Alignment ~ The Unknown In The Physical World

Since it’s been a long time since I posted about “spooky”, or for myself as I see these, alignment of my life, thoughts, etc., I am sharing for mother’s day Sunday, my most recent which has been exactly for mother’s day, dream included, and previous alignment with another mother’s day also.

Yesterday morning, as I laid awake, there was a loud noise in my room around my fan.

It cannot be done with tech, it wasn’t explainable the way things have happened yesterday and today either, it isn’t anyone, or anything else than from the unexplainable, leaning to supernatural; this is an old fan with no wifi or any of that type of tech abilities, that can be tampered with also.

The loud noise, was a squeaky sound that increased, decreased, stopped, and started as sudden and fast, as it’d be someone skilled, doing a sound and fast moves to start and stop it, versus that of an issue on something that is coming loose/ breaking, even if slowing or speeding mobility through force and or gravity; the odds of that are so far, it’d be more plausible other factors that aren’t present.

The fan also returned to normal, and has been fine before the first time, after, and after the second time also without any fixing or adjusting.

When yesterday Saturday as I laid on my bed, the first squeak happened, was light, I laughed and said hello, as I was thinking of something particular that aligned a lot with what was happening. As I said hello and other things, it started to react to my talking as if something was reacting to my words.

These included joking about how that’d be different at night time in reaction, not only from myself, but how that would scare some who have claimed recently to have cameras in my home, to cause me distress further, along mentioning private activities, etc., and laughed.

Again, not only increasing the sound and speed of this squeak, but stopping as I said stop, not returning at all after I said stop.

Overnight as I was actually sleeping, guess what? It returned.

Before I get to it, I thought to mention, there was a dream that I remembered, which is unusual given the nerve pain & inflammation I’ve been dealing with & how all of that plus medications affect remembering dreams at all.

Some bits from the dream I’ll share: houses I’ve been to lots of times only in dreams though, neighborhood, etc. Nothing like in real life, but seems a frequent place, area, plus many different things have happened, even weather, time of day, people around etc. Both are frequent and not, as on real life, in any situation alike, which intrigues me more of what dreams like that are, especially as they are so strong, they push to be consciously remembered.

These themes seen overnight in this aforementioned dream, align with others of recent events, and also of dreams too, both of the “out there” unexplainable, and the regular.

Given is mother’s day, and there are also some of the alignment aspects of today that have aligned too with that sentiment, I thought to mention, just before I became pregnant with my son, the mother’s day Saturday overnight to Sunday, I had a dream that was more of a vision, vividly felt, pregnancy, complications and all.

My son’s birth situation was predicted in such a way. I had no desire to be married, have kids, etc.

At the time I had my dream, I had no idea how to feel, think about it.

I was not dating, nor even looking to, nor sexually active, or even in looking to be with my son’s father, whom wasn’t a good boyfriend either, and I had finally broken away from this toxic relationship.

I was attending church then too, and unlike for many, when I did practice religious approaches to my faith then, I believed and practiced with full respect towards my beliefs, not for public image.

Not much different than my beliefs and approaches to unknown, spiritual, and faith related practices at present, except religion & cult beliefs aren’t my thing, and truly were never, besides my ignorance in the past of these differences.

Back to dream, I wondered what all it meant, prayed, attended church, etc. But, then my sight was not as understanding as presently. It is only much later after that, many events, including my NDE where I actually was dead, that I began to understand more these things out as they’ve unfolded.

So, sometime late into the night, first hours of the morning, the sound began, just as I had mentioned the prior day, again too reacting to my displeased attitude also, myself saying enough, and the sound fully stopping, not returning.

PS: ironically some people have been above the roof of my apartment trying to make buzzing noises after the morning sounds Saturday, and nothing to compare, but also some more perspective on the whole targeted harassment, and insinuations of been watched everywhere in my home too, all the time, etc. That’s besides, ridiculous to try and take claim on such things, but then again the same are always making their horrendous acts obvious, lack of justice isn’t from lack of evidence.

From my recent art this week, I also made a geometrical alternative version of a star, where it looks like triangular blades of a fan moved around.

This morning after been disgruntled by been woken by noises, versus scared, I looked again at the fan, still going no issues, and was reminded of a few other alignments in the last year, which have made me think more about, what all these things mean.

Also, not ignoring the strength of their rarity on occurance either, and the supernatural aspects of these too, as some strong message from a power, beyond even my own constant denials of what I try to reason to normalcy in my disbelief.

Spiders, birds and butterflies too, of course have been showing around more frequently as of lately, also been present symbols in my life since I was very small, in similar supernatural forms, though I have to say the spiders scared me a lot, given their tarantula size because of where I grew up.

I questioned everything of the last day closely, reasoned every aspect, and still I can accept that it falls into those unexplainable alignments, along the strong forces of the universe that are beyond human and human things, reminding me there’s more than my eyes, and my own reasoning are even capable of comprehending.

After meditation this morning, following these supernatural events, as I went looking for something in my bedroom, I noticed the sun lighting above my bed, shaped like a letter A, of bright sunlight. When I first got up, it was an L, and when I noticed it, the strong thought in my mind said “Love”, this L been more orange toned like a flame, and pointing above where I was sleeping.

These too aligning with similar lighting that I’ve photographed before, myself sometimes sharing some in the past.

This lighting again, aligning with art of the last few days, where I was testing new tools to produce my drawings, as usual myself using the neons on a dark background. Even the music I had last played, before turning off and going to bed aligned with all these things.

My alignments been so strong, the things I haven’t shared, etc. are mine to understand.

No one can take it, tamper with it, nor insert themselves, and everyone believing and/ or pursuing such things should see how vile they are, they think enforcing is the only means of them getting their way, otherwise, they’d be living meaningfully, outside these practices, letter, number, psycho takes of the unknown; human mind deteriorating in games that are worthless and self destructive.

For what I share to remind you of a few things.

Even in the darkest places, there’s peace on our attitude; darkness isn’t what displeases your egotistical takes on the life of others, because you feel entitled, but, the people been subjugated by such, without justice, without acknowledgment, they are the ones suffering in darkness. You not getting your way of taking from another isn’t darkness, is justice to your injustice, and while unpleasant, fair; certainly you’d share the same perspective if someone did what you did to you.

There’s more, you don’t have to understand it or worship someone’s perception of it, to have access to the same.

Often it is the evil in the individual that limits access to the knowledge of life, where the actual people that make things that advance tech (advances that have made life better, without taking from something else), people and more; not pretend to for greed as seen with people and companies like Elizabeth Holmes, Terranos, Enron, that have already been made accountable, and those that are still been overlooked like Tesla, Elon Musk, his partner Grimes, stock market manipulation stocks, etc. at present.

People with alter motives/ greedy compasses assume that something outside of themselves, even beyond the human, would glorify them in their flaws and wrongs, as they see these destructive takes as part of their genius; so, if it isn’t bending to corrupt belief, it isn’t of use, heck, it is not real.

People who see themselves rulers by subjugation, and create a cult like support of people who believe their promises of fame, wealth and privilege over others (since they have seen how there are some that are getting these things, gotta make it believable for the greedy, otherwise they won’t follow the more greedy in their scams) don’t want you to know they aren’t the most powerful, smarter, stronger, etc., because you would think twice before ignoring partaking on their vile acts to another in the service and worship of them.

Maybe, even live a life of self respect, true knowledge and not vowing to tyranny, or some lying thief with alter motives, trying to fool you because they see your ignorance and greed.

This isn’t a plead to no one either, but a reflection of what you might want to pretend isn’t so, but doing so only makes you your own subjugator, and depending on your actions along it, deserving of the aftermath that follows such things.

Unfortunately even on the most pleasant of the things I can write, talk about, help in the world, share from my life that is in spite of the gruesome, some I’ll continue to refuse to even mention of my abilities and talents until I am treated with acknowledgment (not waiting for anything or anyone either), and those like this post, I do share, I have to take time to mention the psychotic bits that are always trying to hijack what I speak of, for their false statements of both, “respect” towards myself, still ignoring me, while acknowledging those who cause me harm, openly and publicly by name (quite wrong, I might add), and their lies on their personal, spiritual, mental, physical and even tech abilities/ developments.

For example people claiming and believing I am property of anyone, tech, chipped, by Elon Musk, Neuralink and him and Grimes furthering the lies through heavy plagiarism of all I am and do, as far as even copying how I look, as can be observed with Grimes’ morphing her looks through surgery and like enhancements since getting with Elon Musk.

With this, I’ll remind you that ignoring what you see, or what you know behind what you do, be merely staying silent, is complicit; beyond whatever faith things you believe on or don’t, it is even in every aspect of human law, and the action itself when there are collective matters, think voting, and how even not voting and staying silently about it is a vote.

This applies to anything and everything you do, and you allow on yourself too.

Ignoring your mind telling you something isn’t okay, because you think is limiting you on something your greed is screaming matters most, is but one of the many reasons quality of people become merely quantity of. You decide what you want to be, and the salmon swimming together to their demise, doesn’t change their final destination at all, even if they collectively believe and focus their thoughts otherwise, their actions are what they are, even if they decide to swim in zig zag, again, same principal.

Don’t let people who want something out of you, get to you through your weaknesses, offering you easy street to whatever you fancy. If you do, it’s on you, and ignoring, or thinking a majority lasts, doesn’t take the ugly of prolonging vileness.

Law of attraction isn’t a wish bowl, if you treat it that way, don’t be surprised life teaches you a lesson to never forget, be you are ignorant by yourself, or it becomes a collective; I’d say history shows, but often I am told by the same people, they don’t read all of that on small tweets, and it shows.

~Angel Pendragon~
Toronto, ON

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