Human Progress & Space Travel

When I was a young kid I wanted to learn astronomy; I wanted to be an astronaut.

This was my second serious choice then, given I was told marine biologist was too impossible – I aimed higher in my mind, not understanding what all it takes. Let’s keep in perspective I grew up in a very chaotic country then, along with an unstable, poor household without a proper family, but it never stopped me from thinking I could do these things on my own.

Although I moved afterwards to a nation where these things were possible to learn, I pursued other things because of opportunity, as well as the focus of my life at the time given I was forced to run away for my own wellbeing.

I have a lot of admiration for the world beyond what is humanly acceptable, as well as the world beyond earth today. These things are part of being a higher thinker and a pursuer of knowledge. Besides, imagination never leaves us.

When it comes to reality, what is openly accepted in the observation of space and beyond our planet, I feel there is a lot more buzz than actual advancement for humans; not only the satellites, and bots.

If humans could build a planet out of a can, we wouldn’t be presenting the pursue of space beyond the planet as a desperate call to embark only some handful of people.

Here is some perspective: those which are considered to build this new phase of humanity are not selected because of their ability to manifest a planet, and all it makes it beyond just habitable but thriving; also the investment for only a handful is the price of the health of the only habitable planet, keeping in thought the present state of the world. These are just the beginning items of a list of many reasons to be wiser when building these kinds of ideas.

Not to forget the most important of all, what it is to actually build a planet from the atmosphere all the way to the ocean from zero.

If it was possible, why is this not presented to help the huge problems we have in so many parts of the world right now?

It would make a big improvement in present human quality of life, as well as help balance the problems in society; it would actually help these wishes happen better, faster without chaotic exchanges, and obtain the backing of people too.

People would be focused on improvement, not meagerly on surviving because fear is what’s been focused to lead the way of “advancing”; whatever that means from such a way of viewing the world.

If instead of trying to push ideologies that are incomplete because they are based on egocentric dreams and desires to have a way, each focuses on thinking of the impact these beliefs have in the world beyond the self, we each as individuals and possibly as a unit, are able to make many wonderful and fruitful things happen.

Egotistical values are worthless; this is brain running with the philosophy of fear.

Fear is not only to be scared away but eccentric egotistical behaviour; extreme displays of harm or fake hope and welcoming towards others in unintelligent creation that believes the only way to improve or “survive” is to destroy, con or subjugate others.

Dog eats dog philosophies are rooted in fear, absence of wisdom, and diminished intellect; these are not traits of a powerful and winning mentality.

These make no difference from the monkey to the lizard; humans behaving like the other creatures they want to feel superior from.

For a moment, observe the decisions that people become aware are wrong, but in fear of been looked as less, or in fear of having less of whatever that person’s mind has placed value on, they pursue to maintain the circle of destruction because admitting honestly to themselves and others their flaws ashames them.

Those that in the unit of human thought, have been held in high regard through historic times and legend, have been those that broke the circle of corrosive behaviours in themselves, in purity manifesting their most heightened purpose.

If we are to turn the page in human history from a circle of corrosive behaviours which takes us in cycles of a deceptive sense of prosperity only to awaken to our end, we have to accept honesty individually.

Accountability of all actions is the only way to manifest our improved world over the doomed fate of ego-based beliefs and decisions.

My personal wish is a thriving society here, that also has the ability to understand more, rather than be guided by corruption and egotistical fears.

We can have a beautiful society here now if there is an opportunity to do it in any other place.

However, we will not have another place to begin anew if we destroy this one.

This is the mathematics of what we as a collective have created.

Do we continue running with mistakes and false hope, or break the circle?

We have what it takes within if we allow ourselves to awaken.

Angel Pendragon.

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