It is easy to use a word like extremism and add it to whichever things we do not want to agree with.

The sad state of mind of those who are in extremes is that they are driven and passionate about the wrong things. They want to see themselves laughing above others; they do not see the harm they cause to themselves, nor the feeble and unfulfilling long-term outcome of the choices made.

It is impossible to exist and thrive without the absolute balance of society.

The wellbeing in all aspects of others will too yield benefits to us as individuals, those invested in the betterment of the society we are a part of.

A doctor that is broken and held down cannot heal others, and those doctors that practice unfit for their task cause more harm than healing.

This is but an example of what is applicable in all other parts of who we are as people.

Our wellbeing is not about the pain of another, but actually the healing and improvement of the pain we hold as an individual.

If our instinct is to hurt another because we feel hurt, then we are not better than the person we perceive as perpetrator at any given second, and perhaps these are jaded ideas and not facts to make long term decisions on.

There will certainly be moments where perhaps a voice has to awaken, and even some force too in extreme moments where our wellbeing is pushed to a breaking point.

It is not a decision to be made thoughtlessly though; it is not us as authorities because we serve our ego and think of our feet on the heads of others, but how our hands can help uplift the fallen, or to a minimum, ourselves.

Our happiness in the future and now, is not tied to things which come and go, and are quickly lost when out of balance, but our approach to uplifting ourselves, and others.

A happy person may pursue and be of any faith, be a productive human, and thrive in building a happier individual as well.

The idea of any faith, practice, or ideology that is non-theological – pursue of intellect as the head of the human and its absolute place in the universe, is that we improve. We are better people, we want to be happy regardless of the circumstances; not to prove outside, but find the answers of purpose as we walk this world doing whatever we decide along the way.

To make a world that is in balance with the all.

The sexual orientation, faith, and personal are things that are also not to be used to create chaos and gossip that opens doors to division and tension rather than opportunity to master and build together a better society.

Chaos can only destroy our world.

Extremism is chaos; those decisions made with the goal to create division and fear among people, and maintain that environment for as long as it is needed in order to monopolize a group or an idea.

Openly talking about our concerns or the disturbances that plague our worlds are not extremist actions, but a need of awakening to the urgent needs we face as a whole before it’s too late.

Those that stick to extremism endlessly will be faced by those who are worn, and done with the enslavement of their reality. There is no winning a war that is about destroying continuously.

We may awaken and put our best foot forward to protect us and our peers, but our ideas are to stop the corrosive from carrying forward with their skewed missions, and their ego driven choices.

To finalize, we can use words and ideas to twist them and diminish their message, con others to believe we are what we aren’t; or, we can understand what is been told, and awaken to honesty while we have an opportunity to.

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