Law of Attraction – Fundamental Aspects

We are able to observe on present time the state of the world is in outstanding turmoil. For those of us blessed to be still in a level of favor, not only are we to be thankful, but more than ever do we need to be proactive in the manner we invest our time, efforts, and property/asset.

Weather humans believe in an almighty out there or even here with them, is up to the individual. The facts are what we have in front of us is what we have, and even to those who follow a faith, your faith tells of how you are absolutely the overseer of all, as a higher thinking manifestation of your beloved deity. All people have potential within, not everyone is able to awaken it however.

Asset, its worth, and the exaggerated/made-up value of both, physical and non-tangible assets differentiate in many ways.

When asset is measured in application, that’s when the true profit of anything is honestly observable.

Trade methods, and ledgers that assign a numerical worth are useful, as it is hierarchy and business systems.

While it is of passion and a long overdue fairness to shift the world of business into new ways of advancing the wealth not only of investors, but all people involved in all of the process, we have to be wise in the approach to implementing new ideas and methods, as well as the objection of everything we are not happy with be because of its direct or evasive harm.

All options are always on the table in a world of freewill, with and without the faith and actual assistance of higher forces. The actual outcomes are interconnected to the actions taken, not wishes however.

Wisdom is the key for anyone to be able to avoid/halt failures.

Failure shouldn’t be observed as an overall unpleasant outcome but rather a result of unfavorable experiences; methods of practice with long term deficiencies.

Happiness is the target we all have in mind when we define what it means to be alive in the world.

What makes happiness for all people is different from person to person. There are however parts of our pursue of happiness where all people intersect, and it becomes mandatory to work together with the balance of all in order to not only manifest our ideas of happiness, but also to maintain the wellbeing of others and ourselves beyond temporary decisions that might seem like a nice idea at first look, but once we think it well or honestly observe prior decisions, we are able to realize how gnarly and destructive everything done fast without actual purpose, becomes.

Happiness is an outcome of many factors put together, while pleasure decides to run on emotions that deceive and are fleeting, hence why chasing pleasure is an endless emptiness feeling; emotions are not meant to be leading our ideas, as emotions are sentimental justifications that damage our perception of the world, emphasizing egotistical values that blind honesty from within everyone.

Our feelings point to us ways of understanding our inner relationship with the outer world. Like a barometer, they measure a part of the moment, not the whole of life.

Once we understand the difference between happiness, pleasure, the important and the distractions, we are able to identify purpose, necessity, benefit out of the confusion.

Actual Wealth

We all have a time, a place, a higher definition of who we are by design; everyone continuously working on sabotaging wellbeing of others however will not get what is wished, but continue to destroy everything of theirs and everyone else.

We are at our best when we focus on our own needs, not pleasure; those things that heal body, mind and feelings. When we are in balance with ourselves, we are more thoughtful as we lookout for the wellbeing of all those around us too.

Hierarchy is linked to purpose as well. In the manifestation of all that is, hierarchy helps organize processes and move improvement forward in absolute balance with all that intercepts. Hierarchy is order of our place, not dictated by an egotistical human being but by the natural flow of methods as they are implemented.

A happy person is manifested through acceptance of the world for what it actually is, along the work and maintenance of wellness between the relationship an individual has with his/her body, mind, and feelings. Please note that complacency is not the same as acceptance.

A person focused on improvement, while honestly interacting with the world outside, and understanding the actual meaning of happiness and what feelings are, is able to find their place in the hierarchy of the all, and maintain their motivation to improve often, and this is where undeniable success is actually tangible.

This person is happy with whom they are inside and outside, is able to build and find happiness with others, is able to build asset while they themselves are asset to themselves and the world they are a part of.

 Accomplishment is a place where an individual is hopeful and at their best, regardless of the changes happening externally.

In wisdom we invest our abilities and assets for improvement, rather than in ego/fear mentality or speedy pleasure philosophies where destructive patterns become destruction eminently.

If we seek to be masters of our bodies, minds, souls, feelings, and the world we are a part of, then we have to master our ability to understand the meaning of the word honesty, and apply it to our daily lives first and foremost.

Once we are objective to ourselves, we are able to accept and in the newly absorbed perspective, we are able to see the world and what bring us and others true wealth that not only makes us happy in present, but outlast the presence of our momentary lives, into immortality through time.

To finalize, if at present we find ourselves in favorable positions we are to not only be thankful, but proactive in how we interact with our prosperity now and tomorrow. We are allowed to object everything that we are experiencing that isn’t fair, but have to be wise in our approach to transformation. We want to halt the destructive, build wealth along prosperity, and peace for the future too.

Money and stock market are ledgers, not assets; if our wish is to build asset, we must first observe honestly what is worthwhile in our individual minds, and physical world – these are linked to the world within (psychological), and the feelings we have towards ourselves and others/the material world we are in; besides the fundamental things we all need like food, water, health/medicine, housing.

In honesty we are able to work out our feelings, and a happier person is able to observe the world objectively to advance their ideas, while helping and improving the world for others instead of selfishly seek egotistical benefit which clouds wisdom, focusing on devising pleasure fast, however not thinking of future impacts to everyone, including themselves; shortsightedness.

Angel Pendragon.

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