Mental Fitness

To heal is only possible when acceptance of errors is acknowledged.

To accept is not of eccentric display, talks and discourses for public, but to observe and allow all the necessary for fairness to be possible.

This entices loosing privilege, position, recognition and on, as well as rehabilitation of everyone committing big harm in any form.

This takes time for which its length is in accordance to the severity of faults, as well as investment from every individual that needs healing, and a program of lessons and wellness that has to be well funded and advocated for.

In a personal one on one basis, the union of people can end once trust is broken due to deceptive and thoughtless actions. This applies to every relationship, not just romantic.

In a world setting, it’s about laws made to protect and better the whole, accounting all people. Think of laws where both those working to apply them and everyone else has to abide by them equally.

Destructive and damaged personalities like to object positive approach/thinking, by comparing a balanced outlook with extremist mentality.

Vital points dissected to justify deceptively, philosophies and opinions twisted to benefit abusive systems, people’s feelings used against them by conceited personalities, etc.

While cunning behaviour can come out and overwhelm everything at first, it is not a positive trait in any means; it isn’t powerful, it isn’t thoughtful, it isn’t leadership. Anarchy is not beneficial to all, but a system that enables overpowering of the more vulnerable in our world.

Freedom is not disorganized, nor reckless; it requires thoughtful, inclusive, healthy proposition to be the favored approach.

A partnership that understands it’s the work of both people in agreement to move forward happy; a union of individuals that advocate for fairness for all its members honestly.

It is important to upraise from subjugation; however, it is to be done with a medicinal frame of mind. This is only possible when we observe all perspectives/necessities, thinking of advancing methods that will metamorph with time to maintain balance.

We should only use force when necessary, the target been to end and stop damage from continuing, otherwise it is easy to become violent and create greater division; this is what contributes to everyone living in wars endlessly for many years.

Overall, it is impossible to thrive, be individuals or whole nations, without fair outlooks and a plan to end destructive patterns while adding amelioration.

If the wish of a person is to heal themselves and/or to lead in whatever position positively, it is primordial to address the emotional damages individually, and take the time to make ourselves better, as this is the addendum of our feelings; the only way to have a positive outlook in life is through ourselves first, to be able transform others by the way we pilot our functions in time.

Angel Pendragon.

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