The Act Of Balance

There is a line to cross in the balancing process. A point onto which the scale of measurement, be for thought, action, or something, it moves onto a side where it tilts closer to absolutes.

If not wise, then there are issues that arise out of been too extreme.

How much is too much? How least is not the necessary? These are supposed to be our present questions as we thread our path.

While not all answers are always plenty a quick thought away, once we put ourselves on a better perspective of thinking not matter the circumstance, we open doors to possible understanding, and through our detached, and accepting processes, we are far more likely to find a best fit, a best answer, and so on, for whichever process we are applying this balancing thought approach.

In our seeking solutions, seeking answers, seeking betterment, or, our protective, our duty, our task, our values, etc there are points and ideals where the motive held for which we approached something, becomes transformed; for better, or if not thoughtful in the process, for worse.

We may self poison in enabling destructive patterns as guide. Passion out of balance and/ or driven in egotistical beliefs becomes chaotic, obsessive, destructive. I don’t mean a human made guidance of these, but the basic understanding of what is a positive trait, and what has become toxic.

Not matter how much the mind thinks itself “right” when factually “wrong”, it senses the uneasiness born out of been in the destructive.

It cannot hold peace, happiness, fulfillment; it cannot love detached, or honestly wish and quietly enact kindness, or feel loved or love truthfully.

It demands attention, and love that it does not earn; it demands power and to be served and given with no sense of fill, or a point of satisfaction. It’s overly sensitive to perspective that reminds the individual of its flaws, and overly aggressive in expressing its offence felt.

Quietly expressed or silently felt then manifested through hand served injustices, the lack of respect and value for other life is a sure sign of dystopic held views, not matter what is the external persona manifested for others to see.

Toxic mentality is not something to change overnight, and depending on the depth of extremes, it becomes almost impossible to address, for the only way to turn the mind is by personal selection.

Not matter how much intervention is done externally, a true process of betterment is a decision of a person made in themselves, assisted through the support system built or in an advanced society, available for outreach.

The only time that true acceptance is selected, it’s when each face their errors, and accept their responsibility and weight of their choices.

Call it a “draw an invisible line” of how far something has gone the out of balance direction; a turning point.

If we do not accept openly how something has flaws that perhaps overshadow the “benefits” it supposedly is there for, we are denying true advancement, true knowledge, the mastering of the person, and society as a unit.
~Angel Pendragon~

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