Becoming Better

We all make mistakes.

What makes the difference in any of our lives is our attitude towards it all.

The welcomed, the unwelcomed – not to keep, but as what it is, one more step in our masterpiece process.

What we want is not always aligned with the best outcome for present and future, same goes for what might seem unwanted at first sight. Tragedy while it is not welcomed, it is an opportunity to improve if we approach it with wisdom in our perspective.

This is of course difficult when drowning in pain or fears of facing our reality, however, it is why the help of others in times of need then helps us all as individuals and as a union in the great experience of life.

In the lack of help, then we have ourselves, within. We are all interconnected beyond our physical presence, but in the mind, and those things that though we cannot experience with human accepted senses, we all agree are there inside, always pulling at our actions on the outside as well.

We call it feelings, knowledge, faith, wisdom, and on; the unknown.

Tragedy, as well as mistakes done by the decisions of others are a lot more difficult to accept (allow ourselves to see them for what they are, not welcome them in), and anger and disenchantment tents to bring outwards the chaos that is to pursue extremism, even when we are in our “right” to do so. Unknowingly, discord then multiplies chaos, and now we too fall to contribute because blinded by shame and anger, we don’t see better.

Wisdom is the idea of accepting ourselves beyond getting a “last word” or standing on top of another, if that makes sense.

It’s about building solutions that bring the best possible outcome of all the involved.

A the end of it all, we want to be happy; we also want this happiness to be honest, sincere, beneficial beyond that moment, beyond us, but a lasting feeling (and the experience too). We want all of our world outside and inside to be a blend of wellness through the easy times, and the difficult.

We want to be empowered through the knowledge that we can handle the worse, while maintaining our best, if to the least, in the necessary; although ideally more.

It is not utopic to wish nor think of ideas that heal us personally, but also the world we share.

The catastrophe out in the wilderness of our universe is an opportunity to awaken the master within, or in fear because deception gets the best of us, fall to our ending.

Only through a wisdom awakening of the individual may we dawn a heaven over a hell in our shared world.

What do we want to power upwards? Do we understand honestly ALL it takes for our best to flow outwards, this including our dreams and ideals?

If this is the case, willpower pushes us to only act in accordance to wellbeing, even against our personal immediate interest.

Not asking that we hurt us or allow others to for no reason, or for the benefit of corruption and sacrilege, but rather that we see beyond treason; that we think not for greed or fear that the worse approach is the best option, but willing to be brave, seen more than the cloud of deception allows us to.

Not try to to rush in what we do, but, work and put our best forward in building what is necessary and important for our wish, rather than focus on violence and chaos, we work on ending that, and bring the better to fruition; awakening an improved and harmonious future.

Angel Pendragon.

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