Our Purpose

Through life we have multiple moments where it no longer is an equal book we began with, but suddenly changes/ endings happen marking the final chapter of the thing chosen, to eventually life been over when the time everyone crafted is up in the clock of fate.

It’s an uncomfortable topic, endings; however, it is a huge part of the lives we lead.

Acceptance that leads to improvement, is admitting the chaos dancing everywhere in the mind, for whichever reason, destroys while it boasts to each quietly, that damaging is better, or that is too late to stop.

Once we observe this fact on everything done, we are able to move forward to better and wiser times by improving our approach. We end the chapter of hell in the mind and hands, to heal and stop chaos from spreading even more hate; we manifest heaven/ hope over the sadness and tyranny of falling to despondency.

We have freewill; there are three options, extreme harm, enabling, and in a higher outlook, a balanced approach to both.

We make our world outside work with how we feel inside.

As a person facing extreme health challenges, I have a difficult time keeping up with all my tasks. This does not stop me from trying to overcome everything coming my way aiming to halt my positive progress though.

It’s as walking up a mountain; ups, downs, abyss, and rough terrain, but willpower and honor within on a pure vision which accounts wellbeing of all, moves us to where we are meant to be against all extremes and obstacles.

We don’t need to create challenge, life is a challenge all on its own for each of us to address individually. People deciding to harras others outside themselves, calling themselves ambassadors of darkness are dormant and unaware of the actual state of whom they’ve become; corrupted beliefs of how life is meant to be.

Self destruction is not limited to each who embrace the deceptive thoughts, but unfortunately, it can have power to cause harm to others because it grows unchecked with the devastating perceptions in extremist outlooks.

A hint of a harmful pattern is when deception of average people is necessary. If tricking calls are the norm, perhaps every motive calling for these methods is questionable and requires further observation.

Ultimately if causing pain is necessary, then it isn’t a positive outlook. It is not the same to destroy than it is to protect.

The same applies when we have given up in life without causing physical harm in direct attempt but through enabling and overlooking, to even supporting indirectly a cause of harm to another and or ourselves.

A balanced outlook is to be observant of behaviours constantly, not allowing these to override wisdom with tormenting/ destructive perception.

Once we identify the enemy within, we have to work on removing power from where as disease too does, it keeps eating away at wellness unless halted permanently.

Our freewill and willpower are able to work together for health in wisdom or in corruptive state of mind, everyone become destructive tools.

We aren’t pressured to live life in specific methods, but we are to always account wellness in all of our actions, and ignorance not be a tool used to justify decisions.

Freewill and purpose are tied in our human experience. We have to find meaning of the life we begin with and through this purpose is more obvious to us, as we aim to improve both our time and our legacy for whatever length we live.

Angel Pendragon.

Wrote this article in honour of both grandmothers I had growing up, whom passed this year. LE with life path 7 and FGC with life path 6. Fan died in April, & Lib end of July before my birthday. I hadn’t seen or talked to them for many years, and that’s how it ended, given the things happened over the years.

Interesting facts, Fan passed near Lib’s birthday May ♉, and Lib near mine and in Fan’s August ♌. How I found out is due to visions, and experiencing certain alignments of odd things happening. I honestly did not understand what it all meant at the time, along having my own share of NDE due to health, and dealing with everything disturbing my peace.

Weather we believe in afterlife or not, and the hows it’s irrelevant. The undeniable fact is that not matter our beliefs, there is more to life than general casualty.

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