The Bible

As you are aware, I like to open a little Bible I have, that once, I found many years back working.

I don’t go seeking chapters, I let the moment speak to me; the voice of the universe, God, the All to talk through the words I open.

This morning I opened the Bible and happened to land on this chapter.

After reading it, not only did I see how it aligned with a topic I’ve been liked for writing about over the years, but also that I hadn’t touched in a long time, and happened to mention in my article the day before; the topic of “Twin Flames”,  “Twin Souls”.

This particular verse of the Bible is beloved by many men, even those who don’t believe in the faith, and it is often used by many as reference for those who hate faiths and also those who hate on women.

Here is something to keep in mind, it is often quoted by egotistical, deceptive, and misogynist aligned individuals.

Once you look at the verse along the next and the overall lesson in the chapter in its more original wording anyway, then you understand the true and beauty of this message, regardless of your affinity in beliefs.

Women are not property of men, nor are males better than females by any of this passage standards, far from it.

It is asking of the wife to love truly her husband, and to be loyal. To let him love her too in the ways he can provide.

It is asking that wives don’t marry for convenience, or for obligation; to not use, to no cheat, to no coerce, to no destroy their significant other.

It follows by demanding of the husband to be immersed in the wife as God loves his creation, and mentions Christ, who in the meaning of The Bible, gave his life for the love of humanity.

It tells the husband to adore, protect, and upkeep the wife without wrinkle or blemish, pure and beautiful.

It demands both are only into one another in its purest most sincere of manners.

It reproaches the use of force, deception, objectification, etc. from one to the other.

In the concept of true love, it asks that we are true to its meaning in application not on enforcement, not out of convenience, nor faking, nor abusing or using one another.

Before people can love in this way, they have to apply honesty as a way of their lives.

The fact that such a pure message is seeing so overall in such an empty way as to require submission from the wife to the husband, dismissing the whole message, even as it is taught in the church, saying it from a person who spent my formative years too around Christianity, shows the overall mindset of society and its standards.

Even in the “free world” the female form seems to be only openly admired when she’s a sexual object of pleasure, and or in some way under the leadership or dominion of a male counterpart.

People like Mars Argo and Poppy are two cases that show these things in celebrities too. Grimes and Azailea glorifying Musk’s organs publicly are other examples. Their other aligned artist Ashniko too tweeting about been obsessed with the male organ, etc.

For perspective on how this relates to the destruction of balance in the way women are seen, Grimes sells herself as a feminist empowering others for love and justice – a freedom fighter, while putting toxic lyrics on her music.

Been racist, having racist fandom, stating ignorant facts as profound knowledge, saying Elon Musk is her creator, been pro fascism, etc. these is yet another way to send a submissive message of female under male dominion, women are less, savages, dangerous to a better future, those who protest are evil and misguided, are violent, etc.

Sex is beautiful, but not in this toxic view of objectifying. Anyone who’s sexual nature is out of control is not due to a high sex drive, but to a deviation from having a balanced body.

Quality sex isn’t something done in quantity of frequency, of thinking about it, or number of partners.

It is the health, knowledge and union of two people.

Health in application not in looks, in knowledge of themselves, and the time they take to build their connection, then that’s where the actual quality of a union happens, where the better trade of time and energy sits.

Obsession of thinking oneself as object, or of objectifying, shows something is missing, emptiness is felt so much, it is attempted to be filled with what is believe as replacing what is missing, though it is not fulfilling, hence the constant seeking, and switching, and even the disrespect and disdain that grows into those who seek these paths.

Ultimately leadership not just of government, but also of who we vote to lead our minds in whichever ways matters just as much. It’s not a purity contest, is not to shame sexuality, or the women and men who wish to be sensual.

Stating the difference between healthy sexuality and unhealthy mentality is part of developing better sex, better people, better relationships, better unions, and then less dissatisfied marriages, or empty sex lives of people. A happier society is the result of an honest outlook at these things.

Been in a pure union is dedicated work on the self and the partner.

You should become worthy of the person you wish to be with, and understand that isn’t to target people, but to work on yourself so when a moment like that manifests, you are there, not requiring to be told what love, honesty, loyalty, dedication is.

It is also why you learn to understand you don’t sit on your life waiting on someone to meet you where you are because they are supposedly your true love; you are your own keeper too.

After all, if you truly embody the best of qualities, you should also value yourself, it is part of valuing another outside the self.

This isn’t an invitation to be conceited either, it’s about balance.

Such way of living and perceiving life takes time to build if not applied from the start of life, but there is truly no other “law of attraction” formula for anything, relationships or not, than smart self work.

No brain chip, no master class, no copying another person, no game of letters, numbers, psychology tricks, magic, etc. exist that will transform you in the material or immaterial, as the most valuable aspects of a person is the very sentience of being; our souls are our emotions, which dictate who we are in the way we think, feel, and this is the influence of who we are actually in our acts, beyond eloquence masks worn for applause.

Angel Pendragon.

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