Psychology Of Language

The last few months I’ve watched films and animations I observed when younger, along with my son. I didn’t watch as much T.V. as I have as an adult when I was a kid, but given pandemic and other factors, TV can help the mind too.

Beyond the effects and themes not only of film, but all types of art and media, there are also the undertones and psychology of those involved in its creation.

There are some studies in language which emphasize on the psychology of the message behind all forms of language, from written, to film, other art, music, etc. since there are conscious and subconscious aspects in these things, often seen superficially as only entertainment.

The conscious parts are observed when we purposely set to shape a message in the work we do. This is from everyday things, to all other forms of expression.

The subconscious is made of those things that are deeper, intertwined with the unknown aspects of the self, of life, of meaning, of the impalpable, and unexplained, and even the psychology of the mind of those participating, observable through the things that are not assimilated through quick glance.

When art does not emerge from the heart, it looses its true meaning and purpose, becoming more of a conformity on the least, or brainwash in the extreme.

The psychology of ourselves as people, of artists in their open expression, and those who open their lives to teach and help those who do not wish to, paints a picture of either hope or desperation, destruction, harm, etc., to those who are influenced by the work been done, by those who have power to influence them.

It is vital to a mentally healthy society to allow the most honest, true parts of itself to be its leadership, its light, as it is only those who have lived the hell, and live to be better than the hell passed, who know the way.

There are several excuses as to why take a message from a person to glorify those who want to be idolized for things they not only do not represent, but also don’t understand, and are actually harmful once observed in a larger spectrum.

All of the things done in society, are influencing society, so, this too is in those things often dismissed as nothing, or entertaining, yet so psychologically powerful, and ergo the way people behave and see the world, as most, even when educated and with access to money, are susceptible to.

The psychology of a message and its power to make better or worse is strongly emphasized by its original owner which includes the path they’ve forged, and it is severely damaged by its usurpers.

The very psychology of usurpation is to silence, to diminish, to destroy, to harm, to ridicule, to minimize a person, regardless of how pretty it is presented to the rest of the world; corrupt.

We should not only observe the power of a message in the measure of power positives and or negatives, but actually apply its value; knowing only true application includes acknowledgement of the original messanger.

The psychological influence of the most “basic” and “trivial” of things is seeing in the damage caused over time, or in positive scenarios, the betterment of people, and or society.

This knowledge of psychology and influence isn’t to fear what is been seen, heard, nor to misconstruct as to what is or isn’t, but simply to understand a few basic aspects of what shapes us as a singular and as a society.

The only way to have a better overall experience in society as a unit, is to address the things that ultimately have the largest impact in all we do.

Our mood, our emotions, our understanding, and even our amusement plays a larger role in who we are as people to ourselves and others, not only again, in our direct exchanges with one another, but in the things we do, not only as work, but every action in our time alive.

All begins and ends at origin. Our mind is influenced by our mind and our mind influences other minds, as other minds influences us.

This is different from what is presently experienced in society with techno fascism though; where technology is used to psychologically mass observed and individually profile people by private and government agencies.

With private companies going as far as brand their rip off versions of vital knowledge from past and present, silencing simultaneously original sources, so they are able to shape whichever way, something they have through technology misuse, isolated as “powerful” to influence the psyche of people.

People do not like to feel they aren’t in control of who they identify as, and this is why often a message that paints this particular scenario of feeling under will and or control of other is rejected from the mind, consciously and or subconsciously.

There is power in what we welcome in, and it shouldn’t be judged by emotion, or presentation alone, but by how it unfolds overtime in a true observation of its effects.

Movies, music, art, news, comments online, in person, our past and perception of events, etc. all have an impact in the person we become, and our power as thinkers, what ultimately redefines the person we keep.

Greed is the worst compass to choose over the passage of time.

To stay true is not always about been acknowledged as something that isn’t, but there is a place for each person if only the world learned to see value in been true to their unique purpose, versus taking the value earned by those who have suffered greatly, been misguided by damaging rooted emotions.

The world is a result of all and each choice made. What people do, what people allow themselves to be a part of, what they keep inside, etc.

If betterment is wished, true acknowledgement is the only path to turning the tide of the destructive civilization course been driven at present.

Angel Pendragon.

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