Everyone cannot know love until learning to love on their own; the wishing of wellness and allowing happiness for others, while understanding need of individual self.

Unity is beautiful, and important. Humanity and the world that allows us to live and thrive the way we do in spite of the damages and the collapse of our planet, is due to our ability to unify – for benefit and for chaos.

This is why it is important however, to watch our own relationship with ourselves first; we don’t want chaos in a better world.

Healthy mental versions of ourselves thrives, while damaged personality tricks others and aims to destroy, weather it is the main goal or not, the execution is harmful, and detrimental to wellbeing.

There is no such thing as light and dark outside of us. We are to address the darkness and light within, to master balance.

Voicing our discontent, protesting is different from causing chaos – anarchy, total destruction/division among people. Defending ourselves and protecting against destruction is also opposite to instigating and pushing for division, confusion as to justify destructive approaches.

It is our benefit to look out for balance above pursuing destructive tendencies. Balance is about benefit in all aspects while everything outside it compromises something else.

Destructive patterns mismanage resources, and guides us towards dangerous roads in life. A balanced approach masters all aspects of our inventive mind.

Overall, we are the ones defining whom we are. Are we tyrants at heart? Or do we wish love of all kinds to thrive in the path we pave?

Our mindset, is the begining of all ideas, and our actions are an aftermath of our kept mindset.

The wishes we have are ideas formed with the knowledge kept, weather it is accurate and whole or incomplete and dismissive.

The ultimate wish however is at value, the wish of love and acceptance of ourselves, and the world we are a part of. Even the damaged crave acceptance behind the evil done, although this does not justify the done.

Once we understand, we are able to heal brokenness, and instead of endorsing destruction, everyone is able to understand their wellbeing is inevitably tied to the whole planet and all that is alive.

We pay the price for fairness or lose everything embracing destructive patterns, weather aware or unaware.

Angel Pendragon.

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