I have talked about wellbeing, nature, the need to find ourselves within, and the need to work on balance daily.

While having more things is often the dream of most, it shouldn’t be about cash and bills – material things that come and go lacking meaning and depth of the most important, our inner house.

Don’t get me wrong, these teachings aren’t about having less wealth but rather, more of the important; the true treasure that allows us to be happy and thrive in our time on this world, regardless of the circumstances.

When everyone chases after physical money endlessly, it becomes a scheme of pursuing an empty life; often if not all the time, these people end up the most dissatisfied and shame too takes over their minds, pushing them to not only be unhappy with the life they’ve built, but with themselves and the world around.

Their reality is skewed by their poor intellectual choices, and rather than acceptance and understanding dawning in order to awaken and find improvement, the path of disturbance engulfs their minds.
It isn’t easy to awaken, it isn’t simple to acknowledge mistakes; but, it is in the truth we find our freedom.

With the stigmas of the past, it has been a difficult walk to talk more openly about personal mental wellness, as well as address the external; we all want to be understood, and misunderstandings tend to rise faster than honesty and acceptance, although these happen to be more useful and healing on the world.


Disclosure: I am not the most wealthy or among the most wealthy individuals in my present reality. I have what I need and I am able to provide for our necessities without having to stress about it.

I asked myself to work on this bit over the years as after becoming pregnant a lot changed for me, and along the economy crashing, and the health struggles I had with delivery, I lost my assets, the career I had build then, and I had no help from others whatsoever; I was on my own, and helped others too while trying to find my way out.

I continued to spiral low as I attempted to hold all these responsibilities for others, all while dealing with pain and the difficulties physically, economically, emotionally, etc. I tried to be there for everyone else but for myself. Although I was able to help everyone, I took the worse end of the deal, eventually found myself more sick, and hurt emotionally speaking; financially I could barely pay my bills, and my life was absolute chaos.

There was no merit into my actions, because I forgot about myself.
I’m not in a surplus position, but I do okay and do not pass necessities others in less fortunate situations do.

As an introvert but also as a person who always believed to turn the other cheek, I hadn’t learned the need to have a balanced outlook, as well as pay attention where my help was been used in ways I consider wasterful these days.

I used to believe many can change for the better; that they are able to open their mind to better if they are pointed in the proper direction, and if they are demonstrated that there is more than whatever murks in their hearts.


I do believe still in the positive aspects of the human, but I’ve understood now it is not because of another wanting that it awakens, but through own willpower, and a desire to be a lot better than who we are at any second.

There is indeed inspiration motivating all of us to move forward, to try better, to awaken to our inner beauty which is inherit by design.

This is wealth.

Harming ourselves and nature is not beneficial for anyone; those who need us will want us at our best, as much as they need us, they will not forget that our presence and abilities are at their best when we are too thought of in the same manner they are receiving from us.

With all of these things into perspective, then we can understand the value of wealth it’s beyond simple money, but an overall addition of all the factors that make up wellness. Our inner wellbeing is our most powerful asset, as this will always determine how we feel, outside the favor or lack of, from external situations.

Challenges come as part of life. We can allow them to damage us, or we can awaken to our inner power and face them on with a positive outlook; we do not act from ego, but from a desire to improve in all the things we do.
We become a representation of the best of our feelings, of our truths and merge into our purpose.

This is happiness, this is fulfillment; this is a healthy person that will be able to participate in the world for more than just their own interests, but will account the wellness of others.

This is how true wealth and assets are also made.

Playing games of inflation and crashing bubbles of the trade, or things like trade wars, damaging economies that pursue means of building fast value in the stock market, but are actually harmful to the planet in the bigger perspective of health and the financial wellness of the average person are not methods to be pursued if what we want is happiness, wholesomeness and wealth for ourselves and those we appreciate outside of us.

While it might seem utopic and farfetched, the truth is, we can have more balance in today’s modern world, and wealth is possible without the suffering of the innocent.

While there are more people, more differences, a level of unawareness in some and also challenges, there is also more interconnection, more pursue of knowledge, and a bigger desire to unite for wellness, in spite of our differences, in spite of foolish acts.

We believe in our ability to turn ourselves around for the better for the most part.

Working on our own personal health, both the physical and the internal is in itself a feat that in order to awaken our best selves, it’s necessary.
As we improve these things, our daily outlook too advances, our ideas, our powers, our ability progress and this is what makes up the world – all of our actions through time.

To finalize, by developing our individual abilities and working on the challenges we face, we are able to reinvent the future from the fearful and chaotic war filled hell, to a heaven that flows from within outwards, not just for ourselves, but those that inherit the world after we depart it.

To a more wealthy future.

Written by:
Angel Pendragon

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