Spending Time In Nature

Posting to social media as a photographer, mainly focused on nature topics, but also a philosopher too, it can send the falsehood that all I am doing are photo ops and pretty words to impress, or benefit myself somehow, because others in limited mindsets see the world in twisted views.

In the philosophy that is to believe imitation leads to multiplication of a person, it’s quite a flawed way of perceiving the world, life, and the self too, something to keep in mind when thoughts founded in envy, anger, desire arise above balanced mindsets.

Lessons and their value are lost in the wall that is lower vibrations as we know of greed, jealousy, desire of damaging and destructive perceptions, etc.

Each of us has a design, it’s important to nurture it in ourselves, but also those that depend on us.

This doesn’t mean coerce, nor control, or decide what a person’s purpose and how they live it is either.  But share balanced views as a society, as individuals, as people, and show the honest pros and cons of all things.

Those who play and coerce others to believe such things as the extremity and flawed twisted versions of teachings meant to build people up, such as institutions, religions, secret societies, even modern techno-cultists, etc. have done and continue to do at present, do so to manipulate people to believe and see the world as this twisted design because it benefits them.

The promise is favor, and some is shared to attract, until the nature of the exchange is fruitless to the corrupted ,then bye bye.

Occult and ancient teachings been corrupted is yet another form of manipulation.

I present this in the example of alphanumeric games (one of many), which in its original form comes from Pythagorean theories, and even more ancient math beliefs the philosopher Pythagoras aligned with, are used as a means of control, some form of brainwash if you’d say too. Not to say that’s the teachings but in the way it is presented and used by corrupted people, it looses its true meaningful application.

These things are also virtue signaling. Those actually building a better version of themselves appreciate messages for the meaning of full sentences, and don’t need to elevate themselves in falsehoods as it’d be to associate forcefully our name to a letter and a powerful word, particularly when we don’t embody the true meaning of these.

There is power in knowledge, there is power in our own hands, and how we decide to be at any point, not in taking from another but honestly in actually transforming the self into what a better person is – not in ignoring others, or stealing a place, nor in falsehoods of make belief, but see our beauty is not in a mirror, but in how we honestly feel about who we are, and that goes beyond what the ego might push itself to do externally.

If sending ourselves flowers publicly, and claiming is for a false reason truly boosted our self worth, it wouldn’t feel empty.
As much as lack of recognition for the deserved does not deter a person whose true virtue is pure.

As much as true hate shared by mass ignorance isn’t more valuable than a single honest voice.

It’s all on its actual meaning, not matter the make belief; this isn’t to deny the unseen, as it’s much more present than limited mindsets claim to explore and or know due to egotistical views and desire to control, overpowering self honesty and application of the learned.

Taking from another has to be paid in fair trade, not in how the ego or convenience of those who desire something, decide to.

It’s the equivalent of walking into a dealership and taking a car, thinking and wishing “thank you” thoughts at the parking lot when driving away, when questioned about theft, explaining these well wishes are your means of payment and that you will make sure to indirectly say how nice is your stolen vehicle, so hopefully others will see its from that place that was stolen from, while also you taking credit, you built the car and it’s all your ideas. One example of many ways the message can be applied for perspective.
It doesn’t matter who we are, the color of our skin, our suffering, etc. What a person builds and earns is theirs if we are actually fair, and understand the difference between actual trade and false beliefs.
If we seek to end the power grip of those who are unfair, it’s not through attacking what is seen through fear and desperate lenses, nor what is misguided, but rather effectively seeking to disarm and end the multiplication of chaos and error teachings, beliefs, systems, people in power, etc.

In knowledge, power, application first, not in staying silent, not in been destructive with no means. Our moment of fights are not our first priority, and even a rise of our fist in response is not to be with no measure.

Destruction isn’t retribution, and raising our voice with blabbering over meaning is useless and purposeless.

Yes, there are moments to speak up, to be angry, to be upset to show it, but there are also ways to do it; not in the pretty words either but with the overall meaning of all that’s been said and done, and it’s actual outcome.

Once we understand the differences of balance, true application of it, and the part that comes with been fair to others for optimal outcomes, the alignment of benefit, regardless of circumstances becomes part of the lives we build, and not only do we avoid the undeserving, but also avoid been in the wrong mindset which ultimately makes us feel ugly inside, not matter how much the vessel and life is tweaked and adorned with.

On the part of true unity with the universe, it’s a matter of learning to be present in its purest form.

A perfect example is been in nature. It’s easy to seek a moment with a wild animal or in a lovely looking place, for a photo op, versus been present, be as photographer, and also outside it too.

As photographer it helps find meaning in the art, however, it’s not to confuse this part of the art with full value that is true unity with the planet, and spending time actually nurturing these aspects.

I will end this topic with this example of been present in our living, and been present in the place and the moment.

In 2016 I was out with my camera taking photographs of the sunset by the bay and beach. As I walked on the trail, a lover of avians, noticing a flock of swans taking up, I turned my camera to catch them on their full take off, I was focused on taking a lovely view of the sunset, I almost missed it.

Tried my best to frame the birds at random, as they flew away. My camera battery drained, and it shut down, so I didn’t see anything I captured, nor had planned the view.

All the birds around the water were shining and sparkling, the water too. No camera meant that at that moment I had already stopped over focusing on what I could frame, and took the moment for myself.

Not only was I showered with beautiful sights, but also with bringing my mind to peace, to myself, nothing else. Not to use it, or believe myself something more or less, but been at that place, at that moment, myself, no “good” or “bad” thoughts, no “good” or “bad” distractions.

The universe rewards us too when we are aligned.

When I went through my photographs, the very last picture I took before the camera shut off was quite unique, and in it again, showing the meaningful ways all things are linked as to show us our path; how our life is quite magical without tampering or human intervention, nor the need to falsely or forcefully seek these things.
~Angel Pendragon~☀️

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