When it comes to politics, it is no longer limited to what it is happening in one country where we live, but the quality of all leadership in the world; healthy mental and emotional qualities are to be highly regarded, along knowledge and understanding not only of local situations, but internationally.

None of us is perfect.

However, if instead of focusing on the destructive things in the mind and ergo, emotions, we accept to handle our personal feelings individually, then in a more peaceful heart and mind, we are able to make wiser moves as people for ourselves, and in whichever position of leadership – political or not.

The world is large and full of people.

We have a point where as individuals and a whole unit, we have to question our ways and beliefs.

It is unintelligent to push ourselves to continue in patterns we already know better from.

When it comes to leaders, this means on not addressing personal needs and accepting help where improvement is needed – be internal health of mind/body or in the navigation of problems that arise sometimes; this is the nature of healing and restoring the individual so they may live long, prosperous, fruitful lives both individually, and in whichever roles they act on through their time alive.

Mental wellness is the height, and key of what has made humanity move above the rest of the living world.

It’s loose definition is not to be used as a weapon and coerce others to act in a certain way “or else”, but rather an individual’s need to pause and think wisely for their own future, not just others.

Lack of mental wellness has also sent civilizations downwards, and these leaders have at one point won over groups of people that wanted to follow them, as well as been at the peak of their civilizations uprising.

We are all tied to the wellness of the world.

I live in a nation known to be pleasant and peaceful, but I’m also well aware my wellbeing locally isn’t always perfect, and it is tied to the quality of leadership in all levels, not just Prime Minister/Presidents/Kings/Queens of whatever country I reside in. It is also tied to the leadership of other nations, immediately around, and further away.

The means of our technological advances have made us inevitably a huge network; we are intertwined with one another, weather we love the idea, or it scares some.

This does not mean we cannot live together or nearby with and in spite of our differences.

In Canada, one of many countries with a diverse population, its prosperity over the years in all levels of wellness, offers a window of how through amicable integrity, we can find healthy ways to be peacefully with one another.

There is a distinction between healthy differences, and unhealthy thoughts too; we are not to ignore these factors in the building of new, better ideas.

Be in our faiths or none, our integrity asks that we account all of our actions, and not only focus on how others make us feel.

Weather Protestant, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. or none of this but an intelligent and thoughtful human being, the ideas of a wholesome person are along peace inside, and this way, peace outwards.

In extremist views however, weather it is for egocentric perspectives, or the anger that arises from been pushed to extremes unwillingly, we are blinded and clouded in our ideas of what truly is ideal for long term wellbeing, and what is our ego creating a scheme of jaded beliefs which ultimately leads us where we didn’t want to be.

Our mental health is our emotional health, and our faith/philosophy is our navigation on how to maintain mental health. These are the things that influence the abilities and talents outside of feeling and thinking.

The influence of intellect is the sum of thoughts and feelings which are manifested in actions.

Quality of who we intuitively and actively are, is tied to the quality of feeling, and feeling with thinking.

Our thinking is a pool that we are to work on often. We may use help through another that may point us in the way we are perhaps sabotaging our wellbeing, and also where we are possibly treating ourselves and others in the ways we are meant to.

We have the biggest responsibility with ourselves.

If we continue in circular patterns that have proven futile and possibly damaging, we cannot blame another for the future outcomes which will not be the wished, but the byproduct of the continuous cycle of repeating schemes and actions that have previously demonstrated their corrosive nature over time.

Yes, leadership matters a big deal, but also our mentality and the way we pursue improvement; our base intellect of what truly is improvement, and what is sabotaging and corrupting our path.

There is a particular way to object the unfair and the vicious as well.

If we behave extremist in amplifying our ideas of freedom, we are sabotaging the potential of improvement by going with the poorest choices available at first glance; the only visible decisions due to the blindness of fear.

What do we want as leaders, thinkers, just people, or as “freedom seekers”?

Are we aiming to manifest a world that is a mirror of our human abilities at their mastery?

Or, are we wanting to elevate our egotistical perspectives, beliefs of what is at the end only a wish to be right, instead of a pursue of accomplishment?

How we act be in leadership or in protest of the behaviour of others, is a bigger impact than the thoughts we hold, or the beliefs.

Angel Pendragon.

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