The whole concept of seeking heaven after death, comes from the underlying fact that the present is filled with plenty of hell like experiences for many in the destructive/ painful aspects of life, and those inflicted by certain people onto others; not because a heaven like life is lived in the attainable world as a person.

This is why often those in comfortable bubbles seek a hell instead, if not, they become disconnected with the concepts of afterlife as place of human virtue, and more obsessed with power, more say over others, and prolonged life, and youth as a means to extend their position of hurting and/or taking advantage of others.

Heaven is the view of an afterlife where the suffering endured alive pays off, or so is the idea believed.

Some men, kings, governments, leaders, corporations, etc in time and even organizations, faiths, cults, etc. sell this concept in other wording, though more or less is the idea of: “suffer and do or allow this questionable thing now without further thought; there is some form of heavenly reward to follow later”.

Have patience, have faith, do as told, don’t question now, your answers will come in time if you have patience in an undefined timeline with unknown factors, etc.

Regardless of individual views, there is more to life for ourselves and the ideas even of humanity as unit, once we see even what with eyes are able to, hands touch, and ears hear, as is also the fauna and flora outside (and even inside) the observable, our own body and its complexity, etc.
Furthering into space, time, and our own little worlds in our heads that are endless, not matter how masterful as to make art, or how mundane as is everyday life.

So, the desire to believe in something unknown because of pain isn’t why we have the automatic wish to seek outside ourselves for something bigger.
The wish of finding something powerful in the unknown is basic, as it is visible and tangible there is far more than the human experience and how all is linked goes beyond humanity, as it is observed in how the planet itself and all the organisms that live in it are mini multiverses themselves.

However the idea of drilling a: “suffer now, unknown time line, don’t worry, reward later” concept of spirituality, is cheapened understanding of something that is meant to help us master a better version of ourselves and as part of the universe at present, in our lives, and the life of others, for the length of time each are blessed with.

The afterlife shouldn’t matter more than the present lived, and the actual actions and their aftermath should be for their true value, not for press or false personification.

Heaven or the concept of, should be something that people try to become, not pursue as a destination, nor expect a ticket like experience through their religion.

Heaven isn’t lust, excess, greed materialized either, but true peace within, and alignment with the planet, and life at present; not requiring the pain, blood, suffering of another, nor the applause or approval of anyone, all at once.

The understanding and opening of the mind to absorb knowledge and its personification in us.

That’s what the masters of time, old philosophers, prophets, and the mythological, the deities that have walked with humans, etc left in ancient texts, such as is the bible, torah, manuscripts, aboriginal people’s tales and pantheons, etc.
To be better people in life for a peaceful future for each, the memory left behind, and the future of others.

Jesus didn’t say that simply saying to believe in him was the way to heaven; this is a concept of selling salvation and Christianity on the streets for modern religion.

A get out of hell card by association scam, and poor grasp of a lesson more profound than saying some quick words.

The teachings of the bible, particularly the later part which is the life of Jesus, are about been a thoughtful person, not of greed, war, division, racism, elitism, and false sense of purity be by pretence, economic, gender, faith, or even race, but by understanding the basics of been another organism among many.

Weather people want to be of faith or choose to be without, the division, war, destruction of one another for greed, pleasure or hate, have no fit in any balanced and thoughtful belief or philosophy.

If people weren’t misguided to pursue a life of hoping for better, without understanding their own role they play for the life they live in the actions they take daily, the thoughts they favor, the feelings they nurture, etc. they would be less terrible at seeing themselves  and how the world outside them too operates; even those unfit for society could be made to understand, if not the least, the patterns that create this corruption of the mind, be finished over generations.

Weather it is the belief of a returning saviour, an afterlife of benefit and favor with a higher power, or the belief of nothing after the present, the only manner to live optimally is through a heightened sense of seeing the personification of soul, along the bigger picture that is life; how personal happiness, bliss, and true success is undeniably tied to honoring people for who they are beyond the façade, while accounting the future of all.

~Angel Pendragon~
August 11, 2020

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