Awareness And Manifestation

Been aware of our surroundings is useful depending on how we approach the information and use the knowledge.

It’s not quantity but quality, and how well we are able to manage or/and use an asset; material things, and all the intangible – knowledge, wisdom, feelings, memories, and on.

Ego, fear, anxiousness, deception will cripple every attempt to manifest everything wanted, and it’s not because of others, but the balance of wellness that allows all to advance and thrive infinitely.

The wealth of all life is math well done with the intention to always be better while moving life forward.

If as humans we wish to call ourselves advanced and higher thinkers, then we have to approach our actions in wisdom, not only as a philosophical theory we idealize when we feel introspective, but in a foundation of how we build ourselves and all the things we manifest outside of us.

Fairness, kindness, and all the beautiful things that all wish to have in their lives anyway.

Everyone clinged to ego wishes to feel that beauty within us all, however their decisions do not reflect wellness, because ego can blind too; they don’t see the obvious for what it is, they do not understand what is within all is not up for grabs externally.

Ego manifests decisions that have harmful impact on everything we’ve built; If we wish to attract better, we have to end connecting our philosophy and navigation, to egotistical values.

Wellbeing of ourselves and looking out for our needs is different than egotistical centrism, where the goal is to destroy others because the wish is to have a last word, or put other as beneath; not to manifest purity and wisdom where it could be lacking, but for the cheap and fleeting thrill of destruction.

The moments where anyone builds and is able to maintain and multiply wealth, not ledgers or delusions to blind people, are when the focus is on what makes that person in that moment useful; not to egotistical man-made values, but the balance of the all beyond centrism, but as a unit of all.

All wealth families began when a particular action impacted the world positively. Is the same for people who make it in the world in this modern age.

What they become individually is up to that person at any and all moments. Everyone is never immune to falling however, especially when we do not practise mental awareness with a focus on maintaining balance of our power, feelings, and the world we participate in.

Think of it as mental fitness. A workout to keep ourselves at a better standard mentally and in our relationship with the world outside our minds, the physical.

All things we have that manifests something powerful to us, is attached to needing accountability; been responsible for all actions taken.

We have observed through history the best, awakening, manifesting their masterpiece, and every so often those decisions that guide downwards even great empires; Rome being one example of multiple.

Everyone cannot trick the balanced scale; it simply tilts a side where it’s heavy, falling down, not matter what kind of things and tinkering are used in the math.

Once we understand the futility of evil, and the certainty of demise to destructive methods, we understand the main ideals of happiness, fulfilment, and wealth of not only material assets, but the knowledge and wisdom to manage and use them, as well as the health and fitness to benefit from it all, and manifest an internal wealth fountain too.

Everyone has cash, but that isn’t wealth, nor is the actual benefit, especially when everything manifested is wasted or just done poorly/cheapen efforts with expensive prices.

Wisdom is key in it all.

Ego blocks wisdom from manifesting fluently, beneficial outcomes in all occasions, not only for everyone, but everything material in the world.

Finally, we have to acknowledge that wealth is too, the peace and tranquility we have in our world outside the self.

To help influence and maintain this as part of our benefit not only a thing for others, we have to be wise how we too partake in the world; not matter how “small” an action looks, it always has impact in the fabric of everything.

It is understandable stress causes pain emotionally as well as even create body problems, damaging everything mental as well.

When everything is under pressure, everyone feels low and depressed, pushing harmful thoughts through decisions, instead of benefit and improvement.

Excuses aren’t problem solvers though, and it is up to our ability to think higher that ultimately shapes benefit, or when guided by ego, dawns chaos as everyday becomes a battlefield when blinded.

Problems happen to everyone all the time.

What helps isn’t cash, even when it is debt, but knowledge on understanding the root of everything problematic, in order to find a permanent answer to the awful situations, including every doom and gloom problem, and even cash debt.

Overall, wellness of ourselves in all levels is interconnected; we focus on healthy ideals, and prosperity that keeps in mind the wellbeing of others, and we are able to actually manifest happiness and wealth, along the tools necessary to manage all these beautiful assets well, beyond a show or display for momentary gain, but a long lasting outcome of health and wealth for all now, and in the future.

~Angel Pendragon~

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