Endings are permanent in the cemetery of deceptive promises of love, that never came forth.

Once our higher understanding is opened, taking less in place of the things we are worthy of, is holding ourselves back, not matter how well games or excuses come into play, facts remain the aftermath in every deed.

The wish to be free is the sight on those things no machine, money, or human hand will touch or corrupt.

The very blindfold is the rock on the floor, that trips those with ego as the currency pulling them on.

A mighty path needs much more than lust, or desires distracting the better aspects of the mind, but the adoration of knowing well what is the wanted as we walk through the passage of time.

To want well and understand the fortune and what it takes to acquire, no as possession but as to match quality.

For it is not denial of the wishes but wisdom in the acquisition that makes a difference from hollow to whole.

What it means to adore another body, soul, and mind as we are plenty aware of who we are, to understand the worth of the opportunity in the treasure standing in front of us.

For it is not the same to be complacent than to be awaken in awareness of who we are, and our value to ourselves and anyone we open our hearts, and thoughts.

For there is more to love than the letters and how these are defined. For there is more to action than dancing hands looking busy crafting. In statements we inspire, but there is no comparison to manifesting feelings into physicality in the actuality.

Angel Pendragon.

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