Heart Within

When perfect words fail, allow the wave of the spirit of peace, pour warmth in all the parts of your body.

When you are done looking elsewhere, will you rise your sight to meet more than dreams, but build a masterpiece of magic?

Will you be done soon with the lower distractions? Because the best is not always there waiting on undeciders.

We pave way along fate, and faith is more than a wish pool, but a feeling manifested in the things all partake.

Lips speak but meaning is felt within.

Eyes glare, but vision is of the brain and the ability to understand more than eyes and language tell in their decree.

The hands can be busy, and the quantity enlarged, but emptiness and pointless the decided.

We are always aware within, however not always able to understand ourselves, blinded by egotistic beliefs.

Then there are moments when denial and convenience take on a hold of the mind as well, making everyone think they are avoiding worse by staying still in ways of living that do not fulfill.

More than coins, the heart and soul wish to feel appreciated and whole – truly at home. Whatever place we find ourselves, regardless of what comes and goes as we pave our ways.

If our hearts run empty how may we build better things, whatever it is we find ourselves invested in?

Love is overused a word; please allow the feelings with no words, always tell you more than the pen can word. Inevitably you will always feel adored by purity, and may the kind wishes, be more than thoughts but ideas in the arms of hope, not too far from your reach now.

Angel Pendragon.

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