Enabling/Condoning & Forgiveness

It is part of the human experience to be flawed in some way. Not to continue negative patterns over and over in a circle of harmful repetition to self and as an extension to others, but to think of our position and the higher perspective of how we heal not only ourselves, but others around, and all those impacted by all of our decisions and actions.

It sounds far more difficult when it is worded out than when it is put into practice.

Humans are wired to be programmed in a way. Think of it as when you have a mechanical memory, and you are able to upload any information to this, and it will perform whichever tasks it is programmed with. Computers are copies of the things found wildly made by the universe everyone lives in.

Nature imitates the ultimate artist, and humans been part of nature are not any different.

The universe moves without stopping – been so big, humans are unable to know what is beyond the speculation of curiosity. As a species, even the backyard is full of unknown things to humans in the now.

If as an individual we are to say we are intellectual in any way, we are to accept that as humans on the flesh not only is mortality a brand of limitation, but in the acknowledgement of all learned and available in knowledge, there is far more than we are able to uphold when we turn from knowledge in wisdom to pursue egotistical desires of conquering outside without ever knowing any of who we are within, to begin.

We are able to program ourselves to improve, which does not mean to be perfect – a thing that has not one meaning or form anyways, but instead observe our impact and learn from the flaws and mistakes others make in ignorance and naivete, as well as ours – a path upwards, looking for healing and mastery rather than a circle of repetition, behaviours detrimental to wellbeing and accomplishment – happiness and fulfillment.

Ego blinds us even if we originally began our way on a positive walk. The best intentions if not tempered in honesty and accountability for actual results instead of convenience, will fail to uphold the meaning they once held.

As much as we warn of substance addiction and other things as losing our assets, health etc. to others, and ourselves for example, we need to be aware of the honesty necessary to build lives we are actually happy with, not just uphold for society’s votes and likes while keep dissatisfaction inside that eventually corrupts even the best of our ideals, only because ego told us it is shameful to even try to think ourselves, of the mistakes everyone might be making in egotistical decisions that might not display their harmful effects at first look.

Accountability is important when we wish to build long positive outlasting things – be for the urgency in the world, or for the wealth and power that arises from building innovation.

Wanting balance does not equate to destruction, or extremist decisions that might temporarily satisfy the ego when hurt (even when it is for a fair perspective), but looking for healing; outcomes that end egotistical circles from continuing.

Wisdom is the author that kills the circles of poor decisions that have gained some advantage due to mental ignorance, and lack of accountability on everyday decisions made every day by people.

In wisdom we become aware of what true forgiveness is, and what it means to enable which everyone loves to confuse themselves and others with, as it is the easiest path, although easy is not the answer to healing where destructive patterns have taken control.

Work best smart, than endlessly and fast with no actual purpose that holds meaning beyond egotistical desires.

Wellness of individual and ego are not tied up. Ego loves to talk to us and tell us how it holds the key to our wellbeing, that it is there to protect us from others causing us harm, but in its deception it drives the blinded to self-destruct, because for us to avoid mistakes or stop them from growing, we have to accept our flaws at any and all points, and ego is far too dumbfounded in pride.

Ultimately if we are looking out for prosperity, we have to look for wisdom which is in acceptance of all we act out for better and for worse, even when unaware; all we are is the math of us and what we welcome from the outside, within.

A happy, healthy positive person isn’t one that has not failed ever, but one that has awakened from repeating cycles endlessly, and puts the intelligent and wise work that will help them end the disturbing circles, and open their lives to happier and more meaningful ways of feeling alive.

Angel Pendragon.

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