As you wish you receive. May be this is the demise all long seek.

What is wanted is much more complex, detailed and fragile than the slumbered eyes can grasp or appreciate all at once.

To think this is the first time with Pandora, oh think twice! She lets all of it sleep peacefully tucked in, as she saw what has been lived.

The dog man was met in the midst of dark; back then, had no idea who he was, and he petrified with his wrathful chase around the halls.

When the scale stood still, he saw the naked soul fit; he let it be, he set it free. Always have to prove self first; that’s how it is. Though it destroys in more ways ever able to share with mere phrase; Heed these words: Never trade a minute of been swallowed in the flames of transform.

While judgemental, and flawed observant react quite fast to what has been shown in the exposed shadow parts; don’t for a second confuse straightforward approach with been hurt.

Many believe there is some secret, somewhere hiding; It’s really funny! It is all hanging, spoken quite clear in the riddles, and phrase commanding.

But there is that ego tendency to overlook, believing there must be an easier way to pursue; That’s how it is as a cull.

Want the raw truth? Not one decides how or when it strikes; just how wide, willing, and open to the spark that guides the rhyme.

It, the master. Vessel, the commander.

Whatever bit of shared tale, or wisdom in the unspeakable bits wished to receive, the door is wide open to the temple in this mountain that speaks. Only those with the pure intent can reach this place.

Commanded for brave request, but one must understand, this is not public terrain, this is a sacred space, a silent thing.

You may enter as you wish, but for this, leave ego at the gate and be sure, Very! of that you seek from this hill.

Not this space… Not these validated sentiments spilled for the rest.
»Angel P.«

Hi world!
More freestyle! And many blessings.


This post is from: DECEMBER 30, 2015 on one of my instagram accounts where I posted frequently my poetry and philosophies on. Though I’ve deleted a lot of much older works, this been originally “OrionQ” (long before Qanon started, I also had a website), there a lot of my works still up.


For some reason my site denied to post a proper link embed, but there is the link for those who wish to look at the original post.

This is not a poetry website, but, given all the things I’ve had to talk about and the harassment I’ve received, plus the message I like to add to my poetry which is that of spiritual and philosophical meaning, I’ve decided to add some of that here.

For those who are fans of my art, it is part of what I am ordering according to theme to help maintain a better flow of my stuff. Once am my time to post these things approaches, I will share with everyone through my sites and social.

At present my Orion website and my “AdonaiOrion” social media pages are the best way to see some of what am up to.

Blessings to everyone on this new year ahead.

~ Angel Pendragon ~

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