Ego v.s. Accountability

As living beings we are far more attached to the aspects we cannot see or reach with hands than it is obvious to the individual at first glance.

Everything that is material fades eventually; while consciously every person behaves in their unique way, behaviour is much more influenced by external factors for everyone who does not practise personal accountability, in whatever disturbed ‘values’ they may be keeping as their guidance.

Looking within ourselves is not the same as egotistical identity.

Ego tends to want to force its will and is willing to harm to maintain a constant if it feels threatened or exposed to others in aspects it feels ashamed of.

Ego does not question itself for what it decides has worth over another; it questions how it will maintain itself in a superior position over others, regardless of fairness or honesty.

Fear driven values deter the thinking ability of everyone influenced by them. Excellent thinkers fall fast when in fear, ego takes the driving place.

The only guarantee in life is that it ends.

Fear is not meant to engulf our wholeselves but merely point to us aspects we have perhaps not thought of, or become aware of their actual impact in our present and future wellbeing.

This takes accountability of course. If we are caught up in egotism we will not admit to ourselves, let alone openly to others wherever choices or decisions are causing disastrous results.

This is what looking within ourselves means.

We allow ourselves in honesty to observe what we keep in blueprint, what we do, and what everyone outside enacts, detatched of emotional beliefs.

Again, these are worthy points we focus on because when in awareness within, we are looking out for what makes the time alive a happy one in actuality, not on façade for everyone watching.

We are honest, objective, proactive.

Our wish is advancement of ourselves and others in a balanced take; human achievement while stopping disasters from happening and/or continuing.

We also understand how webbed our wellbeing is to that of others, and how our best legacy is measured in the wellness we worked on, that outlasts vague pleasures sought out justifying everything empty in a jaded mentality; the blinded human chase.

More than a show of charades for public consumption and empty approval, we have to put attention where it matters within and outside if we want better; otherwise it’s merely insanity in loop, expecting different results.

Angel Pendragon.

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