Talk To Transform by Elon Musk, Grimes & Neuralink – An Unauthorized Imitation of My Poetry Concepts & More

Here you can see a pattern again. Musk’s “Talk To  Transform” project created with Grimes for  Neuralink referencing Transformers poetry.

My talk with the joke under the Neurology post shows the joke I made with been a Transformer a year and a half BEFORE Grimes’ & Musk’s Neuralink project that also is neurology related.

Not  only that, but with Adam King from Toronto, the  city where I live, also where my son is from. Transformers poetry not  only been a unique concept created by me along other topics years back, but also part of my photography themes for years as well, that involve the city of Toronto as a theme around it, like the CN Tower, for example.

In summer 2019 I posted to my instagram stories not to associate me with Grimes to people who watch my posts. I used an old post of instagram that said “When Grimes copies Alice” to reference it.

In the Cybertruck release in November 2019 not only did Grimes introduce herself as Cybergirl, but also Elon Musk as her creator while fully dressed as an adult costume-like of Alice in wonderland with a blonde wig, aligning with some form of mockery and reply of my story on instagram.

In an exchange of Grimes with other artist about techno – fascism end of November 2019, I simply added a few comments in the days of the original post about how some people forget about the differences of copying and making originals, the abuse of tech, etc.

Once the original person deleted their tweets, when I noticed, I made second replies under Grimes’ aka c/ Claire Bucher’s reply, stating that AI cannot compare to an original artist. That the technology only enabled position to people in privilege positions like herself. This was December 2019.

In January 2020 Grimes release the poetry “Talk To Transform” & “Neuralink” too.

When I confronted Grimes, about the obvious imitation and taking away my concept to herself along Musk, she quickly followed up with her naked picture that became the rumor of her been pregnant followed by the rest, mid January; nothing about it at all the many months before.
Grimes continued the mockery and imitation of not only art, but whole concepts, the way I dressed, presented them, etc. through several of her paid advertisements, and other media, including her music, as Musk too has continued with the mockery.

It was around the times of posting side by side of Grimes & Musk’s plagiarism that through Twitter the clan of cultist known as “BoycottGrimes” showed up under my posts claiming Musk is a hero, and the most important man in the world, this is why he is targeted and blackmailed by Grimes. Also saying that he signed an NDA.

It is why I brought the article of Justine his first wife, where she detailed how he made her sign some form of NDA and or loosing spousal rights contract, and how this was even before he acquired Zip, and how he even tricked her into signing it.

His outing of the original people in Tesla too shows more of Musk’s controlling patterns which means he wouldn’t be a victim of anyone, as the cultist group of followers that post along the person who created the account BoycottGrimes claims.

The indirect threat to writer Ashlee Van is yet another sign of his controlling behaviour by stating he can make their life difficult if they don’t comply with his request of putting footnotes on their book.

Grimes is no victim or angel as she has shown herself, through all of it she is very much into it, and enjoys it. She wants to be seeing as a genius, even magical. Her own words paint a picture of not only cheap imitation but greed and fame chasing.

Let’s not forget her support and excusing of Musk’s actions early on, their joking of cocaine even before they went public, she happened to have a lot of other mockery like mountains, etc. in the months into their relationship, themes I was posting since it was part of my travels, and extremely out of her usual posts and works; this is in her deleted instagram feed, and tweets.

Add her many racist moments, her pedophilia posts, pro war, violence, destruction messages, her highly ignorant remarks such as hot-dogs been vegan meat for those with meat tendencies, etc.

I could add many more points, but I think at least in this example of Neuralink, along the many other things I’ve already posted, it becomes quite obvious I am been cheaply imitated by both Grimes & Elon Musk on very unique concepts I’ve worked very hard to build over the years; mainly my art, life, philosophy reflect my life as a survivor of many things, not only the health challenges, but the abuse I’ve received & continue to.

Things like a childhood to young adult under sexual, mental, physical, and all other forms of abuse. Pedophilia wasn’t a moment in my life, it was a long life chapter of hell years for which I only ended up running from to be wrapped by a narcissist that identified me as a target, and put me through more hell and abuse, particularly mental and financial over my adult years.
I am not a criminal, nor have I committed things for which I would deserve this treatment, even by their standards; I’ve never crossed their path, in fact I was paying customer of Elon Musk & a social media positive supporter then. I do not support him or his lie any more, and this is way beyond my personal experience, but the realization of how little true and actual application is behind Musk’s supposed contributions to society.

Grimes was unknown to me until Musk twitted her, and the little I know if her, it’s enough to understand why she took Amber Heard’s place in Elon Musk’s life; she’s also destructive and toxic minded.

Angel Pendragon.

Here is a link to one of my tweets with more images for perspective:

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