At present state of mind, am a person angry with evil, diabolic, corrupt individuals currently destroying the world, while still purely a kind person to everyone, yet no longer letting people destroy my peace.

Through the years I’ve been loving and helpful even to those whom have directly harmed myself and those around, as been raised in this environment, we tend to adapt as “default” our first experiences of life.

At present been in a far more aware state of mind, in my awakening path I understood the deeper conditioning of others by those with destructive perspectives, which not only seek to harm directly another, but plant mental stress, as well as recruits everyone, including those who are not fully aware of their decisions, and do not realize where they are walking themselves until they hit a point of no return.

Everyone whom turns into corrupted individuals, did not want to fall, they so not think they are honestly falling until it’s too late, then denial takes over their decisions, and although it’s obvious to the rest of the world, denial is a powerful sedative that puts everyone in a certain path to their end without notice.

Over the years in what my awakening has been, it’s been weird, alone, and harsh because not everyone walks this way. It takes a sum of extreme strength, balance, and loving devotion as a person to take the higher path versus the much easy ways of life; to actually enact by action, not claim and speech only.

Egotistical/ narcissistic/sociopathic/ controlling people enjoy pushing the idea of extremism. These tactics keep people divided, and support corruption rather than help others understand what’s better or worse in every situation.

Balance is an absolute necessity, and this is also karma beneficial. Which side of karma we receive depends on which way we build ourselves, so be wise and the best aspects of the self do not die.

Kindness and enabling are two quite opposite states of mind.

In kindness we seek to heal as well as enact beneficial methods and actions that help, adding to a better quality of life for us and others.

Enabling is not a selfless or loving act, but rather centered in selfishness and detrimental to personal and other’s wellbeing.

The act of pouring our best aspects for the wellbeing of others is not to be done recklessly and thoughtlessly.

It’s about moderation of our feelings; to steer ourselves into the aim of helping those who are in actual need, not those who seek to use us while pretending distress in order to attract kind people, entrancing them towards destructive, poisoned,¬†murky waters.

In the higher path the teaching is about mastering ourselves to trail blaze a better world for others, while understanding and adapting protection to face the dire parts of life.

We are to be forgiving, welcoming kind, soft, gentle, yet powerful, observant, assertive, and not lenient with destructive tendencies.

Wishing everyone a happy new year; may all pure wishes manifest at their highest.

Angel Pendragon.

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