A Truth

Today is mother’s day in most of the planet, and I thought to share something meaningful of myself, and add some thoughts of my perspective on world issues at present.

Music is a big part of my life. Though I play instruments, have made mixes, lyrics, some short samples, etc. I am not per say a professional musician, but I am a music lover, and it is my highest consumed media.

As anyone else who is a music fan, I have some particular genres and artists I like more than some others.
In everything I do, I add my part of who I am, what I am, and the message of my soul of course.

I don’t play music I make, save for a few uploads over the years, but in all my art, music has been involved, from multiple artists that inspire me.

Part of my message too is exposing issues in society. As a survivor of abuses, and also a person with other problems due to misuse of power by obsessive individuals, I bring attention to social matters like pedophilia, gender issues, violence, abuses of assets, economic disparity, political corporate take over, technocracy, war, and so on.

Also both as a victim and as a researcher I’ve seen how corruption tries to manipulate the social narrative, and understand nothing is simple to identify in the sense of what is said on surface.

People who are victims are often dismissed while predators go free, and people who aren’t guilty accused of things that aren’t truth in the justice system, even when evidence points otherwise.

The fact that there is a form of a controlled narrative, and targeted harassment existing across the planet, all over society isn’t taboo, nor conspiracies any longer either, thanks to many brave souls that have exposed the wrongs, passed with a front of beneficial for society, particularly where technology and social development is concerned.

The fact that guilt isn’t something pleasant, and that accountability is the most difficult to obtain of values, is too something everyone knows, and hence why there are some people that rather take the easy route of deception games and coercion, over stopping, owning to their faults, paying their dues, and taking the time to learn and do better.

As mentioned, I have been an artist since the 90s, and digitally since the 2000s,while not as a professional musician, as a model, poet, story teller, lyricist, philosopher, and other mediums.

I have been a published artist too, in compilations in the past, as a model, plus my own digital social media blogs, and so on. My philosophy is a big part of the person I am as well, and with this, the message as a survivor of abuse, including sexual.
Music is something that is not an outlet, but medicine to my being.

Two particular artists I’d like to mention on this post, who have inspired me with their art have been Troy Beetles also known as Datsik, and Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar.

Both of them I have listened to for many years, and their music I have shared too with my art on my digital platforms.
Even (Bassnectar) Lorin’s tweets from N.Y.E’s 2019 can still be seen on my “PendragonArk” twitter. I plan to update my social media to reflect what each account is for later, but as of this post it can still be seen.

In my music lists that I update almost daily on YouTube, I also have shared their music, including the last few years.
Seeing that I became a target of harassment, my message of overcoming the pain as survivor, positivity, peace been the motive behind the disturbances, myself talking about been abused as a kid, etc. then seeing two of my favorite artists whose music too I shared over the years become targets of accusations, left me feeling more sad of the state of our planet, and society.

I don’t know Troy or Ashton in person, and their music is separate perhaps of who they are. However, as I see how targeted harassment works too, I can’t help but feel foul play too at hand, as I have seen how far vile, evil minded people are willing to go.

I can’t say of the guilt of their accusations, but I sure hope in the justice process these truths are also accounted, as they too are part of justice.

I personally don’t know them, nor their motives in life, or of those accusing them, but, i can’t help myself and think they aren’t likely guilty of what they are been accused of, with the perspective of the targeting of my life, and what things have been attempted to harm me as well in recent years.

Since my stance of peace back in January 2018 with NK, etc. instantaneously gaining hacking attempts to my domain as I promoted my poetry and philosophy book then, and other like digital projects back then, plus seeing stories of people like Daniel E. Pentagon papers, what Nixon government did to him to diminish his quality of life, supporters, and his credibility as he stood for peace and ending war, you can add Edward Snowden, and even more recent Reality Winner, the facts of societal issues are diluted in confusion.

Connecting how music is a big deal in my life for so long, digital espionage, how these artists are artists I’ve liked a lot, myself been a target of technofascism due to my peaceful stances, etc., all of these factors leaves me feeling that there is a strong potential that Troy and or Lorin, both also each been their own person, separate of accusations and accusers, aren’t what they have been in the last few years, made out to be.

If either of them for any reason have committed faults, be what they are been accused of or other kind of mistakes, I wish them to find the end to the mental misery taking them to those scenarios in life. I hope they find healing be of their mistakes, and or also of the pain of dealing with targeted harassment, and whatever else ails them.

I found love, peace, and motivation in their music before, I hope my words too bring healing to them in some form, if anything as a positive message to society, that it’s not about overlooking crime, nor creating falsehoods, nor burning down the house. Humanity is supposed to learn, to see and build the individual selves first, then how to provide for others, how to be accountable too, and all these qualities that make a prosperous society.

Mistakes happen.

Be falsely accusing people, or hurting people because of selfish motives.

Accountability is the first step though, this includes acknowledging the victim for their suffering too. The health not only of some people, but every being in society, and ergo as extension to the things built and the ideas shared, all depend on betterment, simply for the fact that all actions are mainly driven by the health (or lack of) of the soul; an emotionally broken mind spreads through their actions and things favored, this not necessarily obvious at first glance either.

Guilty or not, I am thankful for their gift of music when I needed it. I again, personally feel there is something not alright, but I will respect the fact I don’t know all the evidence at hand, or any of the parties involved in a personal real life level, and hope that perhaps what I have shared with regards to targeted harassment is too accounted as part of been fair and just.


Not only to Troy and Lorin, but all artists of all mediums whom have shared in this journey of my art over the years, a big thank you, and much love. I hope that besides the fun experience, that there is something of value spiritually speaking, kept as token of the better times, and the knowledge shared on the things done.

To those artists, CEOs, and horrible people who made me their target for having a peaceful, kind message and stance, or ?, I honestly can’t think of other motives; whatever the motives, may you find the courage to admit your faults, and may the balancing scale in time through your karmic debt, bring you the healing you need from the hidden hurt you breed within yourself.

Even as I seek justice from those causing me pain, it is with peace in mind. About stoping and ending the harmful from continuing, exposing evil and deceptive actors at all levels of society, and for humanity and even for those corrupt, to have an opportunity of a peaceful and a prosperous future over chaotic, toxic waste lands becoming the rule because of ignorance, greed, and deception having more influence in society’s evolution.


Thanks for reading, and for those who press like, leave comments, etc. Thanks for your face to face support. All the things I have been through are part to people claiming I am no one simply because my social media is diluted through algorithms, and even targeting by those who wish to sabotage my exposure, seen it’d bring attention to things they feel uncomfortable facing, like the targeted harassment, plagiarism, mocking, abuse of power, etc. Not to mention the motives been vile and cynical, and the evidence been something too strong.

I think before, through, and even at present I have given actual beneficial actions. Like any sitting male elitist who mismanages millions gets to sit behind a desk with a phone and order around, make decisions still for millions, in spite of their demonstrated ignorance, I have too as a much better and thoughtful person, the right to speak my knowledge, and for its power to be considered, but also for my acknowledgement to not be denied because of my gender, my background, my person, my financial situation, peace and political perceptions, social media verification marks, the personal greed or envious desires of those with more power, or any other motive.

If convicted rich elite criminals get to say and participate in society’s development, so should a person that has the actual knowledge from their experiences to bring potential and applicable benefit in this critical time of humanity.

People like Nikola Tesla are used for their name, and his inventions still part of developing technology today, but how Nikola was treated by the rich, famous, important, etc. was awful through his life, with a horrible and lonesome death. Let’s also not forget the fact that ironically like myself, Nikola Tesla was plagiarized, his inventions accredited to others whom received more recognition in life as well.

These things ripple terrible karma in time, worse when civilization doesn’t learn from their mistakes but instead make them the foundation, the brick, and the structure of all they make.

I am the best version of myself because that’s the person I am, the person I made out myself to be. What everyone does, I’ll have to obviously address some as part of protection and been able to live, but I will not be subjugated, or diminished. Corruption everywhere or not, no one can steal the purity of the person I have been all my life.
I am all that I am, and no one can take that, as much as truth is the foundation of all of my person kept, and the person that speaks through all the shared.

Like all pure intended things in life, the justice pursued has another purpose, and that is to help bring attention to the lack of protection of people from elite positioned individuals targeting their lives.

Considering the motives for which I have been put through such unpleasantries is as some form of punishing and, silencing because of my strong stance seeking peace, and transparency in tech and leadership, more alarming to be open about these ever growing issues, at the pinnacle of social development.

~Angel Pendragon~

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