Continuing trends to use ancient names of important figures to label extremist groups has risen making talking about these ancient influences in present, difficult.

The promotion of violence and radicalism isn’t with the interest of freedom, but rather division, fear, and the continuous growth of an unstable civilization.

Using familiar and positive imagery helps them con and trick their audience; through faith, necessity, and misinformation they gain trust although they are the least worthy of adquiring it, and the worse kind of minds to represent others.

Isis, Ados are two examples of creating subconscious false and disturbing connections of these.

If we take a look into who Isis was, she was known as the mother of fertility for ancient history, and Adonai is one of the original names of the almighty, and true God of ancient faiths.

Extremists are continually looking for ways to create disturbances for others, but not been caught in the act. Their goal is to control for manipulating games.

Corrupted minds are never happy.

Power, fame, access, assets, attention are never enough, and the suffering of others becomes a necessity for each disturbed person; although they have beneficial circumstances above others whom live with less resources, their unhappiness is not due to wellbeing of their quality of life but their low state of consciousness.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that has kept us divided, and knowledge is limited rather than accessible.

Lack of wisdom, leads to lack of understanding, and relationships in the world are broken, not only romantically, but the unity of people and positive movements.

Wisdom and unity are powerful tools that can take the whole of humanity into a brand new direction.

Corrupted and disturbed minds cannot fathom the happiness of others, and so they work tirelessly to disturb the ideals of a positive mind to ensure they “win” and keep the lead over the better shift.

If we are to awaken both as individuals and as a people kind, we have to adhere to understanding rather than responding, or trying to inflict harm for anything perceived as opposition as a first resource.

Rise above violent, extreme methods, to finding the key answers to world matters.

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