Extremist Methods

Even the very broken of civilization have aspects of themselves that are positive.

With this in mind, then we are able to understand the jaded human is manifested due to constant chase of what is indeed harmful to the self, guided with the visual of whatever life morals they follow as compass; the truth is, the constant dedication to self-destructive and collective-destructive patterns, cannot be quit very easily.

A person may give their best towards whatever ideas they have of what is wellness not only in food and health habits, but also overall of what we perceive as ideal to our life and the meaning of happiness to our present mind; there is also a need to be kept accountable if we wish to manifest a truly positive life, not merely a false image of one.

Self-destructive tendencies are not obvious to everyone at first glance, necessarily.

When there is pain whether it is inflicted by external causes or because of ignorant decisions that we did not heal from, our vision is clouded by beliefs of what will only give a fleeting, fast feeling of meaning that becomes a circle of repetition that drags us into its hell; keeps us in disturbed patterns, chasing after temporary diversions.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Humans are creatures of habit. This means they need and use these patterns naturally. Detrimental patterns are the issues we have to watch out for.

We are made to work in a team work setting; looking at the way our bodies work tells us a tale of how you perhaps at the moment of reading this article, will have multiple functions working to keep you alive, breathing, and thinking, although you might only be on your mobile from your bed or seat, not demanding much activity from your body, yet the body works in many aspects non-stop.

Unity is not only of unknown people for an objective, but as family people in our private lives, our own bodies, and the things we pick for ourselves internally are units made of many blocks kept over time, rather than everything outside us be summarized as single events inevitably happening.

Once we understand the methods of our mind, we are able to program ourselves to build lives that are beneficial to us and others, versus repeat circles that give us tiny, temporary highs at much more expensive, worthless, and intrusive costs.

Accountability is the key in finding the answers to help transform the
crucial aspects of our experience. Think the extreme ideals we have formed over time, due to deceptive and corruptive teachings we identified with in prior circumstances.

Emotions can trick us into thinking we are alright if we create diversions from whatever things are making us feel uncomfortable, as these force us mentally to question our decisions at whichever point in the experience of life the questions arise, aiming to stop us from continuing the derailing of our better held ideals.

Our feelings are primordial to wellbeing, but emotions shouldn’t dictate how we operate.

Our health and appearance are how the world sees us, but it shouldn’t become the center of our experience.

Our thinking ability offers us great advantage as a people kind, but humans are not above other animals, nor of other life on the planet; everyone is a part of the all, whether is accepted or not in their individual experience.

Passion may help us push ourselves beyond walls that come to stop us from achieving more, however if it is not paired with wisdom, it can drive us to dedicate ourselves to destructive patterns that will ultimately not only harm others but cause everyone who follows egotistical methods, to self-destruct.

Once we find our balance shining through, then we can awaken to a heightened way of living in the present, and manifesting a healthier, wiser, and wealthier future for us and others.

Angel Pendragon.

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