Absolute Balance

As I took on my own to find myself by spiritual means many years back – before all of this internet things, I never imagined it would be anything like it has become over the years passed.

Back in those days, I decided to go on my own rather than be corrupted by the grounded beliefs, chaos, rhetoric of men who are driven with ego even as they are supposedly meaning to find their awakening.

We may be able to find our purest aspects within if instead of focusing on the creations of an evidentiary flawed human, we pay attention to the unknown aspects; the thoughts we keep in our heads detached of human influence.

The wild world is a perfect place to observe when we wish to have a moment with the all; where we may truly feel a miracle is a miracle, rather than a creation to suit corrupted or violent entities.

Alignment in the physical world is not always man made; however, these days are less of a flow of the mind, and more and more our freedoms are raped by corporate, ego, and violent investments.

Our worlds become coded for us with the things deceptive minds wants us to follow, believe, think, and if we aren’t aware, we end up wandering on our own to the chaos chambers.

We won’t know it, but our lives will change for the worse while we foolishly thought it was for improvement purposes.


The heart itself as the place of all feelings is detached of the external, but emotions can confuse it if we aren’t aware of the differences.

Emotions are an aftermath of actions. We feel amazing when we are pleased with our actions, we feel empty when they failed to fulfill a vision, even if said vision was corrosive.

The heart on its own does not know though; it feels according to the aftermath of actions.

When our minds are present and aware, we are able to differentiate between empty satisfaction, and purposeful action.

We not only feel happy for accomplishment, but we know and may have a lasting feeling because these have a positive outcome; not a passing feeling of lust, but a pure idea of pursuing a life with meaning – thinking well where all of our actions takes us, honestly.

There is a huge difference between wanting to be right, and actual accuracy.

Wanting to have the last word, or having the claim of been right does not mean accuracy, even though the ego presses daily that it is the same thing.

Quality of our selections; of been thoughtful in how we build our worlds.

When our focus is on the best outcome as an observation with all in mind versus just merely our egocentric focuses, we do not want a fight with others, we want to invest our best to heal, to move in a new way.

Break out of routines, and vicious cycles and instead master ways that focus on advocacy for a trustworthy person, for a better society.

I could preach you deceptive tricks, sell you a messiah a religion, use my abilities to create division, or games of the mind if I was driven by egocentric views. But, not matter how many I could fool, or pull into a sham, it won’t make me happy at the end, if I’m honest; if everyone was honest.

Our faith, held beliefs, ideas, dreams, plans and on, have many ways to manifest, however, they are not all meant to be used or thought of as a means to build these.

There are obvious answers, and then the more alluding of them, which needs us to find ourselves first, and understand our needs in a honest perspective.

As we do to build machines and other technology, we seek the best materials ideally, and put in the best of ourselves forward through it.

The most amazing ideas are manifested as this because of the time and quality that are dedicated into their fruition.

If we know this as fact for material assets, then it is obvious where our attention needs to be invested, if we wish to better the person we are within.

By: Angel Pendragon.

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