Life is often moving in unknown forms, whether we welcome the thought of it, or it angers or shatters us because of the reality it amplifies over our loosely formed chosen beliefs.

The more we fight through the sight of fear, and the desire to hold on to one way of experience, the worse it becomes over time in everyone’s experience.

We all know what is like to lose in spite of giving it your best. We as adults with a fair mind will have had the proper approach to the feelings and the realization of mistakes as it dawns in our minds.

If we are unable to look beyond wanting to be praised personally or publicly without a proper action attached to it, that is not intellectual transformation, but delusion and a sheer desire to be approved by others, which shouldn’t be a deceptive method favored.

We should not fake or steal from others what we want to call our merits; we should not diminish the merits and winning moments others have well intended, thoughtfully, purposely and positively worked for.

To be able to actually manifest ourselves as masters of whichever thing, we have to work with our heart and all, invested in it.

We can read, we can copy, we can fake it or diminish another and assume this is what a winner is while the ego not only blinds but whispers its con-ways into ears.

This will not yield a long-lasting outcome of actual benefit, but fake happiness which will not only anger whoever chose deceptive systems afterward but, those that they con with expensive acts will be uprising upset against those conning them.

The whole mathematical equation is wrong, chaotic, disastrous.

What do we want? Not in a quick reply to a question based on the emotional state which is fleeting, but, an outcome of the future.

Wealth is not a number falsely or through deceptive methods made bigger.

Nor, will continuing patterns that are destructive will manifest the solutions beneficial to heal, and transform chaos to peace; joy from an individual, to the world they influence through thoughtful and honest leadership.

It isn’t for claiming with words, but accounting our actions.

In a world that made famous the phrase “fake it until you make it” I ask, what wealth will it yield to plant fake crops?

It is time we honestly pursue to be an intellectual, benefit-focused society.

We cannot continue the cycles of self-destruction to serve egotistical desires, instead of favor a beneficial outcome through honest leadership.

It is a matter of internal wellbeing of the individual along with the wellbeing of people overall, and the advancement of our technology and actual wealth, over a visual alluring with fancy and well-chosen pieces to con the people watching.

To have an actual profit, we need to make a worthy investment; an intelligent plan manifested over time.

Do we want to have prosperous fruits tomorrow, or fake it now and cry afterward?

To transform to improvement, we have to favor pure honesty over con artistry.

Manifest your future wisely.

Angel Pendragon.

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