A need has the ability to be a want, but not all wants are needs, and some are detrimental to wellbeing.

We have to assess our ideas, ideals, our feelings, our knowledge, our impact as we take our actions onto the world.

While we might have a reply to a moment of emotional weakness for example, it is at this most important moment we have to be hyper aware of what is around us, and approaching in a friendly way, only to prey on our moment of vulnerability when we open doors where they need to be locked.

Friendliness is not a sin. Fakeness of certain behaviour in deceptive people however, will have the nicest people fooled.

We need not change ourselves, but assess often the person we are mastering. Who are we to ourselves? Who are we to others? What are we allowing from everyone? And in a higher perspective, it is useful to observe detatched, the things others openly allow us to see from themselves, and this way we may learn how we can skip life lessons when we accept the wisdom of another.

Mistakes aren’t always the fault of another, however. Everyone has freewill which they execute with their means of understanding and their level of accountability, if there is any.

Sheer abuse of power has detrimental consequences, not only for those that are harmed with clouded and poorly decided choices, but individuals can cause themselves destruction with their egotistical views and ergo, actions.

Poor decisions are those made guided by chaos taking over our mind when we allow corrosive rethoric point the way where we are supposed to walk.

Bad calculations define the wrong answers, not just in math, but in all aspects of reality.

We are meant to focus on understanding, then applying to our world, mastering, before we may think of leading others to anything.

For our ability to thrive infinitely, we have to think of all around, not only ourselves.

A need accounts all necessary and is in alignment with balance.

Overall, we as individuals will always be seeking to add to our happiness while we are alive. The means and the how however differ, because of the knowledge, understanding, influence and our willingness to work these factors as we move through our journey.

Is our wish based on wise understanding, or are we under the influence of deceptive/poor judgement?

It all might overwhelm the mind at first, however, our abilities as human beings are immense, and with the focus on wellness, we will always find the way out of whatever comes to steer us away from the truth.

Angel Pendragon.

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