I turned 34 this year, and had already began with undeserved disturbing problems; online in person, mentally, emotionally spiritually. Felt as if the whole world was against me bc of the scrutiny of my world, that’s how serious things got.

Doctors and car insurance company giving me horror treatment and medications that made me worse, and still haven’t addressed expenses of car accident after two years.

My poor kid harassed, bullied, and treated horribly by a Catholic school nonetheless, and dealing with heavy bullying at new school for no reason where he has questioned what is wrong with him, even though he’s warm and welcoming.

We have been bullied even from his own paternal side, and tried to split us on top, while making our time at home and outside miserable, and online.

At home above us severe banging, downstairs severe complaining of us making noise only past year, although we are the same for the many years we’ve been around, outside cars, vehicles and people following us, despicable transit treatment randomly, car sharing, phone service, our bank cards malfunctioning several times, denial of service right at doors, poor food delivery, stalked at grocery store, paid services online then denied and some digital wallets never crediting back hundreds of dollars, keeping in mind I’m disabled, so is my child and I do not get child support, have no family and only make under 25K per year for both of us.

Had to file for bankruptcy before, and was let go of my prior accounting, analyst and management career due to complications of my son’s and I health.

His left arm was paralyzed during delivery by doctor and I’ve had complications as well, both having permanent damage to deal with. Things for which we never had justice as it was denied because during trial doctor retracted although she took the money for her testimony.

I also help other people still through all of this, presently helping a bit financially two people whom are building up their lives; years prior worked in many things while attending schooling, my kid, health matters, and in present time along been the one putting all the work for all I do online, and my justice, my kid, helping him, and myself.

Some of these things happened years before like the malpractice trial, bankruptcy, health, however I thought I’d mention for perspective. As a person, I’ve been through plenty and wish these to be over as they are underserved circumstances.

This is only a snapshot of what has been my life, and yet am continuing with hope and better perspective, while asking of myself and universe /Almighty that am able to maintain and increase that hope more, while gaining true perspective of what’s best for all not comfortable for myself simply.

I’m not a person to want hell, division, harm, violence because I have had much of that how I grew up; that’s where I get my wisdom and willpower to speak truth above everything.

It’s not easy to stand up against such monstrous extremes, but we stand up for ourselves, or give into hell not only for us, but others as we empower evil when we cave into shame and deception.

The truth is what sets us all free including everyone disturbed, and for once in my whole life am choosing freedom as my flag.

Happy new year everyone.

Angel Pendragon. 

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