Kindness or Depreciation?

I have high tolerance of certain things because of how I grew up, and what I’ve been through. I understand all kinds of humans in ways outside the norm, though I’m not alright with a level of disrespect where I’m as a possession to a someone, and my wellbeing is ignored, in any and all aspects; We all earn what we give.

This is a balanced trade.

It is sheer delusion of the harmful kind to believe differently.

Disagreement, and different world views will always happen. However, we all may live and exist in a world where our differences are for ourselves as a form of self expression; not about imposing our capricious views and selfish actions on the important and urgent aspects of both, our lives and those of others.

Not matter how we observe our actions, our wellbeing is only at its peak height when we also account the wellbeing of the world around, this includes all aspects of the living human experience; not in how we as individuals see it, but, in the purity of its reality.

We make the future with how we participate today.

I have a world view that observes been alive as an act of purpose. However, I also understand that not all see alike, and different thinking includes the corrupted kind.

This until recent years was something that while aware, I threaded with a soft hand because of religious teachings of waiting for a higher power to fix my own errors.

I’ve learned, and while I think of myself a person with understanding, I don’t see myself as an individual that has it all and now it’s at the end of the rope; every experience welcomed and even the unwelcomed kind present an opportunity to awaken to a higher person in ourselves.

This again is not an invitation to the extremism of corrupted vicious behaviour, but, the power of will inherent in the the person.

This morning I talked to someone a bit on this topic, and told her to think of a kid learning how to walk and the inevitable fall of the acceptable parts of life, then of a grown up sabotaging the kids actions, and creating different traps to make it far more difficult and seem impossible to accomplish what is otherwise possible to a healthy kid.

This would be the best way to observe our trade with the flow of the all, and every individual.

We have a natural challenge in all we have to do to live and thrive, but also, there can be the disturbed who simultaneously arise to cause harm that as parasites, can ruin all the important parts of our world.

We are to focus on ourselves and not duel in anger, selfishness nor disturbing thoughts, but simply work on building progress that lasts beyond our actions and presence at any moment.

We also have the necessity to advocate for our wellness, to ourselves and to the world outside of us.

The focus is always on best outcomes.

Been a kind person does not equate to depreciation of our own needs.

It’s about appreciation of personal while accounting others in our math.

All we do will have an impact in our worlds, and while it might not be obvious, it is a portal to heaven, or a gateway to hell; it is our ability to balance kindness with our power to protect wellbeing that forms our future.

By: Angel Pendragon.

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