Technological Advances

Technology has the power to help us improve our world, or make it chaotic.

As any other tool, these things are neutral; it is the human mind(s) behind tools and power that determine in which way things are used.

The health of the world and our advancement as a whole are deeply webbed with the health of our individual minds.

If everyone is granted access to other people’s privacy, for example, it is a violation of that person’s freedoms, but also, separate of the motives given as validation, every person behind these decisions will also be more likely to corrupt their world views overtime.

With power there is a need for accountability; the more power, the more accountability.

Accountability is not only a thing to put on an individual as their decision to act, but it’s to be of all others around. Not about focusing on the work of another, but been accountable for what is our share, and observant of where an overlook might become worse over time.

We are not supposed judges, we are not to be perpetrators of disturbance. We are meant to be individuals acting in thoughtful ways, aware of our actions and the world around.

This isn’t utopic, but logical keeping in mind that we are thinking animals, not supposed to be driven by lack of apprehension.

There is supposed to be a difference from the rest of creation, yet, it seems that without wisdom and thoughtfulness, the idea of what human beings are in comparison to other animals, is non existent.

Foolishness isn’t always on your face. When we have elevated egocentric ideas, and hailed them optimal without accounting all the honest facts, the moronic expectations are not as obvious. They come later in time to once again remind the mortal soul of their mistakes when they are not acting in awareness/wisdom; when they are out of balance.

These moments while are unavoidable in the overall idea of what life is for people and for the world all together, mistakes that lead to catastrophic results, are not part of the norm, but the flaw of both, reason and ego.

Once we understand the difference between been driven with passion versus been driven by ego, then we are able to unveil the wisdom missing in using neutral abilities for improvement.

It always bounces back to the individual; what kind of ideas and methods are brewed in the mind?

If we don’t practise healthy habits, that are beyond the physical appearance but wellness within that flows outwards instead, we are more likely to welcome corrupted behaviours in our lives, as we are vibrating/thinking/existing in a state of thought that is diminishing of all that is wellness; we are actually voiding happiness.

Do we want to improve? or, do we want to be on top of others to validate egotistical beliefs?

Technology as all other things isn’t managing itself, but it is the whole of all ideas in action.

If we want our technology to be for optimal outcomes, then we need to prioritize on the health of the individuals behind it, as well as the wisdom needed in order to develop new technologies that are for the betterment of humanity, versus contribute to chaos and destruction.

Wisdom is our key.

By: Angel Pendragon.

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