Everyone has their fears and takes on war, on what it means to protect, to help, to benefit, to be better.

Bullies decide that hurting others and destroying are powerful moves, because they have felt weak at the subjugation of themselves at one point, be the hand of evil, or the misconceptions due to entitled beliefs.

There are those that surrender to and serve destructively, those that decide to destroy themselves be by personal decisions, those in ignorance next to a speedy attitude, or those very fearful where at the hand of every monster clawing at them, fall and contribute to destroying as well.

Extremist mentality which is detrimental to wellbeing.

War in the international, and the war between people for different reasons, as well as that one we have with ourselves within, is all united and based on the health of mind of all participants.

Some may want to raise their limited vision and steer attention to the resources and growing population, however, if we manifested a world where we observed proactively over reacting, we would have far better solutions.

Fears or best said: the knowledge of potential harm to wellbeing, are meant to help us avoid catastrophic results due to behaviour that creates detrimental future effects, not push us to destroy.


We cannot expect that by building up and making wars more robust, investing on keeping people physically and mentally divided, and wasting non-renewable resources that also pollute long term to force corrupted ideologies, will yield a prosperous and fruitful time ahead.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein.

We will certainly find an end, but not a peaceful and happy one.

It is understandable that a perspective focused on the unity and more peaceful world needs all members of the world to have a foundation to which they feel they may get along with one another.

We already have by birth, but in a fear funded mentality eventually grow into a corrupted vision of what life is.

There is actuality of purpose, and the disturbed pursues because subconsciously an egotistical vision pushes to fight for a superiority that is never found outside, however, the constant repetition and competition with others is never left because what is missing cannot be given by another when it is the self subconsciously that needs urgent healing and accountability for the poor deeds.

War will not benefit as we have plenty of evidence from historical mistakes recorded for everyone to take time and look, and hopefully understand, and learn that better takes time, and a wise approach to be accomplished.

It uses key wealth in wasteful manners, it displaces everyone from their homes, it pollutes beyond where it is fought, it creates health crisis, it removes happiness from the minds of everyone in the middle of it, as well as those whom become aware and have morals that account for the wellbeing of others.

It has no winners, but bunches of chaos, destruction, and loses are what’s left.

Diseases, disabilities, disaster, gruesome emotions and the wealth claimed to be “protected” is more than lost but vanished from everyone, not only the disturbed enactors; the basic necessities of people aren’t met, and the healing of planet is pushed to a far longer process.

We as people kind, individuals, leaders, and managers of this world have to observe where we actually are in the things we plan for ourselves personally, when in authority in whichever aspects of life be parents, all the way to teachers, law makers, and on; all the things we do are linked to a larger map, and this is what we call the fabric of human accomplishment – for better or for worse.

What kind of legacy are we passing on?

Regardless of where we have been, and what we have done, it is when we stop serving egotistical values, and pursue healing own and others that we may awaken to better.

Violence is w very fast way to react, but extremely short-sighted as well.

Peace takes time and patience, often having to work more for a pace that might not be fast, but it will yield high quality and long-lasting outcomes.

If we want to have more assets, we need to understand what that actually means first, this way we have the opportunity to transform our present processes into methods that actually takes us as individuals and as unit, to that prosperous future we are willing to die for, without the destruction of the world and ourselves.

Angel Pendragon.

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